It is 7:30 am on a breezy summer morning.

As the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk is beginning to buzz with runners, walkers and summer visitors, a large group of overdressed people are settling into their beach chairs to prepare for a pep talk from Chris Schell, president and CEO of Schell Brothers. To passersby, this may look unusual, but this is a typical company meeting for the Schell Brothers team.

Schell Brothers is certainly unique in many ways, and one way that is not to be overlooked is our company culture, or what we like to call “a culture of happiness.” From mandatory “happy stories” at every company meeting, to Friday Fun-Day outings that have included Frisbee Golf tournaments, kickball games, afternoons at the movies, bowling parties, and barbecues at Chris Schell’s home, we understand the importance of having fun. Our office is situated in one of the best places to live America has to offer and that makes our work even more rewarding.

We even have a spirit committee that meets regularly to plan creative new events for the entire team.