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Schell Brothers named 2023 Builder of the Year by PROBUILDER Magazine. Read the Article

The Coffee House: Premium Brews and New Home Gallery

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

The Coffee House in Downtown Rehoboth
‘Something big is brewing’ reads the banner on the store front at 18 Rehoboth Ave. What is brewing, people are asking? What is this new location going to be?
Today, July 1st, curious parties will be able to explore this new space and find out what this new location is all about.
The location is called The Coffee House and it will feature an upscale coffee bar with a full menu of café drinks and bakery items supplied by the Point who we have partnered with to be our coffee experts in our new home gallery in Downtown Rehoboth.
The team at Schell took the concept of a home gallery to the next level and designed a full kitchen into the relatively small downtown space that already features a full coffee bar. The catch? You may have to keep your eyes directed upwards to catch a glimpse of the stunning kitchen, because it’s positioned on the ceiling.
We’re showcasing our most popular floorplans so that visitors can learn more about the designs Schell Brothers has to offer. Echelon Custom Homes and Kincade Homes are also featured in the space. A wall map of Sussex County calls out all of our community locations for folks exploring new homes and real estate in coastal southern Delaware.
If updside down kitchens, premium coffee, floorplans and eye catching photography aren’t enough you can also experience a virtual walk through of a few of our floorplans using our 3D model homes, offered on one of the many touch screen computers.
The team at Schell has always wanted to open a new home gallery in the heart of Rehoboth Beach and when this location became available we jumped on the opportunity to remodel the space and open for the 2014 summer season.
Be sure to stop in the new space, grab a coffee, and let us know what you think. We’re open from 7 am until 10 pm every day of the week and we’d love to hear from you after experiencing our new location.
We’re also selling fun beach gear for visitors to purchase. There will be a variety of ‘Schell Swag’ including beach chairs, beach towels, bags, and toys to choose from.
And that’s ‘what’s brewing’.

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Inside the Schell Brothers’ Office [video]

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

Smile Campaign - Schell Brothers' Office Tour

Join us for a tour around the Schell Brothers’ office and check out what a typical day is like for the Schell Team.

The best part of our new building is that we are all able to work under one roof and were only minutes from the beach, where we hold our monthly company meetings. Our new space houses our award winning Dare to Dream Design Studio where our homeowners are inspired to personalize their home.

Get to know the team behind Schell Brothers. Meet the designers that create our homes and the experts that guide the selections process. You’ll even be entertained by the accounting team’s dance moves and if you like glitter, you’ll find a little bit of that in our marketing department too.

One of the most unique aspects of Schell is our culture of happiness and that all stems from the people.

We Build Happiness and We Love it!

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities
Delaware Today Photo - Schell Brothers Employees in GymPhoto by Ron Dubick printed in Delaware Today

Have you picked up the November issue of Delaware Today magazine? Our entire team was excited to learn that Schell Brothers was named one of the Best Places to Work in Delaware by Delaware Today.
Our culture of happiness is truly contagious here at Schell Brothers and a lot of us seriously believe it is one of the best places to work. The November issue of Delaware Today highlights many of the amazing reasons why Schell Brothers is one of  the best places to work. Our employee benefits, the state of the art gym in our basement and the company meetings on the beach are pretty awesome, but one of the biggest reasons why everyone at Schell feels this is the best place to work is because we all love what we do and we know how important it is.
Buying or building a home is sometimes the biggest decision that one will make in their life and we want to make it  the best and most enjoyable experience it can be! We all play a role in building happiness for our customers.
Whether it is the awesome sales team member they first met within their new community, the design team that helped them select their finishes for their new home, the construction manager that was there for them every step of the way, the settlement coordinator that sets their attorney meeting, or the customer service technician that gets their home running smoothly, we all know and embrace the huge responsibility we have in building our customers their dream home and we love doing just that!

Block Party Recipe Challenge Winner

By Christina Harvey, in Kincade Homes

Recipe Challenge Winner
Thank you to all of you who participated in our Block Party recipe challenge! Our judges were very impressed by the entries and had a hard time picking a winner. After much consideration they selected “Butch’s Famous Mac Salad”.
So, was it the special ingredients of the shrimp or the bacon that stood out to the judges? There is only one way to find out… try Butch’s Famous Mac Salad at your next barbecue and let us know what you think! Congratulations Butch!

Butch’s Famous Mac Salad

  • 1 box of elbow macaroni – I use creamettes, green box. Cook till tender, drain off water.
  • 1 qt or 1 ½ quarts Hellmans mayonnaise – No diet stuff, it kills the taste.
  • 2 lbs bacon – Partially freeze, cut across the end and fry the bits until crisp, drain, try not to eat all of the tidbits.
  • 1 ½ to 2 lbs shrimp – I buy pre-cooked ,frozen de-veined, and cut into pieces.
  • 3 large tomatoes or 5-6 med – Cut into small pieces about the size of the last joint on your little finger.
  • 1 green pepper – firm, hard, no softies. Cut into very small pieces. I buy one suitable for stuffing.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl except mayo. Add 2 thirds of the bacon and mix in. Then fold in the mayo, salt and pepper to taste, and use the remaining bacon for a topping. Chill and keep cool until serving! Try it you will love it!!


Block Party Recipe Challenge

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

BBQ lunch
Have you heard about our Block Party at Wagamons West Shore? We are very excited that you will be joining us to celebrate the launch of Kincade at our brand new Bryer model.
If you want to help us out with our block party, just pass along your favorite picnic or BBQ recipes and enter our block party recipe challenge. All you have to do is send your recipes to to enter, so break out your recipe books and enter a good one!
We will be calling in our chef friends to help with the judging. The winner of the block party recipe challenge will receive an apron branded with the Kincade logo and gift certificate to Giant so you can pick up some supplies for your award winning dish next time you make it.
Depending on how many entries we receive, we may be able to compile a mini cook book to share with all of you, so please pass this along to your friends (unless of course you are afraid they will take the glory). Good Luck – we can’t wait to check out your famous macaroni salad, coleslaw and brownie recipes!
See you at the Block Party!

Best Green Built Home

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

The Kingfisher at Breakwater

In early May our team traveled to Dover on a Friday night decked out in our 1920’s attire to attend the Roaring 20’s Regal Awards presented by the Home Builders Association of Delaware. The Regal awards highlight the best in both sales and marketing within the building industry of Delaware.

This year our company was awarded the Best Green Built Home in Delaware. We were presented this award for our model The Kingfisher in Breakwater located in Lewes. The Kingfisher was designed to provide our buyers with a home that is energy efficient without sacrificing style and livability. The estimated annual utility usage for The Kingfisher model is only $2,099 while a similarly sized built-to-code house would be over $4,000 per year. The Kingfisher is the first home in Delaware built according to the EPA’s stringent Indoor Air Plus Program specifications and it earned the NAHB Green Certified GOLD rating. The home also scored a 48 on the HERS scale.
We are ecstatic that our hard work and innovative building science practices were recognized through this award. Not only does the Kingfisher provide outstanding high performance features it was also was designed to maximize the usable living space while enhancing the transition between indoor and outdoor living. If you haven’t already you should make a trip to Breakwater and check out the Kingfisher and its unique courtyard living space.
The Best Green Built Home wasn’t the only award that we brought home this year. Other awards for marketing campaigns, interior merchandising and design were also received, and we had a few individuals recognized for their outstanding performance in 2011. Jamie Hudson received the Sales Director of the Year, Larry Gee received the Selections Coordinator of the Year, and Adam Pettengell was honored as the Rookie Sales Person of the Year! Congratulations guys!

Social Media Gurus Make Their Mark on Southern Delaware

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

Photo by dmcgurgan

#SoDEL101. . .What on earth does that stand for? Is it a college prerequisite that you just haven’t heard your kids talking about? Is it the code on the back of your cereal box? Not quite, guys.

This week,  it was a “hashtag” used by social media gurus and local business owners in the first-ever Social Media 101 seminar in Southern Delaware. I must say, going into this somewhat familiar with social media techniques and strategies, I was profoundly interested in the takeaways from the panel of eight experts. Who would have thought that “playing, stealing, failing, and engaging” would be terms that would resonate with me – or even in any way make sense in the same seminar?
Tweeting Is Like Making Friends
The room was filled with a variety of “social networkers”, some with their game faces on, wanting to learn the next best thing and others who were there to take baby steps into this new world.  For the newbies, Laurie Bick (@LaurieBick on Twitter) encouraged the audience to remember their childhood to demonstrate the best way to tackle Twitter. Her comparison of making new friends made it easy for attendees to relate. It was clear that the natural way kids develop friendships by listening, repeating, and interrelating is exactly like entering the Twitter community. . .tweeting, retweeting, following, and gaining followers. Later, Laura’s invitation to join the virtual cocktail party resulted in Twitter feeds from attendees referencing “cheers to that!” Wow, thinking of Twitter as a community of friends makes it so much easier to grasp.
Just Jump In
Mariah Calagione (@dogfishbeer on Twitter) took the stage to offer a glimpse into the company’s social media platforms.  She eased the minds of attendees by encouraging networkers to just jump in, try things, and see how they’re received.  With over 210,800 Facebook fans and 78,000 followers on Twitter, I’d say her “just do it” strategy is working!  Oh yeah, and how cool is it that her original Facebook and Twitter accounts were created by fans and later taken over by Mariah herself!
Create Your Own Success Story
Dave Burris (@daveburris on Twitter), the final presenter, provided a valuable recap of the day by reminding the audience to get involved and try new things. He stressed that you really can’t break anything in the social media world so go ahead and dive in!  Dave said that failing early is better than failing late and he reminded the group that there is a ton of information available on the Internet if you have questions.  You’ll also find a lot of good ideas on line, and you should never be opposed to transforming a great idea into your own success story.
The Power of Engagement
Understanding the theme and call to action of engagement was probably the strongest takeaway of the day.  In order to be successful at making friends in a sandbox or taking part in a conversation at a cocktail party, you have to engage right? Well, the same thing is true about social networking.  You have to participate, interact, respond and share to become part of the online community. The power of engagement can take your social networking to the next level.  So, play around with the tools, don’t be afraid to fail early, look for ideas and don’t shy away from interacting and being engaging. After all, who wants to attend a cocktail party with someone who doesn’t talk, or even worse, someone who endlessly drones on about herself?  Sharing content that interests your fans and followers will increase your fanbase and followers.  Now, get to know us @schellbrothers on Twitter!