Milton in Motion: Po Boys Creole

By Joe Wobeter, in Heritage Creek

Po Boys Creole in Milton
Before moving to Delaware at a young age, every meal consisted of meat, potatoes, and vitamin D milk (I still feel full just thinking of a glass of milk with dinner).  I never saw myself enjoying a restaurant like Po Boys but now my palate has completely changed and I enjoy crabs, shrimp, and many different types of fish.
It was a surprise when I first found a Louisiana style seafood sandwich in Milton. Yet, Po Boys had my taste buds interested. I saw reviews describing it as “incredible”, a “must stop” in Milton, and my favorite, “attention to ingredient detail.” The owner, Mike Clampitt, takes pride in his work and he truly appreciates business. When he isn’t working in the kitchen, don’t be surprised if you see him wiping down tables or asking you how your meal was. They really take pride in everything they do, it’s no wonder their food is great.
Without ever eating at Po Boys and going purely by word of mouth, I ordered three large sandwich trays from them for our Saint Patrick’s Day Open House. And when I walked in to the restaurant I was welcomed by Mike. “You here to pick up the sandwiches?” I replied “yes I am.” He shook my hand and thanked me for my business and then proceeded to helped me load them into my jeep and thanked me again. Wow, how many restaurant owners do that!
Of course, I had to sample each of the three different sandwiches: blackened chicken, fried oyster, and fried shrimp. The sandwich plate was a success! And once people knew it was from Po Boys, the spread was almost completely devoured. I felt like everyone knew how good the food was but me. But not anymore! If I was adding another great review of Po Boys on to Trip Advisor it would read: “The portions were generous, the food was fresh, and the chicken had a little Creole kick, that I definitely enjoyed. The sandwiches were finished before we even knew it.”
Did I mention how Mike takes pride in his business? He called me the next day to ask how everything was. Stellar job Mike! There is a reason they’ve been nominated for the show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” If you’re in Milton visiting one of our models at Heritage Creek or Wagamons West Shore, Po Boys is a “must stop!”

Photo Courtesy of Po Boys

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