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Selling a New Home to Saint Nick!

By Frank Ryan, in At Schell Brothers, We Get It!


It’s safe to say that I love my job. When you think of how we get to help people to not just pick a home, but to select a home that will be their dream home, it really becomes quite amazing. I get to help good people pick their homesite and choose a home that lives the way they like to live, whether it be a new home for a large family with kids, grand kids, and lots of family shenanigans, or a private getaway for a longtime couple that truly deserves their new sanctuary. This is an amazing job where we are fortunate enough to make some incredible friends and neighbors along the way. And just when I thought my job it couldn’t get better…it got magical!

We all have heroes growing up, and let’s be honest, we all secretly hope that we get the chance to come face to face with those heroes. Well, this week it happened for me! I got to sell a home to my boyhood hero who I always believed in but never really knew was real. I got to meet the man himself, Santa Clause! Folks, Santa is coming to Bayside!santa-frank-blog-1

Yes that’s right you heard me, we here at Bayside sold a home to good old Saint Nick and it was every bit as awesome as you would expect (candy canes and cookies galore!). Now it was admittedly a bit nerve-racking trying to stay on the ‘nice’ list while Santa was around; after all, we aren’t always on our best behavior (sometimes we get a little silly in Bayside). Case in point: I offered him a beer with his cookies. He graciously declined the beer, but accepted the milk of course. Just as you would think he was jolly the whole time and couldn’t be more cheerful. In true fashion, we never saw him coming or going, we only knew he was here when we heard the jingle of sleigh bells and the pitter-patter of hooves on the roof.santa-frank-blog-2

Of course we know why Bayside, but we still had to ask Santa why he choose Bayside when he can live anywhere in the world. We were met with a boisterous “HO HO HO!” Santa then explained that since he had traveled all over the world, he knew without a doubt that if was going to have a second home it would have to be in Bayside, and if he was going to have someone besides his trusty elves build a home, it would have to be Schell Brothers.

At this point I said, “That is awesome Santa, I knew it! Is it the quality? Maybe the energy efficiency? The floor plans?? What is it Santa???” (as you can see, the suspense was killing me) He laughed again with a “HO HO HO!” and said “yes, that is all true and played a big part in my decision, but the truth is that it was all those damn billboards!” He let out a big, belly laugh and winked with a smile. There truly is magic in everything he does!

This will be a hard day at work to beat, but there are always new people to meet and new stories to be told. And for those of you naysayers out there that still don’t believe, then you better watch out because Santa is coming to Bayside!!


Bayfront Explorers Track Happy Homeowners [video]

By Frank Ryan, in Bayfront at Rehoboth

In Episode 4 of the Explore Life at Bayfront series, the world’s bravest adventurers (in Delaware anyway) continue the exploration and observe the amazingly common “Happy Schell Brothers Homeowner”.
Bill and Judith recently moved into their brand new Schell Brothers home in Bayfront at Rehoboth and they are definitely happy. They were excited to make a guest appearance in this episode and they did an awesome job, as you can see! Luckily we connected with them before they made their big break in Hollywood.

Happy Homeowners

At Schell Brothers, we pride ourselves on making ourselves and our homeowners happy. Our culture of happiness is what sets us apart and makes us different from other home builders. In fact, that’s our company mission. We always go the extra mile, because good enough just isn’t good enough for us.

Our mission is to bring happiness to ourselves and our homeowners by not only creating exceptional homes and communities but also by providing an extraordinary home buying experience.

We’re getting close to the end of the series. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion as the duo braves the high seas (for real this time) on a trek to the fabled Marsh Island. And if you haven’t already, check out the rest of the episodes.
Ep 4 Happy Homeowners

Episode Guide


Explore Bayfront Outtakes [video]

By Frank Ryan, in Bayfront at Rehoboth

DSC_4755Our Explore Bayfront video series has been a lot of fun to make (maybe too much fun?) and appears to be well received, as we’ve gotten quite a few compliments from people.
Adam and I pride ourselves on our natural talent as it usually only requires a single take from each of us to nail our scenes. But on occasion we do slip up as you can see in the outtakes video above.
We just filmed a new episode last weekend so while that is in post production check out the outtakes and the previous episodes in the series. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Episode 1: The Dandy


Episode 2: Kayak it up


Episode 3: Hi Explorers


Explore Life at Bayfront [video]

By Frank Ryan, in Bayfront at Rehoboth

Explore Bayfront Event Kayak - 800
Adam and I have been having a bit of fun here at Bayfront and I think you’re going to enjoy it too. The Explore Bayfront Grand Opening Event is just around the corner so to get you ready for it we’ve prepared a short adventure video.
This is my acting debut and I had the privilege of working with the self proclaimed “one-take-wonder” himself (Adam). I think I stole the stage myself, but you can judge for yourself. Check it out and let me know what you think.
I hope to see you at the event on June 8th. While you are out here, definitely check out our new model home, The Mulberry, which is available for leaseback. The courtyard is really looking great, and its got a view of the Bay.
Eventbrite - Explore Bayfront Event


Sanderling Springfest

By Frank Ryan, in The Villages at Herring Creek

Springfest is the much anticipated Grand Opening of the Sanderling model located at The Villages at Herring Creek on Saturday, May 18th from 11am – 4pm.
I know what you were thinking when you read “Springfest”… and no, it doesn’t mean that Adam is taking yet another vacation to the Bahamas or some other tropical destination.
When I think of Spring, I think of warm weather, rejuvenation, new beginnings, and of course beer! (Actually I often think about beer, regardless of the season.)
Just in time for Spring, the courtyard is in full bloom and the Sanderling model is ready for a party, which is why we have decided to throw the very first Schell Brothers Springfest! Come tour our model and other homes under various stages of construction, so you can see what goes on behind the walls.
The festivities will also include a Beer Garden in the courtyard featuring various local “brews and bites.” As if that wasn’t enough already, Adam am I have decided to create the first ever Schell Brothers home brew “Two Blokes Brewing Co.” which will be available for tasting at the event. And by “Adam and I”, I really mean me. That’s right, we I made a beer! We’ll even have pint glasses with our brew brand on them for you to take home, and you might win a beer themed door prize.
Join us at the Sanderling Springfest!

You designed our floorplans, now it’s time to design our office

By Frank Ryan, in The Villages at Herring Creek

001 002

Your feedback helped us ultimately design the Courtyard Series and they all turned out pretty amazing.

The Courtyard Series features extra storage in the garage, the flex room, pictures windows linking the indoors with the outdoors, and who can forget those amazing outdoor courtyards!
Now that Adam and I have closed “Santa’s Pub” in the Sanderling model’s garage, we need ideas on how to jazz up our huge garage office. We’re looking for ideas / feedback on what you would want to see in this space. Coming from the Baltimore bar scene, I’m all up for our own actual bar; there’s nothing like a cold drink to help everybody smile, laugh and relax. Adam is all up for Beer pong tables / ping pong (table tennis as he would say) and a pool table. BUT enough of what we think, what do you think?
Share your idea by leaving a comment here using Facebook, Twitter, or any other method you can think of to get in touch with us. We can’t wait for your ideas so we can go to Chris Schell and make our case.
As Adam would say……. Cheers!
(bloody silly British guy)

Out with the old, in with the NEW!

By Frank Ryan, in The Villages at Herring Creek

VHC Site Plan - Section 2
A lot of NEW things are going on at Villages at Herring Creek! First of all and most importantly I’m NEW! Just kidding, but I’ve recently teamed up with Johnny English, a.k.a. Adam Pettengell!! Now I’m part of the Villages at Herring Creek team.
Aside from the new partnership, the future phase is NEW. We’re still pushing dirt and the roads aren’t even in yet, BUT we’re going to have 22 new home sites.
You might say that’s great Frank, BUT what’s new? Well there’s more…
NEW ponds in the future phase.
NEW wooded areas on home sites.
NEW half acre home sites, and extra land and tree lined.
NEW incentive of 20k.
NEW NO PREMIUMS!! On any of the home sites all of which can hold a basement.
(I challenge you to find anywhere else that can announce that)
Isn’t it risky buying a NEW home in a new phase? How can you make me feel more comfortable in purchasing with you Frank?
We’ve already written 9 contracts in the community! The courtyard series is flourishing and we’ve got Herons, Mulberrys, Kingfishers and Sanderlings already on the site plan. REMEMEBER, we still don’t even have the roads in yet!
Frank, that’s not bad. I need to see with my own eyes though.
No problem. Call me at 302-945-3080 for an appointment I can show you from our viewing pier (a large pile of gravel) all of the future phase home sites AND we have both the Mulberry and Sanderling model homes to walk through.
There’s no time like the present, and this is a call to action. 2013 premiums could be added (home price goes up), 2013 prices will increase (home prices go up), incentives are going away (home prices go up) and mortgage rates could go up (home prices go up).
It’s not just talk, it’s reality.

Big Beers and Holiday Cheers!!!

By Frank Ryan, in The Villages at Herring Creek

I absolutely love the holidays!!! The best thing about the holidays growing up (for me… and most will agree) was the Christmas lights. I could not wait till the sun went down and we would all pile in the car and drive around the neighborhood.

Then I got older and explored the wonderful world of BEER. Yes, BEER! This time of year the best beer from around the world is brewed just for the holiday season.
“Now Frank why are you telling me this?” is what you might be asking yourself. The reason I am telling you about my holiday passions is because I have decided to immerse myself in both lights and beer, not only at home but at work. Our model is set up kind of like a Schell Brothers work shop, but instead of elves I have Adam, and of course we have holiday beer!
Don’t wait for the sun to go down! I am inviting all to come see the award winning light display in the Sanderling Model at the Villages of Herring Creek. While you’re visiting we will have plenty of holiday beer to sample (I can’t have one unless you have one).
Happy holidays, and see you soon!

Last Call Event for the Mariner model – Only 5 homesites remain!

By Frank Ryan, in The Retreat at Love Creek

As I drive into this beautiful community I am happy to see so many homes being started for our newest Schell homeowners. What is really gratifying is seeing this community take shape. The streets are booming with new construction. So many people have decided to call The Retreat at Love Creek home. Now you can do the same… but here’s the catch — we currently have only 5 homesites remaining so you better act quickly!
We have a lovely Mariner model that will soon be leaving our fleet of models this month as it will be handed over to the proud homeowners. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to check out our award winning Mariner model you still have time. Come visit us on October 27th for our Last Call event.
Take a trip to The Retreat at Love Creek to say goodbye to the Mariner, tour our 5 remaining home sites, and take a look at our growing community!
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Let us know if you are planning to visit.