Monthly Archives: April 2016

Local’s Corner – Clean Energy USA

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

We’re very lucky that we were able to purchase solar panels with our new home purchase.  Not a luxury everybody can afford or can they?  The math behind solar is pretty amazing.  Yes it helps that Schell Brothers has a sister-company, Clean Energy USA, to make the math even more encouraging.  With an incentive off the […]

Local’s Corner: Salvaged and Haute

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Buying a new home is a massive moment in your life and a huge investment.  As my wife aptly phrased it: you can’t have an amazing home without then decorating it amazingly!  Tis true.  We were very lucky and used the Schell paint option so the house was already painted when we moved in.  With […]

Meet the Construction Team, aka the Muscle, at Coastal Club

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

In the sales office, Jordan, Donna and myself are obviously the face of Coastal Club. Always good to have such pretty faces 🙂 but in reality, it’s the construction team that have built, pardon the pun, the platform for which Coastal Club sits on today as the fastest selling community at the beach. We’ve just started construction in […]

Why My Parents Chose to Retire to Delaware

By Gary Desch, in All Communities

Some people think when you retire you have to move all the way to the Carolinas or even Florida to get the tax benefits. Not anymore.  Just ask my parents who made the move from Maryland to Delaware, ranked the #1 state to retire.  They love it and haven’t looked back. My parents wanted to […]

Local’s Corner: Home Insurance with Eric Blondin

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

I get asked by a lot of my homeowners about home insurance in Delaware.  Obviously, home insurance needs to be in place before you go to settlement as you pre-pay your insurance.  A lot of ‘my people’ are from out-of-state and their insurance agents will not insure their home at the beach.  Crazy but true. […]

Local’s Corner: The Factory

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Exercise. We all need it, and I’m often asked if there are activities close by that are good for getting back into shape with a ‘games approach’ to exercise.  Well, we’re very lucky to have a facility right in Lewes that offers an amazing range of activities and exercise, and its called The Factory. Located on the grounds off of Route 9 […]

Zip Code: 19971

By Charlie Waltjen, in All Communities

Every state has that one awesome place that it’s known for. The one zip code that has it all: the food, the fun, the shopping, and that stunning neighborhood you wish you could call home. For Delaware, that place is Rehoboth Beach. Now, it might not be as famous as some other zip codes (i.e. […]

Home to sell? Here’s a smarter way.

By Lynn Cattafi, in All Communities

“My home isn’t sold and I don’t want a big mortgage, so we are going to wait”.   When you decide to build a new home with Schell Brothers, and still have a home to sell, there are many ways to get a head start on the process with a transition build that will benefit […]