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The Rising Trend in Multigenerational Housing

By Ali Baker, in All Communities

multigenerational housing

A question we encounter from time to time in regards to some of our larger floor plans is “who needs all of that house?” or “aren’t retirees downsizing?” or, “who wants a house that big?” The simple answer of course is that everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to their new home, but one factor that many people don’t take into account is the need for a larger house to accommodate family members that may be living with you in the future. That’s right, we’re talking about the growing trend in multigenerational housing.

Empty Nesters Are Finding The Nest To Be Not So Empty

The kids may be rounding out their high school years and heading off to college, but the truth of the matter is, more and more kids are finding themselves in a position where it’s best if they move home for a few years post-college in order to save money for their own home, pay off student loans, or even just to figure out what’s next. As a result, many empty nesters are hesitant to downsize, opting instead to relocate to a maintenance-free home that can still accommodate their visiting (for however long that may be) children.

You’re On Your Own…Or Are You?

Your kids are grown, married, completely moved out, and toting around children of their own, so your home is now entirely your home…right? Well, not entirely. Most likely you’ve found that your kids and grandkids visit often, and that you need more space than you anticipated. Having dual master suites, basements, extra bedrooms, courtyards, and loft spaces allow your visiting family to spread out and enjoy themselves in your new home, while allowing you to keep a little of that privacy and sanity you’ve been looking forward to;)

All In The Family

With longer life expectancies, more and more people are finding themselves opening their homes to their folks later in life. In this instance, apartments, townhouses or 2-bedroom homes may not provide the space your family needs to live comfortably. Instead, ample square footage, low-maintenance living, and ultra energy efficient homes that are built to last become more and more appealing, as do communities that offer ample amenities and activities for you all to enjoy without having to venture too far from home.

Take stock of your life, both what it looks like currently, and also what it could look like in the future. Decide how much square footage you’ll really need, with kids, grandkids, parents, and even your pets in mind. You just might find that more square footage is exactly what your life dictates.

Explore our new home floor plans and find your perfect fit!

Choosing the Right 55+ Community For You

By Ali Baker, in Uncategorized

55+ community

Here’s the scenario: You know you are retiring soon (or even in the next few years) but you’re not sure what that looks like. Moving out of state? Deciding between staying closer to family and friends in the northeast, or committing to being in Florida or Arizona? Downsizing to a town home, or maintaining enough space for family and friends to stay while visiting? Maintaining an active social life? There’s a lot to consider. For those of you who already know that you want to be in an age-restricted 55+ community, the choices are still endless, as you navigate between which community is best suited for you. To make it a little easier, we’ve rounded up a few key considerations when choosing a 55+ community.


For many of you, Delaware is the natural choice, with its tax benefits and proximity to the northeast, but once you’ve decided on Delaware, you still have a lot to consider. Are you someone who wants to be at the beach often, or is toes in the sand not a majority priority? Do you want to have an abundance of restaurants and shopping in close proximity, or are you looking for a community slightly removed from the hustle and bustle, with enough amenities on-site to keep you happily at home in your new community? Do you prefer a more rural feel or are you hoping to be in the heart of the action? Tour the community itself, but also be sure to get a feel for the local area and all that it has to offer.


This is a big one for you social butterflies who don’t want to retire to a life of boredom. Not all 55+ communities offer a vibrant social calendar, so it’s important to inquire about the activities and events at the communities you’re considering. Better yet, talk to the homeowners! A visit to their Facebook page can also reveal some helpful information about what life is like for homeowners year-round.


HOA fees may carry some sticker shock, but not when you consider how much you’re getting in return. For example, at Independence, $312 per month includes your lawn care, trash removal, common ground maintenance, AND all of the amenities, like the clubhouse, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, pickleball courts, and billiards room, to name just a few. Amenities on-site mean less traveling for you, more chances to make new friends, and just another reason to love your new home. When researching communities, check out the full list of amenities, both current and planned, to find the ones that match the lifestyle that you have in mind.

Floor Plans

Of course the most important piece of the puzzle is the actual home itself, which is why you should carefully browse the floor plan options at each community. Make a list of what you’re looking for, be it open floor plans, basement options, ranch-style homes, smaller or larger square footage, space for entertaining, or space for the grandkids. Talk to the sales team about your wish list and your ‘gotta have’ list, they’ll be able to quickly steer you in the right direction and you’ll soon find that there is a perfect community with an equally perfect floor plan waiting for you.

Where We Build

Sold on Schell and the idea of an age-restricted 55+ community? We’re currently building in two 55+ communities at the Delaware beaches, along with one on the very near horizon in Richmond:

Independence: Priced from $284,900 in Millsboro, DE, Independence offers an incredible array of amenities, including the 24,000 sq.ft clubhouse and a full social calendar of year-round activities.

Truitt Homestead: Homes priced from $379,000, Truitt offers maintenance-free living just 1.5 miles from Downtown Rehoboth Beach with a wide array of amenities planned for on-site.

Lake Margaret at The Highlands: Coming soon! A 55+ maintenance-free section of The Highlands in Chesterfield, VA.

Get to Know…Bayside!

By Ali Baker, in Bayside

Between new homes crossing the finish line, lots of new sales, homeowner happy hours, and the grand opening of the new Health and Aquatic Club, it’s been a busy few months at Bayside. Located just a few miles from Fenwick Island, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland, the award winning, master-planned community is in a world of it’s own, with an incredible lineup of amenities that truly are unlike anything else in the area. But that’s not all! Natalie sat down with us this week to talk about the latest and greatest at Bayside:

Marketing and sales talk aside, what do you think makes Bayside so unique? 

The people and culture here at Bayside make it so unique. There is a really great sense of community. Aside from the community-sponsored events and happy hours we host at our model home, we see members of the community throwing block parties, walking the dogs together, meeting up for happy hour or a game of tennis, getting the kids together to play, etc. We have people move here from all over so it is really great to see everyone quickly become close friends.

There’s certainly a lot of amenities out there to enjoy, which ones would you say are the most popular with the homeowners? 

The Point has always been a favorite spot in Bayside! The Point is located right on the Assawoman Bay so it has gorgeous views of the water and the Ocean City skyline. It is also the location of the kayak launch, fishing/crabbing pier, fire pits, horseshoes, and nature trails. Next summer there will be a brand new outdoor pool with a bar and grill at the Point as well!

That being said, the new Health and Aquatic Club is going to give The Point a run for its money. This facility just opened this fall, and is home to an AMAZING indoor pool and fitness center. It also has a classroom for Bayside Institute’s adult enrichment classes, an aerobics room, locker rooms with saunas, and a JUICE BOX, which serves coffee, sandwiches, acai bowls, and fresh juices and smoothies.

How about the area, Bayside is conveniently located near Ocean City, Fenwick Island, and Bethany beach – what are some of your favorite spots? 

There are sooo many amazing restaurants and fun things to do in the area it’s hard to pick favorites! The SoDel restaurant group has a bunch of great restaurants in Fenwick Island and Bethany, including Catch 54, Papa Grande’s, Northeast Seafood Kitchen, and BlueCoast. I also love Liquid Assets in Ocean City and the new restaurant they opened in Fenwick Island, Our Harvest. My favorite place to eat right now is One Coastal in Fenwick Island, which focuses on sustainability and providing fresh and local ingredients.

For activities in the area, you can’t beat just hitting the beach or kayaking on the bay. Driving on the beach on Assateague Island is a lot of fun, or just driving and walking around the park to see the wild ponies and other wildlife. The Ocean City boardwalk also has a lot of family fun and activities!

You’re one of the few communities to be offering the new Coastal Cottage Series. Tell us a little about these new floor plans. 

The Coastal Cottage homes are perfect for those looking to downsize, just starting out, or looking for a second home. They have the same open and functional feel as our larger single family homes, and we are often told they are “just the right size.”

Describe Bayside in 3 words. 




Let’s switch gears and talk industry trends, what are people looking for in a new home right now? 

“Open Concept.” People are ditching the formal dining rooms and wasted space, and instead opting for an open kitchen/dining/great room space. When entertaining or when the whole family gets together, everyone tends to gather in one space. So having the main living areas be open with a good natural flow is important to many of our homeowners.

In your opinion, what sets a Schell Brothers home apart from other builders? 

The quality construction and energy efficiency are very important aspects that set Schell Brothers apart, but I think it is really our company culture of happiness that makes us so unique: happiness for us as well as our homeowners.

If you had to pick a favorite floor plan at Bayside, which one would it be and why? 

Another unique aspect of Bayside is the ability to build one of our Echelon custom homes, which have a more extensive design process and are always stunning! The Grand Cayman floor plan has recently been revamped, and I love the dramatic high ceilings in the great room on the second level (to enjoy the views) and the rec room on the first level. We have one under construction now, so I am very excited to see it go up!

However if I were to build a home for myself, I love The Jasmine Coastal Cottage floor plan. The kitchen has a great layout and opens right up to the great room. The size of the home somehow feels cozy and open at the same time.

What’s a must-have selection in new homes right now? 

People are loving the outdoor living options – courtyards with screened porches, grills, outdoor fireplaces, and water features. Especially when you live at the beach!

Final thoughts? 

Check out our Facebook page! It’s a great way to see what’s going on here at Bayside and get a feel for the community!


Is Buying New Right for You?

By Ali Baker, in All Communities

buying new

To buy new or not to buy new…that is often the question. Some buyers enter the fray knowing that they want a new home that can be tailored to their specific needs and tastes, while others relish the idea of rolling up their sleeves for a full renovation. But if you’re like many buyers, you might be on the fence as to whether you fall into the former or latter camp, which means it’s time to ask yourself – is buying new right for you?

Sure you’re an avid Fixer Upper fan, and you’ve spent more hours than you might want to admit scrolling through Pinterest saving house projects that you’ll probably never execute on, but at the end of the day, it’s worth seriously asking yourself if you are up for some of the challenges that come along with buying resale, particularly one that you’ll need to put a good amount of effort into.

Ask yourself, do you want a home in which you’ve picked all of the selections and that is catered to your unique lifestyle? Is energy efficiency one of your top priorities? How about an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light? Here are just a few of the benefits of buying new:

The Perfect Fit

For many, looking at houses can be an arduous process filled with “I like this, but hate that,” or “I could maybe live without this, but certainly not that.” When you build new, you build for you! From the upgraded kitchen, to the decision to add a finished basement, to the need for dual first floor master suites, there’s a floor plan that’s perfectly suited for you.

You’re the Boss

Sure you can paint over that hideous Pepto-pink master bathroom or tear out the kitchen cabinets that are a hideously obvious homage to 1970’s style, but when you build new, you start from scratch, selecting your favorites from flooring to cabinetry to paint colors and everything in between. It’s your dream home after all, design it to your liking!

It’s Not Always About Spending Money

With a purchase as big as a home, the idea of simultaneously saving money can be pretty intoxicating, which is why so many people love the idea of securing a new, energy efficient home that will save them money for years to come.

All New…Everything!

That’s right, new means new, including the roof, appliances, doors, windows, and more, meaning you won’t have to shell out $5000 for a new roof or heating/air system anytime soon. Plus, you’ll enjoy the perks of modern conveniences, like built-in appliances, media rooms, or networked wiring systems that are conveniently built behind your walls.

Those New Home Feels

Whether you like knowing that you’re the first inhabitant of your new home or simply love that new home smell, there’s no denying that wonderful new home feel. With a flexible floor plan that you’ve thoughtfully chosen with all of your favorite selections in place, it’s home sweet home indeed!

Interested in exploring our innovative floor plans? How about a list of our new home communities? Explore our website, OR give Sara, our Online Community Consultant, a call: 302-745-9614. She is an amazing source of information for our homes, our communities, and the local areas where we build.


5 Favorite Fall Festivals at the Delaware Beaches

By Ali Baker, in Uncategorized

Pumpkins, mums, the seasonal wardrobe change, and the stress of selecting the perfect Halloween costumes are just a few of the harbingers of the fall season, but there’s also the fall festivals to consider! From the Sea Witch Festival to Apple-Scrapple and everything in between, fall is the perfect time of year to explore Southern Delaware.

Southern Delaware Wine, Food & Music Festival

When: Saturday, October 7, 12pm-4pm

Where: Independence Hall 23767 Samuel Adams Circle, Millsboro DE

First on the agenda is the 3rd Annual SoDel Fest! Benefitting the Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation, Children & Families First Delmarva, and Delaware ProStart, the full-day event features a sampling from some of the best local restaurants paired with 40 wines, craft spirits, and beers from around the world. On top of all that delicious fun, there’s an epic lineup of musical entertainment. Good eats, lively libations, and local music? Sure seems like a perfect way to welcome the fall season!

Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddlers Festival

When: Friday, October 28- Sunday, October 30

Where: Downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE (various locations)

It’s the 28th year for the annual Sea Witch Festival and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year’s festivities. Rehoboth Beach turns into Halloween headquarters for three-full days, with costume parades (and that includes a costume pet parade too my friends), an incredible array of activities for the kids, crafts & merchandise, food vendors, and more, including the fiddler’s convention! This is definitely an event that caters to all ages, and one you won’t want to miss this year as we set up our very own Spookacular Kids Zone at !st Street Station. Try your hand at our bean bag toss, decorate a mini-pumpkin, or snap a photo in Dracula’s lair, all while enjoying the festivities free of charge!  But arrive early! Schell Brothers will be providing prizes and trick-or-treat bags while supplies last.

Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival

When: Thursday, October 12 – Sunday, October 15

Where: Various Locations; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

For music lovers, the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival is a must. For four days, artists from around the world will converge on our resort beach town. Now in its 28th year, the festival just gets better and better with each passing year. Don’t wait to purchase tickets, many of the shows are already sold out!

Apple-Scrapple Festival

When: Friday, October 13 (opens 4pm) & Saturday, October 14 (open at 9am)

Where: Downtown Bridgeville, DE

For you Delaware-newbies, you might not be familiar with the ever-popular breakfast meat that is a staple around these parts. You also might not be aware that one of the more popular brands, RAPA, got its start in Bridgeville, Delaware in 1926. 25 years ago, the town decided to launch a small festival in honor of their two mainstays, scrapple and apples, and what started as just a few hundred attendees has blossomed into an annual attendance of 25,000! Expect lots of delicious local fare (don’t worry there’s more than apples and scrapple if that’s not your forte), rides, games, and streets jam-packed with over 500 local vendors.

Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival

When: November 2-12

Where: Various Locations; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Now in it’s 20th year, the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival (RBIFF) is the oldest and largest event of its kind in Delaware. A mid-Atlantic fall destination event for film enthusiasts, the 9+ day event offers a wide variety of American and international features, documentaries, and short films. It’s the perfect event to enjoy with family, friends, or even solo when the weather turns cold. And with 9 days of showings, there’s plenty of showtimes for you to catch, but act early, prime tickets go quickly.

We’ve only just scratched the surface on fall fun in our area, but this should get you well on your way to exploring the tastes, sights, and sounds of our beautiful state. Get outside and enjoy it, before old man winter arrives in town to put a damper on the fun…

Get to Know Independence!

By Ali Baker, in Independence


Year-round activities that include yoga, water aerobics, game nights, happy hours, and billiard tournaments; an on-site Activities Director with a full social calendar; indoor and outdoor pools; and a 24,000 sq.ft. clubhouse with a ballroom, bar, and lounge…what’s not to love about life at Independence?!

The 55+ active adult community, located in Millsboro, Delaware, features a full array of amenities that are ready for you to enjoy immediately, which makes it a no-brainer for retirees flocking to Delaware for the tax benefits. But what makes Independence so special? We’ll let Josh Stone from our Community Sales Team tell you himself!

Marketing and sales talk aside, what do you think makes Independence so unique? 

It’s the people who have made Independence home. They are all so vested in the success of the community and in providing a friendly welcoming environment. They also take having a good time very seriously;)

This is a 55+ community, so obviously it’s not for everyone, but for the active adult, why choose Independence? 

I think it is just right. One customer said it’s like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Some are too small, some are too big, and Indy is just right. Just the right amount of amenities for what so many of our buyers are looking for. 

There’s certainly a lot of amenities out there to enjoy, which ones would you say are the most popular with the homeowners?

I think there are two. The bar/lounge is very popular and is a focal point for community gatherings every Friday night. It provides a warm, fun, and welcoming environment where they can meet new neighbors and socialize. The other is the indoor pool. As they age, so many people prefer exercising in the pool because it is easier on their joints. Having this amazing indoor pool available year round is a huge plus.

Speaking of the homeowners, tell us a little bit about the sense of community out there.  Do neighbors really become friends? 

Lifelong friends. So many of them are from the Northeast and have so much in common. They come into our model home and see pictures on the wall of each other and they say, “Look! There’s Alvin,” or “Look! There’s Sharon.” There is something for everyone here which creates so many opportunities to meet new friends who share similar interests.

Describe Independence in 3 adjectives. 




Let’s switch gears and talk industry trends, what are people looking for in a new home right now? 

One level living with wider doorways, huge showers, and large open concept living spaces.

In your opinion, what sets a Schell Brothers home apart from other builders?

Everything. Our culture, our commitment to our customers, our building science, our happy customers who refer people to us constantly, and our people.

If you had to pick a favorite floor plan at Independence, which one would it be and why? 

For me it might be different than what the homeowners out here prefer, because I still have children living at home, but definitely The Kingfisher. I LOVE The Kingfisher. But for our customers, The Whimbrel is the rockstar of this community! It is such a perfect size, the owner’s suite is separated from the guest rooms, it is versatile so you can add space where you need it, and it has elegant lines. This floor plan allows our customers to downsize without downgrading.

What’s a must-have selection in new homes right now? 

For the majority of our customers, the big tub is a thing of the past and has been replaced with the sexy shower! The bigger the better. Add multiple shower heads, throw in a bench and a frameless glass door and you’ve got it!

Final thoughts?

Downsizing is hard. It is a mix between getting rid of things they loved, admitting that their children have lives of their own, and leaving the place you’ve called home for many, many years. Finding Independence is refreshing for our customers because:

They aren’t that far from where home used to be (and where the majority  of family and friends still are).

They are surrounded by people just like themselves (who are also fleeing high taxes).

Independence is gorgeous! It feels very luxurious (yet is surprisingly affordable).

(Retirement is scary). Seeing how active and vibrant the homeowner’s at Independence are makes people less worried about the dreaded retirement, and more excited about having fun in the next chapter of their lives!

Want to learn more about life at Independence?

Stop by for a visit: 30174 Ethan Allen Court Millsboro, Delaware 19966. Josh and/or Mollie would love to take you on a tour!

Want to view our floor plans and pricing? Well then, right this way:



Top 10 Reasons to Love Coastal Delaware in the Fall

By Ali Baker, in All Communities

Delaware in the fall

It’s the last day of summer, and while the weekend forecast is lending itself towards summer attire rather than fall fashions, the first day of autumn means fall is officially upon us. It’s a bittersweet moment when we bid farewell to the summer season, but there’s an undeniable excitement in the air as we transition into autumn, especially at the Delaware Beaches where there’s so much to look forward to and so many reason to love Delaware in the fall.

Off-Season Specials 

While most of the local bars and restaurants have a generous helping of summer specials to choose from, the off-season brings unbeatable deals at some of your favorite local hot spots. The Rehoboth Foodie is a reliable, go-to source for weekly specials, along with the newest restaurant openings and preferred local dishes.

Freedom to Roam

We love the summer visitors that enjoy Coastal Delaware each year from May through September, but there’s no denying that the traffic can be a bit maddening at times. By September, the boardwalk has cleared, parking along Rehoboth Avenue and Garfield Parkway has opened up, and the general hustle and bustle around town has eased significantly. That’s not to say that Lewes, Bethany and Fenwick are ghost towns, but taking a peaceful stroll along the beach or getting a bar seat at your favorite restaurant is a breeze.

Picture-Perfect Beach Weather 

And because the beaches are wide open, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a beach day! Fortunately for those of us who reside here in the Mid-Atlantic region the weather stays warm during the first part of fall, with plenty of chances for beach days during September and October. Once the chill hits the region, it’s still worth hitting the beach with a hoodie and a blanket to enjoy an afternoon by the ocean.

Local Hiking Trails

One of the best parts about fall of course is watching the leaves in all their glory, and what better place to observe all that beautiful fall foliage than along one of our local hiking trails. Grab the dog and enjoy a stroll around Trap Pond State Park, hop on your bike for an adventure along the Junction & Breakwater Trail, or spend the afternoon with the grandkids exploring Gordon’s Pond.

Football, Football, and more Football

Whether you’re a diehard football fan, or mostly in it for the pitchers of beer and heaping piles of nachos, football season brings even more specials to the area, with drink and food specials abounding during game time. Better yet, it’s the perfect excuse to hit your favorite local watering hole to catch a game with friends. 

Fall Festivals 

There is no shortage of fall festivals here at the Delaware beaches, so much so that it’s next to impossible to pick a favorite, but the Sea Witch Festival, Southern Delaware Beer Wine, Food & Music Festival, and Apple-Scrapple Festival are high on our list.

Day Trip Adventures

Summer has a way of flying by before you get a chance to enjoy any weekend trips to nearby towns, but lucky for you there’s plenty of amazing day trips nearby for fun fall adventures. Shoot down to Assateague Island National Seashore for a visit with the ponies, spend an afternoon shopping in ‘America’s Coolest Small Town’ of Berlin, Maryland, tour the Dogfish Head Brewery, or head to the northern end of Delaware for outings at the Winterthur Museum & Garden, Fort Delaware, or the Hagley Museum.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

Because it just isn’t fall until you’ve picked some fresh, local apples or plopped a fat pumpkin by your doorstep. The options for u-pick are plentiful around here, but Fifer’s Fall Fest Saturdays takes it to the next level with a large selection of u-pick apples and pumpkins, plus a massive corn maze, petting zoo, children’s games, tractor train, and more.

Tax-Free Shopping

With tax-free shopping, shopping is always a good idea no matter what time of year it is, but shopping with less crowds and beautiful weather is hard to beat. Browse the shops in Bethany, Lewes, and Rehoboth, or spend the day scoring deals on your favorite brand names at the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth.

Arts & Entertainment

Each fall, both the Rehoboth Jazz Festival and the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival bring an extra splash of culture to our area, with an impressive lineup of live music and independent film screenings to enjoy. Held in October and November, respectively, the two events are definitely worth a save-the-date in your calendar and will quickly become annual traditions for you and your friends.

Ready to enjoy Delaware in the fall?? Schedule a visit to tour our communities here at the Delaware beaches

Finding the Perfect Fit in a New Home Community

By Ali Baker, in All Communities

new home community

You’ve made the decision to move, and whether it was a no-brainer to sell your home or a more arduous choice, you’re now ready to put in the legwork and begin your journey to finding your new home. There’s a lot to consider of course, from floor plans, to builders, to matching your lifestyle needs, but what is arguably just as important as selecting the right home is finding the perfect fit in a neighborhood. If you’re eyeing up a new home community, there’s even more to consider, but fear not, because the process really can be seamless (and fun!).

Make a Must-Have List

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options during your new home search, but a good place to start is by making a list of what you need in a new home community vs. what you want.

  • For the 55 and over crowd, you might want to weigh the pros and cons of selecting an age-restricted, 55+ community and decide which is best for you. If you’re heart is set on age-restricted, that will help narrow down your choices.
  • For others, it’s worth considering how much maintenance you want to be responsible for in your new home. If your downsizing or retiring, a smaller lot with little to no maintenance could be just what you are looking for.
  • Or how about the people residing in your new home? Do you need to find a community that offers multi-generational floor plans to house your mother-in-law, or your kids during their post-college years? Or are you empty nesters, interested in downsizing to ranch-style single-family home or a twin home floor plan?

Take Stock of Your Lifestyle

Once you’ve nailed down those ‘can’t live without’ elements of your new home search, it’s time to evaluate your lifestyle and search for a community that follows suit.

  • Is easy access to the beach, the bay or water important to you or your family?
  • How about the neighborhood environment, are you looking for a peaceful retreat or aiming for a vibrant, master-planned community teeming with activities and amenities?
  • What types of shopping, restaurants and business do you want nearby?
  • Does the idea of having a golf course, nature trail, or indoor pool just steps from your doorstep appeal to you?
  • How about a built-in social life in a community where neighbors quickly become friends?

Picture your life. Now know that there is a new home community that complements it perfectly.

Consider the Bells & Whistles

New home communities come with a lot of bells and whistles, from state-of-the-art clubhouses, to kayak launches and nature paths, to community pools with splash pads and slides for the kiddos. Naturally, this might not be the right fit for you, but it’s worth exploring nonetheless. Visit a wide variety of communities and speak to current homeowners – they offer an incredible wealth of knowledge about the community, its amenities, and the surrounding area!

Looking for the perfect new home community for you in Coastal Delaware? Sara is here to help! Contact Sara at 302-745-9614.

Looking for a new home community in the Richmond area? Kaylie is your girl! You can reach Kaylie at 804-787-3354.

OR, explore all of our current new home communities on our website:

Happy house hunting:)

Get to Know Peninsula Lakes!

By Ali Baker, in Uncategorized

Peninsula Lakes consistently maintains that undeniable wow-factor, and whether it’s the lake living or the stunning curb appeal of the winding streetscapes, we can’t help but fall in love with this Coastal Delaware community over and over again. It could be line-up of incredible amenities, slated to break ground this fall, or it could be the active, resort-style setting where neighbors truly do become lifelong friends. Whatever the reason, Peninsula Lakes keeps people scrambling for the best homesites and eagerly awaiting the opening of the next phase. So what’s the secret? We’ll let Nikki tell you…

Marketing and sales talk aside, in your opinion, what makes Peninsula Lakes unique?

Everything! There isn’t another community like it. I think the overall plan for the community is incredibly inspired. On day one I fell in love with the curves of the roads that hug the lakes. There are no straight lines, which means it’s is not just your typical grid of homes. It has a LOT of character.

The homeowners at Peninsula Lakes seem to have already created this awesome, tight-knit sense of community, is there something in the water out there??

If by water, you mean the fridge full of beer, then yes;) Seriously though, it’s pretty amazing how close this community is, and we are lucky to have such down-to-earth people living here. I think that most of our homeowners are coming from out of state, so they don’t have family or friends here…yet. They all refer to their neighbors as their ‘Pen Lakes family’ and it is really great to see those bonds forming so quickly. 

You guys have had an incredible sales year, what’s on the horizon for Peninsula Lakes?

Next up are the amenities, and we are very excited! The pool will start first, and we are looking to break ground in October. (*Spoiler alert, the pool is going to be amazing!)

Describe Peninsula Lakes in 3 adjectives.




Let’s switch gears and talk trends, what are homeowners looking for in a new home right now?

One trend that isn’t going away is investing in your kitchen. It is the gathering place in any home, so naturally people are looking for larger spaces that open into great rooms. Entertaining seems to be a big trend in our community, especially since we have such outgoing people here.

If you had to pick a favorite floor plan at Peninsula Lakes, which one would it be and why?

I get asked this a lot, and it truthfully changes weekly. I love them all for different reasons. Right now we have an Ethan under construction which is rare, and if I had to pick a floor plan today, I would build an Ethan. It has two owner’s suites and an optional formal dining room. I just really like the flow of it and the fact that there are so many things you can do with it. It is also one level, which is low maintenance. With all that said, we just broke ground on a Shearwater and a Mallory, so those will soon become my favorites.

What are the must-have selections in new homes right now?

Our community is a little different, having so many water-view homesites, so must-have selections at Pen Lakes are geared more towards the outdoor spaces. With options from screened porches, to decks, to our beautiful courtyards, there is a lot to choose from, and homeowners are more often than not making the outdoor space a top priority.

In your opinion, what sets Schell Brothers apart from other home builders?

Our mission. Our main focus is happiness, and our building science, superb energy efficiency, and unmatched look and quality of our homes all stem from that desire to make our homeowners happy. A home is the biggest purchase most people make in their life and we work for a company that decided to help make that purchase as fun and as exciting as it should be.

For people who aren’t familiar with Coastal Delaware, what do you love about living here?

Never being bored, but always being relaxed. It’s “Slower Lower Delaware”. You have everything you would want within a short distance, but people are taking their time and enjoying their lives. I would not want to be anywhere else.

Final thoughts?

Choose happiness!


For more on Peninsula Lakes, simply click here.

Or, to visit, stop by the model home at:

30965 Fowlers Path
Millsboro, DE 19966

Get to Know The Sanctuary!

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With our model home underway in The Sanctuary, and two models now available in Palmilla at Magnolia Green, it’s been a busy summer’s end here in Richmond, with fall ramping up to be a whirlwind at both of our RVA new home communities. Simply stated, it’s the perfect time to get to know The Sanctuary! It’s also the perfect time for a little Q&A with our Community Sales Manager Jennifer Jinnette, including a rundown on her favorite floor plans, the hottest trends in new home construction, and some more details on those oh-so-spacious lots in The Sanctuary.

1. Marketing and sales talk aside, what do you think makes The Sanctuary so unique? 

The Sanctuary is just what its name means: a place of refuge, an oasis, a retreat. It’s a community where you have the space that you need to live the lifestyle that you’ve desired.  Located about 20 minutes to Downtown Richmond, you’ll find 1-acre private homesites situated in a tranquil community.  You can get away from the traffic, the noise, and living on top of your neighbors while still having the conveniences of living only a few miles miles from Target and Westchester Commons Shopping Center.  You can have the privacy and space to build your own pool, to let the dog run around, or to have friends over to your beautiful new home, all without worrying about neighbors that limit your freedom. 

2. Let’s talk some more about those lot sizes…

Drive through any other community in Midlothian, Chesterfield, or Richmond, and you’ll find homesites that average around a quarter of an acre or less. Drive through The Sanctuary, and you’ll see trees, freshly manicured lawns, and plenty of space, with every homesite at least 1-acre. Whether you are looking for something without trees so that there is plenty of space to run around, or you want to be as nestled in the woods as possible, we have the large, private homesites that you’ve been looking for, at a fraction of the cost of other builders in the area.  Imagine what you could do with all of that space!  Build one of our beautiful courtyards with a built-in grill and fireplace.  Enjoy nights under the stars.  Swim in your private in-ground pool, or escape the winter in your bubbling Jacuzzi hot tub.  Fence in your backyard and let the kids and pets run and play.  Build a tree house, install a swing set, or both.  Grow your own vegetables in a garden!  The list really do go on and on (and on).  But at the end of the day, this is your space, how would you use it??

3. Of course it’s always about ‘location, location, location’ when we’re talking real estate. Tell us a little bit about the location of The Sanctuary and what’s nearby. 

The Sanctuary is located just 2 miles off of the Midlothian Turnpike and adjacent to award-winning Hallsley.  The top-rated Midlothian schools are another reason people choose this location, and what’s more, the new Old Hundred Elementary School will be just across the street!  

You’re a quick drive to Mid-Lothian Mines Park and Robious Landing Park.  Get outdoors and kayak in the James River or take a scenic hike.  Show your competitive side at Windy Hill Sports Complex, which is less than 3 miles away, or enjoy an afternoon of golf at a nearby course. Spend the day shopping for antiques at one of the local shops.  Want to head out of town?  Easy, you’re just 2 miles to Rt 60. 

4. With so much happening nearby, what’s your favorite? Any food spots we can’t miss? 

Richmond is obviously a can’t-miss for a fantastic meal, but you don’t have to drive into Richmond if you’re not up for it because we have plenty of delicious restaurants close by.  Try Bell Greek for some delicious, authentic Greek food.  My favorite is the Spanakopita.  Tazza is fresh, tasty, and has a wide variety of options on the menu with inventive ingredients, such as Summer Squash Pizza, Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad, and Smoked Brisket Tacos.  If you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine, try Wild Ginger.  From fresh sushi and kobe beef burgers to vegetarian options like teriyaki tofu, the flavors here are amazing!

5. Describe The Sanctuary in 3 adjectives: 




6. Let’s switch gears and talk industry trends. What are people looking for right now in a home in Richmond?

A  trend that we are definitely seeing is that people are spending more time outdoors as an extension of their home.  People are falling in love with our courtyards, which can include a fireplace, built-in grill, and/or water feature.  I’m also noticing a lot of people opting for our 2nd story decks and screened in porches. It’s just another way to enjoy your home, both indoors and out. 

7. In your opinion, what sets a Schell Brothers home apart from other builders? 

Oh boy, how much time do you have?? The short answer is that at Schell Brothers, we are on a mission to bring happiness to people and of the ways that we do that is by building a longer-lasting and more energy efficient home that will bring you happiness for years to come.

But of course there is a lot that goes in to that, but a few examples of the difference in our construction compared to other builders is that we use 2×6’s instead of 2×4’s in the exterior walls.  This allows us to put 63% more insulation in the walls of your home, which makes a huge difference in heating and cooling costs.  We also build our homes on site, with California corners.  A typical 2×4 corner leaves a pocket in the corner of your house that does not have insulation.  Our 2×6 California corners mean that there is insulation from the roof all the way down to the foundation.  We use blown-in blanket insulation with a higher R-value than the typical builder.  All of our crawl spaces are conditioned and even include sump pumps, to insure moisture stays away from your home.  On average we are over 50% more energy efficient than the typical builder.  Clearly I could go on and on;)

8. If you had to pick a favorite floor plan at The Sanctuary, which one would it be and why? 

My favorite plan is The Bridgeport.  It is incredibly versatile and personally would give me and my family everything that we want and need:  two owners suites, one upstairs and one downstairs, the latter of which we would use for out-of-town guests; a screened-in porch off of the dining area, with a deck above coming off of the master bedroom; walk-in closets in every bedroom, including dual walk-in closets in the master; and a huge kitchen open to the great room and dining room that is perfect for entertaining.  I also love the open to above great room, perfect for the biggest Christmas tree I can find!

9. What’s the must-have selection in new homes right now? 

Quartz is definitely making a comeback!   Granite has been king for a while, but people are loving all of the beautiful varieties of quartz that we offer, and how low maintenance it is. Basements are also a must-have for many people in our area.  We have basement options, both finished and unfinished, in every floor plan that we offer!  We can even do in-ground basements so you can have both a basement AND a flat yard.  

10. Final thoughts? 

We are truly so excited to be able to offer the Schell Brothers brand in this market.  I personally can’t wait to be a part of showing people the Schell Brothers difference and seeing their dream homes become a reality.  It may sound cliche but we truly are different, both in the quality and selections in our homes, but also in our state of mind, and I think you’ll notice that difference right away. But hey, see for yourself – stop by and check out what makes us unique!


For more on The Sanctuary, simply click here.

To contact Jennifer, reach her at (804) 402-4505 OR visit her at our brand new model home in Palmilla at Magnolia Green, where we’ll be until our model home at The Sanctuary is complete this fall: 7006 Silverthread Drive Moseley, VA 23120


Get to Know Truitt Homestead!

By Ali Baker, in All Communities

Earlier this year, we launched our second 55+ active adult community, and the first it’s kind in Rehoboth Beach. Just a half-mile from Downtown Rehoboth Beach, the location really can’t be beat, with some of the area’s best dining and shopping (not to mention the beach and boardwalk) just a short car ride or bike ride away. Closer to home, there’s a lineup of amenities that suit every interest. But that’s not all! Community Sales Manager Andrew Rogan tells us more about Truitt Homestead:

Marketing and sales talk aside, what do you think makes Truitt Homestead so unique? 

I would say it’s two things. First, it’s the only 55+ community in Rehoboth Beach. Second, its location is awesome! Being so close to downtown Rehoboth, homeowners could bike to the grocery store, their favorite restaurants, and the beach all less than two miles away. 

Elaborate on the concept at Truitt a bit for us. This is a 55+ community right?

It sure is. The benefit is that homeowners will be able to focus on enjoying life and not having to worry about exterior home maintenance. And if they don’t feel like traveling the two miles into town, the amenities within the community are right there for them!

The location! How amazing is the location?? 

I really cant say enough about the location. You can literally walk to Wawa and get your morning coffee then go over to Fresh Market and get a few groceries. The grandkids are visiting? Take them to the beach or walk around the corner to Jungle Jim’s Water Park. Downtown Rehoboth, its shops, restaurants, and beach are only a  bike ride or a very short car ride away. And if you don’t feel like leaving, the amenities onsite are great, including the indoor pool, gym, restaurant, movie theater and more.

So you’re not exactly the target demo for this community, so we’ll ask you this – would you sell your parents on moving to Truitt?

Funny you ask. After I told my parents that I would be responsible for sales at Truitt, they immediately asked me for more details about the community because they were interested themselves. My mom is extremely active and keeps my Dad the same way. They spend a lot of time biking, walking the dog, and getting dinners together (growing up my dad was out at sea for months at a time and they now try to capitalize on the time they have together). A lot of these activities they do are conveniently located around Rehoboth or the neighboring park trails, so Truitt makes a lot of  sense for them. If my brother and I were not getting married this year they would probably be much closer to making a move!

There’s some pretty incredible amenities planned for this community, which ones do you think will be fan favorites?

Wow, great question! I think they will all be popular. There really is something for everyone. Indoor pool, gym, game room, movie theater, restaurant, and salon. It will be a great place for homeowners to enjoy their favorite activities, spend time with neighbors, and get involved in groups and clubs. The extensive array of amenities on site in Truitt will certainly help cultivate a great community atmosphere.

Describe Truitt Homestead in 3 adjectives:




So back to this awesome location….what are some locals favorites in Downtown Rehoboth?

Certainly, the Fresh Market grocery store, Browseabout Bookstore, the beach of course, Funland and Jungle Jim’s, and really any of the countless restaurants (one of my personal favorites is Frankie and Louie’s). Rehoboth has so much to offer not just in the summer but year-round so it’s really hard to pick a favorite!  

Our newest series of homes, the Coastal Cottage series, is being offered at Truitt. Tell us a little about what makes this series unique. 

All of Schell Brothers homes do this, however, the Costal Cottage series really focuses on maximizing the space where you will need it most. In terms of outdoor living space, there are more possibilities than ever. Also, every time I look at one of these floor plans I discover a new way to add storage space!

If you had to pick a favorite floor plan, which one would it be and why?

I would say The Orchid. It is a very functional, open ranch-style floor plan with an owner suite, and two guest bedrooms downstairs, yet has the ability to add additional space where you might need it. Our new model will be The Orchid and will display the loft selection as well as a few other selections that really have that “wow” factor.  

Final thoughts?

It’s funny I hate using the term “unique opportunity” because it sounds like a sales pitch; however, there really is no better way to describe Truitt. Having grown up here at the beach, there is very limited open land near Rehoboth, so the ability to build a brand new home so close to downtown is rare. Then when you factor in the fact that it is the only 55+ active adult community in Rehoboth Beach, there really is nothing else like it. I am pretty excited to see this community grow!

Want to know more about Truitt Homestead? Simply click here.

Get to Know Tidewater Landing!

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The interest in Tidewater Landing has been incredible so far (seriously, we’re talking over 650 inquiries in a few short weeks), which means a lot of people are talking about our latest community in Lewes, Delaware. And who can blame them? The location can’t be beat, the amenities are amazing, and the site plan features tall, mature trees on nearly every lot. But that’s not all that’s worth bragging about. Community Sales Manager, longtime Schell employee AND Schell homeowner Josh Hay has the scoop on the latest and greatest at Tidewater Landing:

Marketing and sales talk aside, what do you think makes Tidewater Landing so unique? 

It’s truly different from all the other communities in the area.  So many communities are built on farm land and open fields that it loses character.  Tidewater Landing is basically being chiseled out of a forest and leaving 41% of the trees.  Almost every home backs to the woods and it gives the neighborhood a private and peaceful feel when driving through it.  All you hear are the birds and wind through the trees.  In addition, we’ll have access to Love Creek where you’ll be able to kayak, canoe, paddle board, and fish.  All this and it’s just 6 miles to downtown Lewes.  It’s just a great location and setting.

How excited are you to be partnering with Carl M. Freeman on another community?

It’s a huge pleasure to work with Carl M. Freeman on this community.  They are known for designing beautiful communities with lots of curb appeal and character.  Freeman is one of those companies that always focuses on their developments as if they were living there and spare no expense to make sure their communities are the best.  We’ve been fortunate to work with them on other communities and we couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with them again with Tidewater Landing.  

This community is designed with some pretty incredible amenities and activities on site, which ones are you looking forward to the most?

The nature trails through the woods are going to be beautiful and a great place to walk your dog.  The clubhouse will be the perfect spot to meet up with everyone and play a game of pool or watch the game in the lounge area or at the bar.  There also will be a fitness center, outdoor pool with bar and grill area, and tennis/pickleball courts. 

Describe Tidewater Landing in three adjectives.




If you had to pick a favorite floor plan, which one would it be and why? 

The Mayberry.  I love the layout of the living space and how the home kind of wraps around the courtyard.  The kitchen is a great size, especially when you do the counter height island. And the owners suite is an awesome layout.  I try not to do work from home but there is a flex room that gives me a quiet space to get some work done when needed.

How about the area – what are some of your favorite spots in Lewes? 

The location is one of the best parts about Tidewater.  You can get almost anywhere on back roads and very quickly.  Downtown Lewes is only 10 minutes away and has some of my favorite restaurants…Agave, Striper Bites, Touch of Italy, just to name a few.  And Kings Homemade Ice Cream must be had when walking around Lewes. 

You’ve been with Schell a long time and you own a Schell home, what is it about our homes and communities that stand out the most to you?

The attention to detail in a Schell home is really unbelievable, along with the innovation of the Schellter™ package that is included in every home.  Every home is built as if it was a home that Schell Brothers was going to live in.  There are also so many selections to choose from that you can really personalize the home to your style and not have to compromise.  The biggest thing I have noticed though after living in a Schell home is the comfort of the home.  It’s such a quiet home to live in.  You don’t hear cars going down the street or barking dogs.  The energy bills are a fraction of what I used to pay because of the energy efficiency of the home.  I can now set the thermostat at what is a comfortable temperature and not have to sacrifice my comfort in fear of the utility bills.  I’ve also gone winters now without getting that typical winter cold which I’m sure has something to do with the air quality in the home.

Final thoughts?

It’s a really exciting time to be looking for a home in the Lewes area.  There are some great communities out there and if you are looking for a quiet, wooded neighborhood with amenities and access to kayaking and fishing than you couldn’t have found a better community.  Tidewater Landing has brought the best features of all the other neighborhoods and consolidated them in one place.  It’s a beautiful place that I hope you can come visit!

For more on Tidewater Landing, simply click here.

And to speak with Josh or pay him a visit at Tidewater Landing:

(302) 841-5705

Robinsonville Road
Lewes, DE 19958