Big Beers and Holiday Cheers!!!

By Frank Ryan, in The Villages at Herring Creek

I absolutely love the holidays!!! The best thing about the holidays growing up (for me… and most will agree) was the Christmas lights. I could not wait till the sun went down and we would all pile in the car and drive around the neighborhood.

Then I got older and explored the wonderful world of BEER. Yes, BEER! This time of year the best beer from around the world is brewed just for the holiday season.
“Now Frank why are you telling me this?” is what you might be asking yourself. The reason I am telling you about my holiday passions is because I have decided to immerse myself in both lights and beer, not only at home but at work. Our model is set up kind of like a Schell Brothers work shop, but instead of elves I have Adam, and of course we have holiday beer!
Don’t wait for the sun to go down! I am inviting all to come see the award winning light display in the Sanderling Model at the Villages of Herring Creek. While you’re visiting we will have plenty of holiday beer to sample (I can’t have one unless you have one).
Happy holidays, and see you soon!

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