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Seamless Coexistence: Your Guide To Our Multigenerational Floor Plans

By Grace Hoinowski, in PLAN PULSE

In the ever-loving landscaping of modern living, families are seeking innovative solutions to accommodate multigenerational households. At Schell Brothers, we are at the forefront of this trend and are constantly reinventing our floor plans so that we can find ways to cater to the needs of families looking to create harmonious living spaces for multiple generations.

In the last couple of years, we have realized that many of our homeowners recognize the importance of aging in a space that not only considers their comfort but also provides a nurturing environment for elderly parents who might be joining them on the move. We have considered this train of thought and have developed floor plan designs that both cater to a homeowner’s desire for main level primary suites, but also ensure that their parents can gracefully age in place alongside them in a space that feels private and safe. 

Floor plans like The Chesapeake, The Cassidy and The Jameson offer the options for dual primary suites on the first floor. The allure of this style of floor plan lies in the seamless integration of first floor living, a design choice that facilitates accessibility through the main elements of the home. This scenario is great for the middle-aged couple, their parents, and future generations to navigate shared spaces with ease, fostering a sense of togetherness while respecting the individual needs of each family member. We are proud to offer floor plans that redefine the concept of multigenerational living by creating homes that can cater to the complex dynamics of intergenerational care. 

Alternatively, floor plans such as The Bridgeport, The Lilac, and The Southport are perfect for those needing two primary suites on separate floors. This option is a game changer for families who value both family unity and privacy. This setup allows for both primary bedrooms and additional living spaces by way of lofts and bonus rooms to be equally as comfortable yet separated. This is a great option for multigenerational households or families with varying schedules and lifestyles.

“I fell in love with The Lilac the moment I walked through the front door. Having lived in tiny, low-lit buildings for many years in New York City, I was mesmerized by the windows and light. The best advantage was that we could build two owners’ suites. This way, my mother could be on the main floor and have privacy with her own bathroom, and as she ages at home, we will not have to worry about stairs.”

At Schell Brothers, we take great pride in our ability to shape floor plans based on the needs and feedback of our homeowners. We understand the needs of the modern family are diverse and ever-evolving, and that we make it a priority to listen when you ask. As we continue to evolve with the changing dynamics of family life, we are proud to offer floor plans that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our homeowners, ensuring that every member finds comfort and fulfillment within the walls of their home. 

Need help finding something specific? Our Online Sales Consultants can help guide you toward floor plans and communities that work best based on your unique needs. Ready to get started? Let’s Chat!

Hello sunshine! Is that you?

By Grace Hoinowski, in All Communities

If you’re anything like me, you probably have seasonal blues right about now. And maybe you’ve kind of forgotten about your “summer body” or even what the sun looks like at times. One question we hear often this time of year at the beach is: “What do you do in the off season?” And to be honest, I love that question.

Once you become local, you realize that even though you yearn for the summer months, the shoulder months can be the best season at the beach. It is an opportunity to try new restaurants, explore places that are off the beaten path and enjoy the area with other locals. Trust me, there is no shortage of things to do at the beach while we wait for summer. But here are a few of my favorites!

Harry K. Foundation Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival: We know that summer bodies are made in the winter, but the Chocolate Festival is certainly worth skipping the gym for! If you’re a chocoholic, you’re in luck; the Chocolate Festival is this weekend on Saturday, March 9 at the Atlantic Sands Hotel in downtown Rehoboth. This year will be the 28th year of local restauranteurs, professionals, amateurs and young bakers battling for top prizes for their chocolate creations.

The Starboard: A small beach bar that has reached celebrity status, The Starboard is a local staple and a vacation MUST when visiting Delaware’s southern beaches. They’re open Thursday through Sunday in the off season, which means you can still get your brunch fix year-round. (I recommend the Famous Eggs Delmarva.) Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Starboard’s epic opening weekend party March 14 thru 17 with live music, great food, and their famous orange crushes served up all weekend long!

Good Old Fashioned Beach Combing: With the beaches empty, now is the perfect time to enjoy their serenity. Trust me, it won’t last long once the weather breaks! The heavier winter tides tend to churn up more treasures; and with the absence of beach-goers you are sure to go home with some of the ocean’s most beautiful finds, such as sea glass or sand dollars.

Lefty’s: Lefty’s Alley and Eats is another local family-friendly favorite, perfect for an outing with the kiddos or a fun date night any day of the week. Located in Lewes, Delaware, this establishment takes bowling, gaming, laser-tagging and dining to a whole new level! There is something for everyone to enjoy, including an awesome bar and restaurant that you wouldn’t expect to find at a typical bowling alley. Their innovative menu features everything from Chipotle Chicken Nachos to a Short Rib Pot Roast.

Dogfish Head Brewery Tours: Started by Sam Calagione over twenty years ago, Dogfish Head has become a national brewing phenomenon. They are famous for their extreme versions of hoppy IPAs, brewed right here in our very own Milton, Delaware. The Brewery offers daily tours and tastings year-round, ideal for those chilly or rainy days throughout the spring when you still want to get out and do something fun! You’ll often see patrons hanging at the Brewery bar long after their tour has finished, sipping on a new beer or noshing on something delicious from the Kitchen.

Don’t let the recent gray skies and cold get you down! Whether you’re looking to visit during the off season or you are a newly minted Delawarean searching for ways to pass the time until Memorial Day, our beaches surely have something for everyone to enjoy. Summer is the time to relax, but winter’s the time to explore. 

Goodbye Florida! Move Here, NOT There

By Grace Hoinowski, in All Communities

Rehoboth Beach
Here’s the scenario. You are on the cusp of retirement, sitting in your office with your feet propped up on the desk because, let’s face it, you’ve earned that right. You’re envisioning your soon-to-be carefree lifestyle. You and your spouse constantly talk about moving and starting the next phase of your life together in a new location—something new, that will deliver the laid-back lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.
While most people’s thoughts gravitate toward Florida, you may be thinking of something a little more practical. You wish for a place that is mild in temperature, close to a beach, and most importantly, near your relatives or friends who are working in major cities. Let’s face it, Florida is far and traveling is not cheap. You shouldn’t be at the mercy of the airlines or highway traffic to spend time with the ones you love.
Luckily for you, over the past couple of years, Southern Delaware has transformed into one of the premier retirement locations on the East Coast. Sussex County–more exclusively the Lewes and Rehoboth areas–have been recognized as one of the best places to retire by major destination publications, lifestyle magazines, and news organizations such as CNN (which listed the Rehoboth Beach area as one of the Top 10 Beach Towns for Retirees). It’s no surprise that the Delaware beach communities are are receiving attention from top reviewers: they accommodate that laid-back lifestyle you’ve dreamed about. The secret is out; Southern Delaware offers the “Florida lifestyle”, with amazing benefits for retirees:

  1. LOW cost of living. No sales tax, modest income tax rates, and exempt social security benefits. In fact, Delaware was voted as one of the Top 10 Tax-Friendly States by the Trusted Financial and Planning Advisory Publications at Kiplinger and CNBC.
  2. The area’s mild climate. Southern Delaware falls into the sub-tropical humid climate which is comparable to what you would experience in Southern States such as the Carolinas. We do experience all four seasons, but our state temperature averages boast only a 3 degree difference from southern states such as North Carolina.
  3. Beaches, waterways, and outdoor recreation opportunities are readily available throughout each season.The mild climate here allows for extended uses of trails, bike paths, golf courses and much more throughout the year. There is no “off season” here.
  4. CLOSE to major cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. We are a short drive from a handful of major hubs and airports on the east coast, which make travel ideal and convenient.
  5. Mid-sized towns with walkability and restaurant variety. Our area is not overwhelmingly large, and manages to maintain both a small town atmosphere with a resort town vibe.

Think about it—all the benefits of the southern coast coupled with the convenience of a central state–what more could you want? At Schell Brothers, we get it, there are certain criteria you have for your post-retirement life, and we strive to incorporate the amenities and luxuries reminiscent of the finest high-end retirement areas in the country to truly give you the best of both worlds.
Taking advantage of this next phase in your life means not only choosing the right area, but also having the confidence that there is a place where your must-haves aren’t compromised. So, say goodbye Florida and hello Delaware! If the question is where, explore all of our communities and find out why the answer is here!

Top 5 Reasons a Schell Home is the Perfect Gift to Yourself

By Grace Hoinowski, in Bayfront at Rehoboth

Bayfront Mulberry Holiday
It’s that time of year again, where we don our models with holiday décor in preparation for our favorite time of the year—and while some may think it’s difficult to get into that holiday spirit before Thanksgiving, the team at Schell Brothers begs to differ!
We know the holidays bring out the altruism in all of us with the buying and wrapping of gifts for friends and family, and we feel the same way. That’s why our biggest incentives of the year always occur during the holiday season. We figure the best gift you can receive during the year is always a Schell home and, sadly, our homes may be too big for Santa’s sleigh. We do our best this time of year to give the big guy a break and offer some of the biggest deals of the year on his behalf.
Why is a Schell Home the best gift to yourself during the holidays? Here are our Top 5 Reasons a Schell home is the perfect gift to yourself this holiday season (See if you can find all of the holiday movie references).

  1. We guarantee you won’t find deals and incentives like ours in your local Macy’s. Bayfront at Rehoboth is offering over $25k off the base price with additional savings on select homesites this holiday season. In addition to our holiday incentives, one lucky buyer in our communities will receive an additional $50k towards the purchase of his or her home. And let’s face it; the $50k you will be saving on your new home can buy TONS of holiday themed socks and sweaters.
  2. Take this year off! Is it your turn to host Cousin Eddy and his family at your home for the holidays? Once you share that you’re building a Schell home, your family will gladly skip your turn in the rotation for the holiday dinner this year in the hopes of future family gatherings taking place in your beautiful new Schell home.
  3. A Schell home is the gift that keeps on giving! You’ll find that, with the combination of your low energy bills and your prime Sussex county summer location, your Schell home will continue to surprise you and bring complete joy to you and your family for years to come. If not, we promise to get you the moon; just say the word and we will throw a lasso around it and pull it down!
  4. No more mornings spent wrestling with the furnace in the basement! With a new Schell Home, you finally can retire your title of feared furnace fighter and transition to a new energy efficient home that requires virtually no maintenance. You can spend your time enjoying your home, not worrying about it.
  5. Every time someone buys a Schell Home, an angel gets it wings. Well, we can’t say that for sure, but in a metaphorical sense, buying a Schell home does give you freedom. The freedom to invest in yourself and enjoy the coastal lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about.

Visit our communities, tour our decorated models, and take advantage of big holiday incentives this season.
Top 5 Reasons Holiday

Lewes Dragon Boat Festival 2014 [video]

By Grace Hoinowski, in All Communities

Dragon Boat Race - Team Dragon Heart

The Lewes Dragon Boat Festival has quickly become one of the most exciting and competitive events to hit Lewes, Delaware. During the second weekend in September, Lewes’ Canalfront Park is transformed into a coliseum set for a sport unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Teams formulated from some of Southern Delaware’s most prominent businesses and organizations all gather at the park with one common goal in mind, winning the Coveted Dragon Boat Race Title. I’ve participated in the Lewes Dragon Boat Race for the past two years now, and I can safely proclaim that this event is arguably becoming one of the best days of the year for both the Lewes and Rehoboth communities.

Now, I’ve been a competitor my entire life, and I thrive on both the adrenaline and the intensity that comes along with every aspect of head to head competition. But to be honest, the competitive spirit associated with this event trumps any tournament, championship or nail biting game I have ever participated in. That morning, a sea of people flooded into the park, and you could feel the intensity in the air. Teams were having dry practices, practicing cadences and formulating game plans all the way until the first teams were marshaled off to the dock. Schell Brothers was lucky enough to sponsor two teams this year, the Schell Fire Breathers and the Echelon Dragon Hearts, both fitted with some of Schell’s most elite athletes. After finishing 2nd place last year, our teams had something to prove, and both teams were equally as hungry and driven to place and earn those important bragging rights.

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Hundreds of people lined the banks of the canal waiting for the distant drums and cadences to become clear as the boats rapidly approached the docks. I can’t tell you what it felt like to turn the bend and hear the crowd go absolutely nuts as we would approach the finish line at record speeds. Both teams finished top ten; however, it was team Dragon Heart that pulled the photo finish to earn a place on the podium!

That sense of camaraderie and community that was exhibited by all the teams during the races is something that I will never forget and undoubtedly gives all new meaning to the word competition. It was not only a day filled with competition, but one that was consumed by laughter, smiles, and an all-around good time. But the most incredible aspect of this competition is the money that was raised to benefit one of Delaware’s local Charter Schools, Sussex Academy of the Arts and Sciences (of which I am a proud Alumna!). In less than 24 hours, $82,000 was raised to benefit Sussex Academy and its students—which is an absolutely incredible feat in itself! At the end of the day, it becomes apparent how supportive our community can be, and to me, just knowing this is better than any medal I have ever won.

Until next year, PADDLES UP!

Experience Bayfront with Real Life Stories [Video]

By Grace Hoinowski, in Bayfront at Rehoboth

Bayfront Ammenity
As the Heiser’s prepare themselves for their routine morning stroll, Max waits patiently at the door for his favorite part of the day, his morning swim in the bay. And while most pups take their strolls on sidewalks along busy streets, Max excitedly walks the wooded roads throughout Bayfront at Rehoboth.
Jackie and Kevin Hesier are very well known amongst the Schell Sales team, not only for their infectious personalities and smiles (we love smiles), but mostly because they have visited all of our communities at one point or another while completing their “Schell Tour”. When they pulled into Bayfront, Jackie and Kevin say it was the “wow-factor” of the community that assured them that their search for their perfect home would soon be over. This was the community for them.

Please specify a Flickr ID for this gallery

So what Bayfront experience created the Heiser’s “Wow Factor” moment? We may be a little biased, but it could be our pristine ½ acre homesites with phenomenal views or our established amenities, offering coastal luxury living. Because we are nestled alongside the Rehoboth Bay, our community offers a unique feel that is yet to be rivaled in our area.
It is uncommon to find a new community with tall mature trees and ½ acre homesites, which have been carefully carved out of unscathed land, gently hugging the wetlands that ebb and flow around our community to create views that are uninhibited by nothing but pure natural beauty. Although you feel like you’re in a secluded enclave of homes, you still have a Lewes address and are situated just minutes from the conveniences and attractions of Route 1.
The combination of Bayfront’s coastal resort feel, established amenities and convenient location offers the best of both worlds by combining elements of your primary home lifestyle with your vacation home feel.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware

By Grace Hoinowski, in All Communities

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware

If you’re truly thinking about moving to Delaware and need some affirmation as to why you should drop everything and move here immediately, this is the blog post for you. Our team of “researchers and historians” have surveyed and compiled a list of 10 fun facts which will ultimately serve to convince you to stop debating, and start living your dream at the beach.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware:

1. Delaware is known as The First State since it was the first colony, of the original 13, to ratify the Constitution. By living in Delaware, you are by association a winner—because, if you’re not first, you’re last.
2. Delaware has no sales tax! That means we are one of 5 states that has a TRUE Dollar Store, all other States are living a lie.
3. A State with longevity, Delaware was first settled by the Dutch in 1631. That makes us over 400 years old! We are much older than the cotton gin, which was the oldest thing I could find on the internet.
4. We are pretty tight with NASA.  Believe it or not, the NASA Space Suit worn by famous astronauts involved in the Apollo program was manufactured right here in Delaware! So inadvertently, Delaware has been to the moon more than any other state, and we think that is out of this world.
5. Delaware has had its share of screen time, being that Delaware hosted film sets for movies such as Fight Club, Dead Poets Society, Beloved, and Failure to Launch. But most importantly, we had our very own cameo in Wayne’s World, and it was “excellent”.
6. Delaware’s state colors are Colonial Blue and Buff. Colonial Blue reflects the colors of George Washington’s uniform, while the color Buff reminds us to go to the gym.
7. In total area Delaware ranks 49th in the nation, with a collective population less than 930,000. Because of this statistic, we are also known and celebrated for our notoriously short DMV lines.
8. WE HAVE DINOSAURS. Well, not really, but the Horse Shoe Crab, which heavily populates our beaches during May, can endure extreme temperatures and salinity, can go a year without eating, and have remained relatively unchanged since the days of the dinosaur. But don’t worry, they are harmless, you have a better chance of injuring yourself from stepping on a lego than on one of these precious little guys!
9. Our state beverage is Milk. So if you believe in strong bones and teeth, you really wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
10. Schell Brothers is located in Delaware. Need I say more?
So honestly, you really wouldn’t want to build a home in any other state—but hey, I might be a little biased. Stay tuned, next I’ll cover the Top 10 Reasons to move to Sussex County.

Quick Delivery Whimbrel Now Available at The Villages at Herring Creek

By Grace Hoinowski, in The Villages at Herring Creek

Quick Delivery Whimbrel at The Villages at Herring Creek

Sold your home? Need a Schell Home ASAP?
So you’ve started your new home search, you’re home is on the market, and then in a matter of months or even weeks, it sells, faster than you anticipated. A mild panic ensues because you realize that you not only have to take on the daunting task of moving, but you may also have to expedite the process of buying your new home.
This is not something uncommon for us to hear. In fact, it happens more often than you think! One thing we like to do as a builder is give our homeowners options to those with timeframes that extend beyond a typical build. We do this by offering Quick Delivery Homes. With a Quick Delivery home, we take a multitude of steps out the process by pre-selecting not only a premium homesite, but the structural items within the home.
However, we will leave the personalization of the interior of your home to you, as you will still get to experience our new Home Design Studio. In other words, you get to reap the benefits of a resale timeframe and you get to experience the excitement and personalization process of new home construction. It’s a complete win-win!
With the summer approaching, the Team at The Villages at Herring Creek jumped at the opportunity to market our very own Quick Delivery home in preparation for those homeowners chomping at the bit to move in and take advantage of their dream summer at the beach! Priced at $388,709, we are more than excited to be currently offering the Quick Delivery Whimbrel, on wooded homesite #102, with the following pre-selected options:

  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Cantilevered Fireplace
  • Study
  • 2 Foot Rear Home Extension
  • Luxury Owner’s Suite II
  • Screened in Porch
  • Unfinished Basement
  • Over $70,000 in structural and design options selected

Construction has begun on this, sure-to-be brilliant, Whimbrel, and we are thrilled to have it showcased within our community. With a delivery scheduled for Summer 2014, you could be enjoying your new home nestled between the beach and bay just in time for the summer season!