Schellter Uncovered at Bayside

By Josh Hay, in Bayside

Schellter Uncovered at Bayside

On Saturday, July 26th, Bayside will be hosting an event showcasing Schellter ™ Advanced Building Science inside three of our homes which are in various states of the construction process.

There are many innovative and energy efficient features that go into each home, and most people don’t realize all the “cool stuff” that is behind their home’s walls. You’ll be able to see everything from our advanced framing techniques which include 2×6 exterior walls, to our energy efficient blown-in insulation. Uncover the smart technology we’ve developed to provide you with the ultimate high performance home.

We find that many folks have questions about our construction process and are curious as to what makes Schell different from other builders. We’ll answer all your questions and more at the event. This is the best opportunity to walk through homes that are currently under construction with our construction managers, and learn all about the technology that goes into a Schell home and why. Just remember to wear closed toed shoes.

Our brand new Sanibel model will also be available for a sneak peak, so come on by the Bayside Sales and Info Center on Saturday, July 26th from 1pm through 4pm and tour our homes. After the tour, Bayside will also be hosting a Happy Hour at The Cove from 4pm to 6pm for all of our guests, so please RSVP and come see what people love about living at Bayside.

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Lynn is In: Preliminary Loan Approval

By Lynn Cattafi, in All Communities

Lynn is In: Preliminary Loan Approval

You’re interested in moving to Delaware and building a new Schell Brothers home. Hooray!  How exciting!! But, where do you start?

Let’s start with the Preliminary Loan Approval

Part of your Schell Brothers purchase agreement will require you to call me right away for a preliminary loan approval. You have the option to choose any lender you like when you go to settlement on your new home, but I will run the preliminary approval process for you. Why is that?

Traditionally, when someone gets “pre-approved” or “pre-qualified,” it is not complete. It is just an application, a credit check, and it does not require document review or take into consideration that you might be in transition (getting ready to sell a home, retire, changes in income) between now and when your new home is ready. And from a builder’s perspective, it is important to have a consistent, thorough review of every home buyer’s ability to purchase the home. Plus, it is very much in your best interest to know what you can and can’t do or if any planned life changes would limit your ability to qualify.

Here are the steps we go through during a preliminary approval or pre-commitment:

1. Click on this link to submit your info directly to me. It is free of charge, secure, and there is no obligation to use Tidewater (If you have any issues completing it, call and we can do it manually with you over the phone, or you can come in).
2. My assistant, Gina, will reach out to you to set up a phone appointment with me, and then I will pull your credit from the info you provided. Our phone chat will last about an hour, and we will review your application, discuss your situation and loan scenarios, and you will have time to ask questions.
3. At the end of our phone call, I will e-mail you a set of initial disclosures, a Good Faith estimate, and a list of things you will need to provide us.
4. Once everything is in order, I review your documentation and then will issue you a preliminary approval letter. This will also be copied to Schell Brothers and your realtor (if you have one).


Later, you can decide if you want to complete the loan process with me, or if you want you can choose another lender. I do hope you stay with me, and I can assure you our rates are very competitive.

NOTE FOR CASH PURHASERS: you do not have to go through the above process if you intend to pay full cash for your new home. All you need to do is provide a bank statement, retirement account, or investment account statement showing sufficient funds for purchase price and estimated closing costs. You can always call me during the building process if you decide to finance part of the home.

Even if you have already received pre-approval from a lender, Schell Brothers still will want you to run through my process. I will do all I can to make it as painless as possible and give you the most thorough understanding of your unique situation. Delaying the preliminary approval process can derail your home start, and they will not begin building without it.

I look forward to assisting you in making your home a reality! Find out more at

Bras for a Cause 2014 [video]

By Michael Whaley, in All Communities

Bras for a Cause 2014

This year’s Bras for a Cause took glitter and glam to a whole new level!

Each year the ladies of Schell Brothers, Echelon, and Clean Energy pick themes for their guys’ costumes. These ladies poured a lot of time into creating the men’s very detailed attire by adding tons of flashy lights, glamorous wigs, and makeup. And let’s not forget the amazing tattoos that our very own Ivana drew on two of the bra wearers.

Each guy gladly (and some very eagerly) stripped down to don his bra for the evening. From red, white, and blue patriotic tutus to a “dream come true” firefighter costume, our guys proudly strutted down the streets of Dewey and in to Ivy.

The beginning of the evening consisted of our bodacious beauties walking around to the cash laden crowd and getting as many dollar bills as possible. Pretty simple, right? Well, if this wasn’t enough to make a fabulous evening, every bra wearer took the stage for a little catwalk action.

For his little turn on the catwalk, each guy danced to a carefully selected song chosen by the bra designer, while a large crowd of men and women placed bids. They placed their bids on the bras that is, not the guys. Let’s keep that clear! What an incredible night to spend with family and co-workers to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

With glitter covering the floor, confetti guns propped up against my desk, and the sewing machine ready to get to business, I hear, “Mommy, are you making Mr. Dion another bra to wear?” my oldest daughter, Cera, asks me with a serious look on her face. “Yes, Cera, it’s to raise money for breast cancer awareness.” Her response, “Awesome! I can’t wait to see the video!” Hope you enjoy this year’s video as much as she does!

Driving on the Beach [video]

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Drive on Beach

You’re not really a local until you have driven on the beach.

That’s my opinion, anyways. I’m always striving to prove myself as a local, albeit with a twang, coming from across the pond. My first step to living like a local was to get a Jeep, and the day I did, I inherited about 20,000 new friends, who wave to me each day in Sussex County.

Then the next step for the family and me was to drive on the beach.  But before you take your four-wheel drive vehicle on to the beach, you need to have a surf fishing permit. These are very easy to purchase online or at a park office. When you get your surf fishing tag and place it on the front of the car, that identifies you as a local!

“Because driving on the beach can cause serious damage to vegetation and wildlife and contributes to shore erosion, Delaware State Parks limits vehicles on the beach to designated surf fishing areas only, for the sole purpose of actively engaging in fishing. To use these areas, you must have a valid surf fishing vehicle permit and be actively engaged in surf fishing at all times while on the beach. To keep our beaches clean and safe for wildlife and park visitors, other recreational beach driving is not allowed.”

When driving on the beach, there are essential tools and equipment you must have with you: a low pressure tire gauge for when you are releasing or adding air back to your tires, tow rope or chain, a board, a jack and lastly a shovel.

Most importantly you must have the necessary fishing equipment: bait, tackle, and a fishing rod. You must be actively engaged in surf fishing at all times.

With every luxury in life there are rules. Most of the drive-on beach rules are common sense, but for a more in-depth read of surf fishing rules, visit the Delaware State Parks website.

In addition to giving access to designated beach areas, the surf fishing permit also allows free entry into Delaware State Parks during the “in” season.

In addition to what you need to have, pack what you want to have for the day, as well. We load up tables, beach grills, flagpole and flag (so you can be identified), coolers, chairs, towels and corn hole when we head to the beach. When you’ve finally made it to the water, you have to reverse your car so the trunk is facing the ocean. This allows rangers to identify your permit. Once you’re set up and you’ve cast your line into the water, you’re ready for the day.

Life is good being a local. See you at Gordon’s Pond or Herring Point real soon, and look for the British flag.

Cheers, Adam

Sawgrass North Exclusive VIP Limo Tour

By Jordan Gorsch, in Sawgrass North

Sawgrass North: Exclusive Limo Tour

Since our Kingfisher model is currently under construction at Sawgrass, Adam and I decided to plan a day where we would give you an exclusive VIP limo tour of our model homes on Saturday, July 19th.

Be sure to RSVP, we have limited seats on the limo and they will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. You don’t have to worry about making a wrong turn, filling up your gas tank or figuring out where you’re going for lunch. We’ve got it all planned out for you!

Join us on Saturday, July 19th at 10am at the Schell Brothers Design Studio where a limo will pick you up for your VIP tour. We will visit The Peninsula to tour a Kingfisher model, Independence to tour the Whimbrel, Heritage Creek to tour the Heron, Senators to see the Henlopen, the Herring Point, and our currently under construction Cassidy.

Our final stop will be at Sawgrass North, so you can walk our model home, the Kingfisher, while it’s under construction and tour available home sites. We plan to be back to the Dare to Dream Design Studio by 3pm, where you can tour our studio.

We will have snacks and beverages ready for you at each stop. We promise to make it a fun day! Call me if you have any questions about the tour. We can’t wait to spend the day with you!

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