The Coffee House: Premium Brews and New Home Gallery

By Christina Harvey, in All Communities

The Coffee House in Downtown Rehoboth
‘Something big is brewing’ reads the banner on the store front at 18 Rehoboth Ave. What is brewing, people are asking? What is this new location going to be?
Today, July 1st, curious parties will be able to explore this new space and find out what this new location is all about.
The location is called The Coffee House and it will feature an upscale coffee bar with a full menu of café drinks and bakery items supplied by the Point who we have partnered with to be our coffee experts in our new home gallery in Downtown Rehoboth.
The team at Schell took the concept of a home gallery to the next level and designed a full kitchen into the relatively small downtown space that already features a full coffee bar. The catch? You may have to keep your eyes directed upwards to catch a glimpse of the stunning kitchen, because it’s positioned on the ceiling.
We’re showcasing our most popular floorplans so that visitors can learn more about the designs Schell Brothers has to offer. Echelon Custom Homes and Kincade Homes are also featured in the space. A wall map of Sussex County calls out all of our community locations for folks exploring new homes and real estate in coastal southern Delaware.
If updside down kitchens, premium coffee, floorplans and eye catching photography aren’t enough you can also experience a virtual walk through of a few of our floorplans using our 3D model homes, offered on one of the many touch screen computers.
The team at Schell has always wanted to open a new home gallery in the heart of Rehoboth Beach and when this location became available we jumped on the opportunity to remodel the space and open for the 2014 summer season.
Be sure to stop in the new space, grab a coffee, and let us know what you think. We’re open from 7 am until 10 pm every day of the week and we’d love to hear from you after experiencing our new location.
We’re also selling fun beach gear for visitors to purchase. There will be a variety of ‘Schell Swag’ including beach chairs, beach towels, bags, and toys to choose from.
And that’s ‘what’s brewing’.

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