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Snow in Southern Delaware

By Joe Wobeter, in All Communities

Snow in Southern Delaware on Eagle View Trail at Coastal Club
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room though, or should I say the white elephant. If you live in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, or even Northern Delaware, you can look outside to figure it out. We’re talking about SNOW!
Moving to Delaware has always been a great financial decision – low cost of living, low property taxes, no sales tax, and beaches just to name a few. But most people don’t truly consider the seasonal benefits of living in Lewes, Rehoboth, Fenwick or Bethany.
Although Sussex county can occasionally get it’s share of snow, and yes, it’s not always sunny at the beach, the great thing about Delaware weather is that you can experience the changing of the seasons, without the extreme conditions – like 2 feet of snow during the winters up North or 7 straight months of extreme 95 degree weather in Florida.
Granted, a little bit of snow can be fun!  I’m originally from the Mid-West where winter meant 3 months of snow chains on your tires. Brrr, no thanks. I bought a jeep to drive on the beach, not to drive through snow.
In the name of science, I’ve included a chart below which compares annual snow falls in the most popular states that our homeowners come from. The second chart is… well you can figure it out!
Snow Fall vs Happiness in Southern Delaware

Food Truck Tuesdays in Milton

By Joe Wobeter, in Wagamons West Shore

Food Truck Tuesdays in Milton
There has been a lot of food truck action in Sussex county over the last year. I’ve seen the occasional truck in Rehoboth or in Lewes and I know from watching the Food Network that they seem pretty popular in beach areas. Then I heard about Milton having a food truck night. What? With multiple food trucks…YES! I’ll take two of everything!
Sadly, I missed the first Truckin’ Tuesday. They held the event on the corner of Union and Magnolia street, where they  have the farmers market on Fridays. According to the Wagamons West Shore homeowners and the Milton chamber of commerce, all the trucks sold out of their food in the first hour! It was scheduled for two hours. And, not surprising, Dog Fish Head beer was also sold out within the hour. I needed to investigate for…umm, research?
The next Truckin’ Tuesday was in two weeks. My “research” needed answers. I showed up early and downtown Milton was already buzzing with people. What a great spread of food! This wasn’t just two trucks on a lawn. There were 7 food trucks with all types of choices – BBQ, tuna appetizers, lobster rolls, coffee and pastries, and snow cones. Feeling full yet? And that’s not all. There were tables available to sit down, relax, talk to your neighbors, and listen to local artists play music. That’s right, free live music!
It seems like Milton is steadily adding community events, helping to contribute to the town’s recent growth spurt. Whether it’s the awesome farmers market, new restaurants, catching a show at the theater, or Truckin’ Tuesday, the amount of events in Milton “keep trucking”. Sorry, I had to say it. Now if you’ll excuse me, the next Truckin’ Tuesday is two weeks from now and I need to check the line up. Maybe I’ll see you there!

The Holiday Season is Here at Wagamons

By Joe Wobeter, in Wagamons West Shore

The Team at Wagamons West Shore
At Schell Brothers we like to start celebrating the holiday season early, whether it’s a model-decorating contest, (Wagamons tied for 1st), or starting to decorate the massive Schell Brothers Christmas Parade float. One thing is certain; we’ve already started spreading holiday cheer to our newest home buyers at Wagamons West Shore.
The town of Milton also is getting into the holiday spirit! This Saturday is the annual Holly Festival in downtown Milton from 9am to 3pm. Swing by the Milton Fire Hall, where vendors will be selling handmade crafts to make your holiday shopping easier. The Milton Historical Society will be hosting a demonstration for attendees on how to make a traditional wreath. There is something for everyone at the Holly Festival even for the kiddos as Santa will be making an appearance from the North Pole!
The award winning Bryer model is decorated, the town is in the spirit and our Holiday incentives have started. Between now and December 21st, every new homeowner gets to celebrate the holidays early. By purchasing at Wagamons before December 21st, you can save $20,000 off the contract price and take advantage of waived homesite premiums. We also have a present waiting under the tree for all new buyers at Wagamons. Santa delivered presents like $2,500 towards your design selections, gift certificates to Home Goods, and much more. Buyers already have unwrapped incentives in our community, but we’re not done giving yet. On December 22nd one lucky buyer from our communities will receive an additional $50,000 towards the purchase of their new home!
Don’t wait until the last minute to come see The Bryer Model and take advantage of our big Holiday incentives at Wagamons West Shore.

Milton in Motion: Po Boys Creole

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

Po Boys Creole in Milton
Before moving to Delaware at a young age, every meal consisted of meat, potatoes, and vitamin D milk (I still feel full just thinking of a glass of milk with dinner).  I never saw myself enjoying a restaurant like Po Boys but now my palate has completely changed and I enjoy crabs, shrimp, and many different types of fish.
It was a surprise when I first found a Louisiana style seafood sandwich in Milton. Yet, Po Boys had my taste buds interested. I saw reviews describing it as “incredible”, a “must stop” in Milton, and my favorite, “attention to ingredient detail.” The owner, Mike Clampitt, takes pride in his work and he truly appreciates business. When he isn’t working in the kitchen, don’t be surprised if you see him wiping down tables or asking you how your meal was. They really take pride in everything they do, it’s no wonder their food is great.
Without ever eating at Po Boys and going purely by word of mouth, I ordered three large sandwich trays from them for our Saint Patrick’s Day Open House. And when I walked in to the restaurant I was welcomed by Mike. “You here to pick up the sandwiches?” I replied “yes I am.” He shook my hand and thanked me for my business and then proceeded to helped me load them into my jeep and thanked me again. Wow, how many restaurant owners do that!
Of course, I had to sample each of the three different sandwiches: blackened chicken, fried oyster, and fried shrimp. The sandwich plate was a success! And once people knew it was from Po Boys, the spread was almost completely devoured. I felt like everyone knew how good the food was but me. But not anymore! If I was adding another great review of Po Boys on to Trip Advisor it would read: “The portions were generous, the food was fresh, and the chicken had a little Creole kick, that I definitely enjoyed. The sandwiches were finished before we even knew it.”
Did I mention how Mike takes pride in his business? He called me the next day to ask how everything was. Stellar job Mike! There is a reason they’ve been nominated for the show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” If you’re in Milton visiting one of our models at Heritage Creek or Wagamons West Shore, Po Boys is a “must stop!”

Photo Courtesy of Po Boys

Milton in Motion: The Backyard

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

The Backyard in Milton
The Backyard is Milton’s newest culinary addition. Starting with a coffee in the morning, maybe an espresso shot or 2 or 3, to unique breakfast bites like “The Dude”, “Mrs. Potato head”, and “Weird Egg” it’s always a culinary adventure.
And it’s so easy to stop by in the morning, when you leave your home in Heritage Creek or Wagamons West Shore, to grab coffee and a baked good. And it’s not just breakfast, they are open for lunch and dinner as well.
I went there for the first time and was happy to see how much “local love” it was receiving. Service with a smile and a solid beer selection (makes sense with Dogfish Head being a stones throw away). And they are accommodating to families. While I was having dinner with my wife a large group came into the restaurant, half of the group being small children. And when their meals came out all of their faces lit up, as any kid’s would after being served a plate full of their mac and cheese.
By the way, their mac and cheese, it’s good. I ordered it for my wife. Who am I kidding? I ordered it for myself.
It’s tough to pick a favorite dish or drink from The Backyard. It’s something you will have to decide for yourself.  By the way, I dare you to leave before getting a dessert from the glowing baked goods display. You’ll feel like a kid, face pressed against the glass, picking out your favorite treat.
And now that the weather has warmed, I’ll be returning to sit outside on their back patio and enjoy my dinner under the canopy.

Photo courtesy of The Backyard

Milton in Motion: Irish Eyes

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

Irish Eyes - Milton Memorial Park
Irish Eyes has been a local spot for Milton and the Sussex county area for years. It’s been a solid “go to” for drinks, food, and entertainment. The best part is that you won’t have to travel more than a few minutes from Heritage Creek or Wagamons West Shore to grab a bite to eat and a Dogfish Head beer.
Located in downtown Milton, Irish Eyes is across the street from the Milton Theatre, and they pride themselves on Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie, corn beef and hash, and bangers and mash. Did we mention the bangers are made with local Delaware sausages. I personally like to order their grown-up grilled cheese. And staying true to their roots, they even have an Irish Night on Monday’s, with dinner specials.
During the summer you can relax outside at their back deck that overlooks Milton Memorial Park. It’s nice to grab a bite and a pint in the sun as it overlooks the Broad kill River. Irish Eyes also has it’s share of live entertainment to add a little excitement to your night out on the town. If you’re a local it’s definitely a place where people will get to know your name, or at least Frank and I will know your name.

Milton in Motion: Milton Theatre

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek
Milton Theatre 1962Photo by: Delaware Public Archives

At first glance it looks like a classic theatre that has been locked up for quite some time. The marquee is still alive, occasionally posting information like “save the Milton theatre”. It’s windows and doors were boarded up, but not to be out done by a “For Sale” sign in the window collecting dust. 
The Milton Theatre has had its share of ups and downs since it first opened in 1905 and is located in the heart of downtown Milton, just minutes away from Heritage Creek and Wagamons West Shore. The theatre closed for good in 1962 after a devastating flood. There was even a memorable photo taken of local boys boating down the main street after the storm of ’62 with the marquee featuring the last movie shown, Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii.  But it’s still standing, even after experiencing three fires over the years, and is now a staple of historic Milton.
In its prime it was considered one of the best when it came to projection and acoustics. It seated 434 people and hosted black and white silent movies (youngsters may have to Google that). But before you write off this building as another relic of the past, know there is still big plans for this historic location. The sold sign is gone and there are signs of progress as you look in through the front windows. Now owned by Glenn and Lisa Howard, the theatre is being leased to Premier Center for the Arts and is set to open in May.
After the theatre reopens and is returned in all its glory we can all enjoy it as Miltonians did years ago.

Milton in Motion: Meet Joe

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

Milton in Motion

Before moving to the beach, I was a farm boy from Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!). Growing up I always enjoyed the small-town lifestyle. I was 10 years old when my family moved to Harrington, Delaware, another small-town community, and I’ll never forget, after our second week living there, my dad said “lets go to the beach”. Riding in the back of a small Chevy pick-up for 40 minutes I had no way of knowing how much the beach would change me.
Coming from Iowa, the beach meant a lake and eating seafood meant Long John Silver, seriously. I didn’t know what to think. Moving to Harrington with my family, I had the best of both worlds, living by the beach and living in an area that feels like a small town.
Twenty seven years later I am still living at the beach. This area has been good to me and I take advantage of it by playing volleyball, golfing, swimming in the ocean, going for a run on the beach, or just relaxing with my wife and enjoying margaritas as the sun sets over the bay. I’ve been blessed with great friends, an awesome wife, and working for a company that gives me a chance to live this dream. And now I’m working in Milton, at Heritage Creek and Wagamons West Shore, with my new partner in crime, Frank. When you come visit us at our model homes ask us about Milton’s small town charm!
Across the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of Milton’s restaurants and other destinations in my series, Milton in Motion. So be sure to check back in and see what’s going on in Milton.