Milton in Motion: Meet Joe

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

Milton in Motion

Before moving to the beach, I was a farm boy from Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!). Growing up I always enjoyed the small-town lifestyle. I was 10 years old when my family moved to Harrington, Delaware, another small-town community, and I’ll never forget, after our second week living there, my dad said “lets go to the beach”. Riding in the back of a small Chevy pick-up for 40 minutes I had no way of knowing how much the beach would change me.
Coming from Iowa, the beach meant a lake and eating seafood meant Long John Silver, seriously. I didn’t know what to think. Moving to Harrington with my family, I had the best of both worlds, living by the beach and living in an area that feels like a small town.
Twenty seven years later I am still living at the beach. This area has been good to me and I take advantage of it by playing volleyball, golfing, swimming in the ocean, going for a run on the beach, or just relaxing with my wife and enjoying margaritas as the sun sets over the bay. I’ve been blessed with great friends, an awesome wife, and working for a company that gives me a chance to live this dream. And now I’m working in Milton, at Heritage Creek and Wagamons West Shore, with my new partner in crime, Frank. When you come visit us at our model homes ask us about Milton’s small town charm!
Across the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of Milton’s restaurants and other destinations in my series, Milton in Motion. So be sure to check back in and see what’s going on in Milton.

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