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Introducing the Local’s Corner

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Local's Corner

Before I came to the beach the word ‘local’ didn’t mean too much to me.  It held no value to me, my family,  or more importantly, the community. Here, in Southern Delaware, the growth and well-being of the community is shared with everyone.  Local businesses are at the very core of our beach life, and  I strive to be a local, albeit with an accent!

There is something about supporting our local businesses which grabs ahold of  me because  I see how local businesses support each other, support local schools, events and charities.  I work for a local company and I’m proud of it.  I’m proud of how we give back to the community. I’ll be at a supermarket, restaurant, or on the beach and I’ll see neighbors and families whose businesses have grown here in Coastal Delaware. They’re members of the community and not an unknown ‘big’ business.

Sustainable Connections has a great article that outlines perfectly why to buy, hire, and use locally-owned businesses.  I hope you find it a good read, and gives you food for thought next time you need a service or product.

That’s why I’ve decided to write what I’m calling ‘Local’s Corner’.  In a series of blog posts, I’m going to give a shout out, a recommendation, of my own support to a local or independent business. This isn’t about me ‘talking up’ Schell Brother’s contractors or associated businesses.  It’s about businesses that I have personally used.

My family has been very lucky to have just built our  house at the end of last year and throughout that build  we have established many relationships with local businesses. So, I’m sharing with you these experiences, and, maybe they will help you become a local and part of our community here at the beach.

Celebrating One Year at Coastal Club

By Adam Pettengell, in Coastal Club

Celebrating One Year at Coastal Club

Now that we’re into the New Year, I wanted to reflect on the fantastic start we’ve had here at Coastal Club, Schell Brothers’ newest resort community in Lewes. So much has happened in such a short period of time, and we have even more planned for this year!

A Big First Year for Coastal Club

We SOLD out of Phase 1, our Provincetown neighborhood, as well as our amazing Whimbrel model. In fact, the model sold before we could even hold our Grand Opening! By the end of 2015, Phase 1 had settled all but three homes (which are currently under construction) with all of the homeowners moved in to their brand new Schell homes.

Phase 5, which is our North Tisbury neighborhood, opened in July and simply exploded with activity. With the addition of wooded and pond homesites, we ended the month of July with 17 sales, which is amazing! We have continued to release home sites and they are quickly turning from available to sold.

Site work has been progressing in this phase and we’re starting home construction very soon. This is going to be a stand out phase for the community with homesites that include basements, courtyards and some truly awesome homes.  With the easy access to the trail and the ponds, homeowners are very much looking forward to enjoying the trail and catching the amazing Lewes sunsets.

In total, we finished the year with 52 sales, and remember we only started selling in February! This puts Coastal Club as the BEST SELLING COMMUNITY AT THE BEACH, COUNTY AND STATE! This is truly remarkable and very humbling.

Coastal Club Going Forward

This year wasn’t all about sales though. In October, we began construction of the new clubhouse and amenities, which are scheduled to be completed by the Summer of 2016 for the outdoor pools and Fall/Winter 2016 for the Clubhouse. I can’t wait to enjoy a drink at our poolside bar or a game of billiards in the game room with our awesome homeowners.

On top of all this, 2016 will bring a new Schell Brothers model to Coastal Club.  We are already planning parties and celebrations throughout the year, so we hope you can attend.

With 2015 behind us and big plans set for 2016, we’re excited to continue our adventure at Coastal Club and welcome more homeowners into The Club and to our Schell Brothers family.


Adam, Jordan and Lucy

Coastal Club - New Homeowners

Eagle View Trail at Coastal Club in Lewes, DE [video]

By Adam Pettengell, in Coastal Club

Eagle View Trail at Coastal Club in Lewes, DE

Sussex County may be the Amsterdam of America, flat as a pancake, but not at Coastal Club.

WE HAVE TERRAIN! WE HAVE INCLINES AND DECLINES! WE HAVE MOUNTAINS! Well, maybe hills to be more accurate. Our amazing 3.1-mile Eagle View Trail going around the perimeter of Coastal Club has all of these things and is surrounded by woods and Gosling Creek.

Our private trail is similar to those found in Cape Henlopen State Park, but it’s right in your backyard.

To show off the beauty of the trail, we have been taking people out in our golf cart and our jeeps. We’re usually out five to seven times a day showing off this gem of an amenity, which you will not find in any other community. I’m out driving so much I call it my first office. And why wouldn’t I!

Wildlife is abundant out on the trail as you’ll notice in the video. I’ve actually become a turtle, beaver, deer, and blue heron expert. You name it (other than bear and boar), we have it. I always say to people lucky enough to join Coastal Club that you have no excuse to walk the dog or yourself.

The mountain bike will not gather dust and neither should your camera! The trail is a great place to improve your camera skills, around every corner is another picture waiting to be framed and hung in your home.

Check out the video of the trail, and then come on out and see it for yourself. I’ll take you for a ride along the trail that’s better than any ride you’ll find at Funland!

It’s Time to Break Some Ground!

By Adam Pettengell, in Coastal Club

Coastal Club Clubhouse

We’re having a big event Saturday, October 17th to kick off the construction of Coastal Club’s amazing amenities. After the groundbreaking, the fun and entertainment will continue over at the model, in true Schell style.

Coastal Club has come a long way in just a short period of time. Our first phase of homesites, named “Provincetown”, is already sold out and homes are settling every week. In fact, we’ve had to release additional homesites in our newest phase, named “North Tisbury” (which sounds so eloquent in my British accent), in order to keep up with demand.

All this, and we haven’t even broken ground on the amenities yet. Can you imagine this community when our amenities are completed? Well, we’re going to find out soon enough. People often worry about communities that don’t have their amenities built yet. I get it, and get why people get nervous, but Coastal Club isn’t waiting for a set number of homes to be built. It’s ready now!

Check out the amenities below. What’s your favorite? The swim-up bar wins in my book! Just think, you can enjoy these amenities all day every day, including our already amazing Eagle View Trail, available exclusively to Coastal Club residents. Then it’s just a five minute ride to downtown Lewes for a meal with the family and a stroll along the canal.

Hope to see you on Saturday for the amenity ground breaking event. It’s going to be epic!

Coastal Club Clubhouse

In the Blink of an Eye! [video]

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass Kingfisher Model

During the building process, a Schell Brothers home goes through an incredible transformation, from an empty homesite to a beautifully finished residence. Watching that remarkable change happen every day is especially satisfying for Chris Yurisic and me.

Chris is our construction manager, and when he started, we decided to place a time-lapse camera across the street from our new model home to capture the process as it was being built. Check out the transformation for yourself in our video below and be sure to count how many times you see my red jeep outside the model:

Chris and his team did a phenomenal job building this beautiful Kingfisher model, and now that we’ve officially moved in, you can visit us seven days a week, from 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sunday.

Don’t forget to be on the look out for upcoming Schell Locals Night events, when we open the model in the evenings and partner with local businesses for fun and festivities. Check out the schedule below and visit our model to enjoy Schell Local Night events ranging from wine tastings to trunk shows:

  • Sunday, February 1st from 2-5pm – Pre-Superbowl Party with chili cook-off and prizes!
  • Friday, February 20th from 5-8pm – Olive Orchard will host an olive tasting event with additional food. I’ll be putting together the liquor menu.
  • Sunday, March 20th from 2-5pm  – The Spice and Tea Exchange will host a Sunday tea event. Sounds very proper, and I’ll be providing the cucumber sandwiches to make it even more quintessentially English! Tea tasting at it’s very best.
  • TBD Sunday, May 24th 2-5pm – The Spice and Tea Exchange will again be hosting a Summer Spice event.  They’ll be showing us some new dishes to try out in  the Summer months.  New dips and spices to be used this season for all your events and parties.
  • Keep an eye out for even more events to come throughout the year at Sawgrass North.

By the way, just how many times did you see my jeep in that video?

Cheers, Adam

Numbers and Expectations at Sawgrass North

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass North Drone Photo

Now that we’re into the new year, I wanted to reflect on the fantastic start we’ve had at Sawgrass North, Schell Brothers’ only Rehoboth Beach community. So many things have happened in such a short period of time, and where do we even start to tell you about all the great events we have planned for the coming year?

Here’s a quick glimpse into what happened at Sawgrass in 2014, and what we have planned this year:

Our first week of sales at Sawgrass North kicked off on May 10, and we’ve reached so many milestones since then. We sold 8 homes that first weekend alone, and after working out of the main office for a few months while our model home was being built, we grand opened the Kingfisher in style on October 18th. Among the flurry of grand opening activities that weekend, we added another happy homeowner to our family. By year’s end, 33 families had chosen to make Sawgrass their home, and another 4 had committed to contingent contracts.

This year wasn’t all about sales though. In November, we began building the new clubhouse which is scheduled to be completed by the Summer of 2015. I can’t wait to enjoy a drink poolside with our homeowners. Last year, two families already moved in, and another 20 homes are currently under construction. That’s a lot of activity.

When our model was completed, we couldn’t wait to start a new series of Sawgrass events that we like to call Schell Locals Night. We opened our model in the evening for three nights last month, inviting local businesses to share trunk shows and wine and cheese tastings. We look forward to partnering with more Rehoboth businesses this year.

The future of Sawgrass North looks bright with Schell opening a new phase in 2015. This phase will lead us into the remaining homesites to the south of the current section. There will be both wooded and pond homesites, which all look amazing. If the current homes being built with wooded and pond views are any indication, these new homesites will be breathtaking.

With 2014 behind us and big plans for 2015, we’re excited to continue our sales in Sawgrass North and welcome more homeowners into the Schell Brothers family.

Cheers, Adam

Locals Only Rehoboth and ‘The List’

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Locals Only List 2014

When I first stumbled upon it, the Locals Only List went by a different name, but whether you’re a local, soon-to-be local, or weekend warrior, you should visit the new website.  Why? ‘The List’ gives you a full breakdown of every restaurant’s drink and food special for every day of the week during the off season.

During the off season, the local businesses put on some amazing deals for us ‘locals’ to enjoy.  It shows we’re not just a resort area; we’re a year-round community in an area that has more than enough high quality restaurants from which to choose. The list has been up and running since 2006 and is an invaluable source of information for the off season. It’s more than just getting a good deal on a great meal; it’s about supporting the local businesses in our area.  I personally am using it as a great excuse to try new restaurants and check off other restaurants I haven’t tried from my bucket list.

My top 3 bucket list restaurants to check of this off-season:

  1. Eden (Downtown Rehoboth Beach) –  Bold American food and a phenomenal fine dining atmosphere. Wine-O Wednesdays: 3 course prix fixe for $35 and half price bottles of wine.
  2. Papa Grande (Rehoboth Beach and Fenwick) – Wednesday you get 25% off your entire check, and on Sundays you can get a 3 course meal for $19!
  3. Nage (Rehoboth Beach) –  On Sunday nights you can get a 2 course meal for $25.

The Locals Only List has a lot of Happy Hours with great food and drink specials. Everybody should have ‘the list’ with them at all times. I’ll see you in Rehoboth really soon.

Cheers, Adam

Welcome to the Sawgrass Club – House!

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass North Clubhouse Render

We’re super excited to announce that the Sawgrass clubhouse and swimming pool will start construction this month and should be ready by next Summer. Looking at the floor plan and elevation renderings, I know it’s going to be very special.

Clubhouses, from our research and from feedback from our homeowners, need to be functional spaces for all different occasions. The Sawgrass clubhouse is very much like our Schell Brothers floor plans.  Have a read and let me know if you agree.

Similarities between the clubhouse and our floor plans:

  • With an open plan, the space will be dictated by furniture, not walls, meaning the community can enjoy the clubhouse as a whole.
  • Just like my Kingfisher model, where we added a wet bar, Sawgrass will have a ‘proper’ bar! I foresee many Happy Hours where I’ll be bartending for our homeowners.
  • Our Mayberry and Whimbrel floor plans, to name a few, ensure that every space goes un-wasted.  The same is true for the clubhouse.  No meeting rooms that will never get used.
  • The clubhouse also will feature an amazing courtyard with an outdoor  fireplace, seating areas, and a grill area.  The courtyard will connect both the indoors and the outdoors, very much like our own courtyards, which we have available in our Kingfisher and Henlopen floor plans. More importantly, it’s right next to the swimming pool, and if you don’t want to spend time in the water, you can still hang out and relax.

Differences between the clubhouse and our floor plans:

  • Tiki bar. Need I say more? Our courtyard area will have a space so I can bartend both indoors or outdoors. I’m thinking Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and coconuts. Although we don’t have a tiki bar option available in our floor plans, maybe Chris Schell will read this blog post and decide to add them as an option.
  • Our lighted swimming pool is going to be the crowning jewel of the finished clubhouse, with plenty of space to relax or swim. Swimming is not your thing? Pull up a lounge chair and spend your day laying poolside with a cold drink.
  • For all you fitness enthusiasts, the clubhouse is going to have a fitness area with exercise machines and free weights.  Everything you need to stay in tip-top shape, and it’s right on your door step.

Differences or similarities, one thing is for sure; the indoor and outdoor spaces being created for our homeowners at Sawgrass are going to be both awesome and fitting for the exclusiveness of this community.  How do we know this?  Bringing happiness to our homeowners is our mission, and the clubhouse is a true reflection of this.

I hope you can visit us soon to see the developments in our clubhouse and to experience the difference.

Cheers, Adam

Sawgrass Clubhouse 2D Render

*Rendering and floor plan is artist conception and is subject to change without notice.


Schell Locals Night at Sawgrass North

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

The Kingfisher at Sawgrass North

Jordan and I love our new Kingfisher model at Sawgrass North.  We really do.  In fact, so much so that we’ve decided to extend our hours and open our model for our new event we’re calling Schell Locals Night!

Our Kingfisher is amazing and with all our interior and exterior lighting, the model experiences another layer of beauty when the sun goes down. Admittedly, no one gets to see our model at night. That’s about to change. We’re excited to show off the model ‘after hours ‘ and host our local community and any visitors that drop in.

We’re BIG advocates of supporting local businesses, so we’re working closely with a number of Rehoboth businesses to put on our Locals Night. At the moment, we have three events booked before the end of the year! Honestly, we could have booked every night this month based on the enthusiasm we’ve had from local businesses.

The events start on Friday, November 21st with Outlet Liquors. From 5pm to 8pm, we will be combining wine tasting with Dave Hill from Outlet Liquors and food from Touch of Italy. Dave is the wine manager for Outlet Liquors, but also just an all around wine god! This guys know his stuff and, unlike me, doesn’t just pick wine off the shelf according to how nice the label looks.

Next we’re super excited to be hosting Jane & Georgie, a ladies’ clothing business on Rehoboth Avenue. On Thursday, December 4th from 6pm until 9pm, Kate will be hosting a trunk show at the model. Just before Christmas so we can all shop ’till we drop. SoDel Concepts will be providing some food for us, and I’ll be serving drinks in my tuxedo. Kate is a Rehoboth fashionista, and I know I’ll be in trouble, or at least my wallet will be, if the wife manages to book a babysitter for that night.

Dave from Outlet Liquors will then be back with us on Friday, December 19th for our second wine tasting event, where we will be toasting the holidays in full cheer.

We’re looking forward to hosting our Locals events and growing this series to incorporate more local businesses in the future. It’s always important to shop local, especially in the off season. Everyone is welcome to join us for these events – the more the merrier. Sawgrass likes to party, so I have no doubt there will be plenty of laughs, stories, and pictures to share. Mark your calendars!


Cheers, Adam

Sawgrass North Model Grand Opening

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass Model Grand Opening

Big things are coming this month at Sawgrass North! New home construction is booming in the community, the brand new clubhouse will start construction in the next few weeks, and the Kingfisher model is now finished and ready for Jordan and me to officially move-in.

Echelon Interiors has worked it’s magic, and the model is looking magnificent. Chris Yurisic, our construction manager at Sawgrass, has outdone himself and built us a palace. Let’s be honest; Jordan and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Have you heard the buzz on the Rehoboth streets? Are you updated on what’s planned for the Kingfisher’s Grand Opening? On Saturday, October 18th, Delmarva Broadcasting will be on site right in front of our brand new model. Tune in to 97.7 to hear Jordan and me broadcasting across the air waves.

We’ll have a beautifully decorated model stocked with delicious local food and drink to celebrate throughout the day. Want to put a construction hat on and have a look at some of the models under construction? No problem; we will be giving tours of our homesites along Courtney and Bishop Bend, (Fun fact: these are the homesites that accommodate basements). If all of this excitement isn’t enough for you, we’ll also have some amazing local giveaways to top off the day!

We’re super excited, and we really do hope you can join us as we celebrate the Kingfisher Model Grand Opening at Sawgrass North.

Cheers, Adam

Eventbrite - Sawgrass North Model Grand Opening

 Saturday, Oct. 18th | 10:00AM – 3:00PM

35546 Betsy Ross Blvd., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Sawgrass North 1-2-3!

By Adam Pettengell, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass North

As of Labor Day, we have been selling homes in Sawgrass North for 115 days! The official unveiling of Phase 3 is here, and to date, the community has recorded a total of 24 sales.

That means we’ve added a new set of homeowners every 5 days. All of this amazing progress without even being onsite! Our brand new Kingfisher model is nearing completion, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new home. The release of Phase 3 means that we’re adding wooded homesites, homesites that can accommodate basements, and homesites that are situated close to a pond.

With the continued success at Sawgrass North, our incentives have dropped and will undoubtedly drop further as the community continues to grow; that being said, it’s still a great time to be a pioneer of Sawgrass North, and this is your opportunity to take advantage of this amazing location at an incredible value. Remember, this is Rehoboth real estate, and it is the best piece of dirt and timber in the county.

Jordan and I are ready, are you? If so, contact us, and let’s make it happen.  There is nothing more special than having a 19971 zip code, trust me.

Sawgrass North Phase 3

Driving on the Beach [video]

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Drive on Beach

You’re not really a local until you have driven on the beach.

That’s my opinion, anyways. I’m always striving to prove myself as a local, albeit with a twang, coming from across the pond. My first step to living like a local was to get a Jeep, and the day I did, I inherited about 20,000 new friends, who wave to me each day in Sussex County.

Then the next step for the family and me was to drive on the beach.  But before you take your four-wheel drive vehicle on to the beach, you need to have a surf fishing permit. These are very easy to purchase online or at a park office. When you get your surf fishing tag and place it on the front of the car, that identifies you as a local!

“Because driving on the beach can cause serious damage to vegetation and wildlife and contributes to shore erosion, Delaware State Parks limits vehicles on the beach to designated surf fishing areas only, for the sole purpose of actively engaging in fishing. To use these areas, you must have a valid surf fishing vehicle permit and be actively engaged in surf fishing at all times while on the beach. To keep our beaches clean and safe for wildlife and park visitors, other recreational beach driving is not allowed.”

When driving on the beach, there are essential tools and equipment you must have with you: a low pressure tire gauge for when you are releasing or adding air back to your tires, tow rope or chain, a board, a jack and lastly a shovel.

Most importantly you must have the necessary fishing equipment: bait, tackle, and a fishing rod. You must be actively engaged in surf fishing at all times.

With every luxury in life there are rules. Most of the drive-on beach rules are common sense, but for a more in-depth read of surf fishing rules, visit the Delaware State Parks website.

In addition to giving access to designated beach areas, the surf fishing permit also allows free entry into Delaware State Parks during the “in” season.

In addition to what you need to have, pack what you want to have for the day, as well. We load up tables, beach grills, flagpole and flag (so you can be identified), coolers, chairs, towels and corn hole when we head to the beach. When you’ve finally made it to the water, you have to reverse your car so the trunk is facing the ocean. This allows rangers to identify your permit. Once you’re set up and you’ve cast your line into the water, you’re ready for the day.

Life is good being a local. See you at Gordon’s Pond or Herring Point real soon, and look for the British flag.

Cheers, Adam