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Get to Know Your Construction Manager!

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

In the sales office, Natalie and myself are obviously the face of Governors (always good to have such pretty faces), but now, we’re adding to our team!

We’re just about to start construction on Causey Road in Governors, and I thought it would be a great idea – I know, I’m full of them – to interview the Construction Managers who will be building all these amazing town and single-family homes.

I’ll start with a little intro for the new guys:

Brad, pictured on the right, is a top chap.  I have the utmost respect for Brad, who has completed some very large complexes for Schell Brothers and worked in our top communities (which is why he is coming to Governors). Closer to us he completed the amazing Beach Plum Dunes, which are rental condo buildings next to the Crooked Hammock, as well as being located in Bayside.  I first met Brad in one of my first communities, Bayfront.  He has an amazing ability to coordinate contractors and keep everybody to a tight schedule, but also the knowledge and experience in building large buildings and our complex single-family floor plans. A cheeky chap, but extremely likable.  His one son and wife keep him pretty busy, but Brad keeps a tight ship when he builds a house, and his communication is second to none.  He is also a Piscean like me so he must be great;) He’s going to be awesome at Governors and we’re lucky to have him!

Brian is a senior construction manager for Schell Brothers and is very well known for his personal attention to detail.  Brian is already very well known on Gills Neck Road as he was a Construction Manager in our neighboring community, Senators.  For me, it is once again great to be working with Brian as we both were recently heavily involved in creating Coastal Club across Route 1.  He knows my process and I know his, so it should be a seamless transaction from design to build.  Everybody raves about this chap and I’m one of his top fans.  He creates amazing relationships with his homeowners and you always know where you stand with him and what to expect – perfection and nothing less.  Brian is going to be awesome at Governors and we’re lucky to have him!


Anyway, let’s get to know Brad and Brian better with some real questions that will give us proper insight into the new kids on the block!

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be, and why? 

Brad: Julius Ceasar 

Brian: George Washington – he was a great general and leader at a critical time in American History

Q: What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? 

Brad: A billionaire

Brian: A football player

Q: What would I find in your refrigerator? 

Brad: Chinese leftovers, salad, mixers

Brian: Mostly liquids – water, milk, iced tea, protein shakes, juice and beer

Q: List 3 words that describe your character. 

Brad: Happy, kind, easy going

Brian: Calm, determined, consistent

Q: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? 

Brad: Chris Pratt

Brian: Russell Crowe

Q: If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? 

Brad: Time travel

Brian: A combination of Flash, Superman, and Captain America.  The ability to teleport would be nice too.

Q: Top three bucket list items for 2018/2019?

Brad: Buying a waverunner, Travel to Caribbean, Get in better shape

Brian: Sail the British Virgin Islands, go on a cruise, take my kids to California

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Brad: Production Manager of a New Schell Division, preferably Charleston or Charlotte

Brian: On an exotic island

Q: Top places you recommend to eat and drink in the ’58? 

Brad: Striper Bites, The Buttery, Agave.

Brian: Bethany Blues 

Q: Worst habit you have? 

Brad: Working too much.

Brian: Yelling at the TV during Browns games (the only time I am not calm lol)

Going, Going, Gone: New Homesites, New Road!

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

Big news! It’s time to add another Governor of Delaware to the community!  Yep, phase 2 of the single-family homesites opened up and were (very) quickly sold, which means we needed to add more. The rest of the Maull Road homesites were added and so were 9 additional homesites on Marvil Road! Check them out:

Marvil Road has some amazing extensive pond homesites, most of which boast additional spacing between the homes. I have to say it is really very pretty back there – these are some great homesites, most of which you can see from the Junction and Breakwater Trail as it moves from Gills Neck Road and travels through Senators. 

SO…who was Governor Marvil??

Well, Joshua Hopkins Marvil, was born in 1825 in Laurel.  He’s quite an interesting chap as he had no previous political experience before being elected the 50th Governor of Delaware.  Reminds me of somebody… hahaha.  Anyways, prior to politics he was a successful businessman and apparently invented a mechanism to carry peach and berry baskets. Unfortunately, another interesting tidbit about Marvel is the fact that he died just three months into office aged 69! Geez this political game is short lived – our friend Governor Maull only made it two months! All these Governors to pick from and my Lingo friends picked the least controversial! Maybe that is genius;) 

But I can gladly tell you Josh was the 9th and last Governor to die in office. Although he was the 50th Governor he was the 38th unique/new Governor of Delaware.  A solid guy who was married with 3 kiddos.  When he was called to lead the State of Delaware he rallied.  Not long granted, but he rallied nonetheless. 

Let’s be honest, it’s not a great synopsis and not the most interesting of Governor-inspired tales. Nevertheless, I don’t know about you, but I kind of like being on Marvil Road!

Here’s to living on Marvil Road and all the joy it will bring! Cheers.

Know Your Road

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

As we gear up to open our second phase of single-family home sites at Governors we open up a new road and “welcome” another Governor of Delaware to our community.  Interest is already high for our much anticipated second phase, even without knowing the history of the names of the new roads.  So can you imagine how much more that interest will go up after they read this blog? Wow, it’s going to be crazy;)

Now, I should start by letting you know that we haven’t shared where Phase 2 was going to open up…okay, so maybe I told a few people…okay, maybe I told a lot. Hey, I told you that we have a lot of interest didn’t I?! Can I help it if I can’t keep a secret?!  The good news is that the new road is around 50 home sites so that gives you plenty of opportunity to get in on…Maull Road!

So I’ve got my fingers crossed and am hoping Governor Maull did some pretty amazing things in charge of our great state. Let’s check him out:

Joseph Maull was born in Pilottown Lewes so pretty close to Governors! He was actually a doctor before he moved into politics, so clearly he was someone who always wanted to help people. He was elected to the Delaware State Senate in 1838, 42 and 45. He was also President of the Senate.  When Governor Stockton died in office Maull, being President of the Senate, assumed Governor duties.  Unfortunately, Governor Joseph Maull passed away during his office as Governor after just two months! Interestingly, Joe was the 7th Governor to die in office but is listed as the 35th Governor of Delaware. Another interesting fact is that he is buried in Saint Peter’s Cemetery on 2nd street in Lewes.

Okay not an amazing story about Joe as Governor but nonetheless a ‘genuine,’ nice guy helping people all his life.  Alright Joe lets see if we can make your name great again!

Ready to join me on Maull Road and enjoy the real Lewes life?? 

Meet Your Neighbors – Dan & Lyn

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

Meet Dan & Lyn! This dynamic duo opted for our townhomes, The Tradewind specifically, and we couldn’t be happier for them that they’ve found their dream retirement home. Welcome to the family guys!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

Lyn and I (Dan) are from Aston PA (near Media) and currently have a town house in Henlopen Gardens (literally across the street from Governors behind the Lingo sales office).  We needed a larger house for when I retire and since real estate never goes down at the beach we figured we’d keep an eye out for something in our current location and low and behold Governors opened right across the street!!!!

 How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

Before we purchased our current townhouse we had been coming down to Rehoboth off and on, but wanted some place quieter where we didn’t have to fight the beach traffic as much.  We visited Lewes and fell in love with it…who wouldn’t!

Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

It was literally the location we wanted, east of route 1 (location, location, location) and OK lets tell the truth here, you can’t beat the prices offered for the beautiful house you get for this phase of construction.

Why did you pick your floor plan at Governors?

It was exactly what we needed – large enough for full-time living, but not too big of a place for two people when I retire and we downsize. That with the gourmet kitchen, sun room and extra porch upstairs. How could you not love it??

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

Easy beach living. Drop your bags off and go to the beach or park which is literally minutes away.  Of course when I retire, it’s wake up and go to the beach everyday.  How much more could anyone want out of life? Anyone who can do that is truly blessed.


Meet Your Neighbors: Wendy & Jim

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

As you’ve probably heard by now, Governors isn’t just popular with out-of-town buyers looking to join the good life here in Coastal Delaware; in fact, many of our buyers are locals, like Jim and Wendy! Learn a little bit more about this awesome couple and why they chose Governors:

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

We currently live around the corner from Governors in Wolf Pointe and are trying to sell that home because of downsizing. Wendy is retired from 33 years of teaching and Jim is still teaching Strength and Conditioning at a local high school and coaching football (3 years to go till retirement).

How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

We have been here in Lewes for 17 years and can’t think of wanting to live anywhere else – we love this little town!

Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

For several years we have been watching the farm field (Governors) hoping that a new development would eventually be built that would meet our retirement needs. YEA Schell Brothers made it happen! We were one of the first couples to buy and we are building the Orchid model.

Why did you pick your floor plan at Governors?

The Orchid will allow us to never have to move again, it is small but appears spacious with its open floor plan and it still gives us room to have family and friends visit us. We did add a second floor room “man cave” and  two storage rooms upstairs along with a screened in porch.

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

We met our three surrounding neighbors at the first “get-together” and have already found similar interests and backgrounds with them. This is going to be a “fun” place to live, and we believe it will be like retiring to a resort community. Schell Brothers always builds communities where people have the opportunity to gather in clubhouses, make friends, and feel a sense of belonging – this is what we are looking for with this new move. 

Peddling the Five-Eight (and Beyond!)

By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized


First up is your cycle from Governors to…the beach of course!

Okay but first, beach essentials. Pack a few of the must-have items like a towel, sunscreen, some water… that’s all you need right?  Ok maybe some money for ice cream;)  If you fancy a chair, grab a beach chair with straps so you can put it on your back and you’re ready to go! Obviously, beer is optional in this whole equation, but lucky for me I found my browler from Revelation is handy as it is placed where my water bottle usually goes.  Oh yes browlers are a thing here at the beach.  We will talk more about this another time…

Okay so here is the scenario. You wake up in your new home at Governors.  You go to your professional kitchen in your Orchid floor plan and get a coffee.  You gaze out of all the windows at the back of the home and realize that today is just too good to be wasted inside! You gather the above items and jump on your bicycle.  You peddle to the front of Governors and join the Junction & Breakwater Trail which is parallel to Gills Neck Road.  Yep it’s just steps from your door step! You’ll peddle past Senators (another Schell Brothers and Jack Lingo community) and then Hawkseye.  You’ll crossover at the crossing, funnily enough, and join back on the trail which goes along the side of Breakwater (yep, another fabulous Schell Brothers community).  Then you’ll become parallel with Kings Highway and go past our amazing new Lewes Library where you’ll take the trail by the side of the bridge and come out under the bridge on Gills Neck Road.  From there you are on road but don’t worry this is Lewes not Route 1;). Take Gills Neck to the Dogfish Inn and then turn right to go over the canal bridge. From there it’s a straight road to Lewes Beach!  You’ll go past the Wheelhouse, Pig and Publican, Harvest Tide Steakhouse and then past Dairy Queen (good thing you packed that ice cream money, right??).  That’s it! Just a 5k bike ride from Governors to Lewes Beach using primarily trails!

So now you’ve arrived at the amazing Lewes Beach; you know, the place with the best sunrises and sunsets that you’ve seen me posting about? Not to mention my personal favorite views of our amazing lighthouses. A lighthouse a day makes everything okay, right?? That’s how easy it is to access beach life at Governors and we’ve only talked about one of the many beaches you could access!  Oh yes there are more, but let’s save that for another blog.

To recap: you threw together a few items, jumped on your bike, and arrived at the beach in next to no time – with no traffic! No car parking and meter payment required and no time wasted.  Just plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life like beer, ice cream, and beer.,-75.14034653,7.22897621a,766.68276996d,35y,-0h,0t,0r


Meet Your Neighbors: Brad & Kristi

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Let’s kick start the week with another introduction to our awesome group of (ever-growing) neighbors here at Governors!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

We are the Sutliffes – our goal is to NOT be the loudest family in the neighborhood, but we have a feeling we may be in the running for this.  Our family consists of Brad and Kristi, three children – Nate (8), Emme (5) and William (2).  We also have a cat, Milo and a fish, Taco that round out the family.  Brad currently works as an employee benefits consultant at Arthur J. Gallagher while Kristi is a stay at home mom. 

We moved to the Lewes area in the fall of 2017 from Salisbury MD – we are wondering why we didn’t make the move years ago as we simply love the area!

How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

We have been coming to the Lewes area for the past 10 years.  With family in the area we have vacationed in Lewes throughout the year and fell in love with the town immediately.  We absolutely knew that we would end up living in the area, but assumed this would be for retirement….once you realize how great the schools are and how much the area has to offer it was a no brainer to “move up” our retirement and raise our family in the community.

Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

Timing could not have been more perfect on our end for Governors – we had been evaluating the market throughout the past year.  When the opportunity came to be apart of the Governors Family, it was a no brainer.  Our three main goals were to be in the Shields School District, East of Route 1, and stay within a budget (please send a follow up note on this point when we schedule our selection meeting!!!!)

Why did you pick your floor plan at Governors?

Now this is funny……do we want the Bluebell????  How about the Jasmine??……No, maybe the Lilac… of these days we will actually make our final selection.  Feel free to place your bets!!!  One thing that we do know, whatever house we select, we know we are going to get an amazing house via Schell.

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

Has to be the location – so close to everything – schools, downtown, library, and beach.  We are excited to find our “forever home” and continue our growth as a family.  We look forward to meeting our neighbors and really putting the UNITY in COMMUNITY.  Most importantly our number #1 goal was to live as close to Adam as we possibly could!!!!

Peddling the Five-Eight (and Beyond!)

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I’ve been using the title of this exciting new blog series as a hashtag on my Facebook page but I’m not sure everybody understands it! Ha. When I was given Governors as Schell Brother’s brand new community East of Route 1 on Gills Neck Road, the first thing that came into my mind was cycling.  That’s why we have four beach cruisers at the community sales center right now, which might I say have some amazing blue wheels! And guess what, I want you to come to Governors and jump on a bike and peddle the ’58!

The lifestyle on Gills Neck Road affords you the ability to cycle to the beach, which let me tell you, once you’ve done it you’ll be absolutely hooked. And it’s not just biking to the beach either; you can cycle to the beach, downtown Lewes, Cape Henlopen State Park (CHSP), Cape-May Ferry, even to Rehoboth with minimal road time! How? Gills Neck Road gives us access to the Junction and Breakwater Trail which allows us to enjoy life without having to get on Seashore Highway (Route 1) every day. Talk about the good life!

So back to the title of the series…

Peddling is all about cycling/biking and the five-eight is referencing the zip code of Lewes – 19958.  The five-eight is the place to be! We can cycle to Lewes and Rehoboth, PLUS soon enough with the new Lewes to Georgetown Trail we’ll ‘go beyond’ the five-eight by trail with minimal road use. Pretty awesome right??

This is the introduction to my NEW and exciting blog series where we will peddle from Governors to a different location each time and show you why this location is so worth it.  We will plot the distance of the ride and show you how everything is so very accessible at Governors.

So are you ready to go peddle the ’58?!

Everything is there for you, no excuses, it’s time to live the lifestyle you deserve…the Lewes life!

Meet Your Neighbors: Diane & Tony

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Next up in our growing Governors’ roster are the Turners! Meet this awesome duo and join us in welcoming them to the Governors/Schell Brothers family:

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

We are Diane and Tony Turner, coming down from Lynbrook, NY, a village in the western part of Long Island.  We met while students at Fordham University in the Bronx, and we’ll be married 35 years this September.  Diane is retired from a career of accounting / CFO and then teaching college business courses at the high school level; Tony is retired after 33 years at Allstate Insurance Company.  We have three wonderful children, all out of the house now and successful in their own fields.  We are also still blessed to have two of our aging parents nearby us in Long Island (Tony’s mom and Diane’s dad).  We are avid Disney, Mets, & Jets fans, we love to travel and camp (we have an Rpod lightweight trailer), and we love to bike, hike, and kayak.

How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

With an empty nest now, and the high real estate taxes in Long Island, we have been thinking for awhile that we need to “scale-down” and move off the island.  We definitely have no interest to move north and into colder territory, and we love the beach.  We also do not want to live too far from any of our children (currently located in Maryland and New York City).  Delaware seemed like a perfect fit for us.  We made several trips down to the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach area before finally finding “our home.”

Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

First, we have been very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the homes in the other Schell developments in the area (not to mention all the salespeople!).  When we heard about Governors opening up, we were thrilled.  The proximity to the beach, the trail, the park, the breweries, the town, etc.; the timing of construction; the models available; the community center and pool (with a swim-up bar!); the ability to get in from the beginning; … what was there not to love?!?

Why did you pick your floor plan at Governors?

We chose the Orchid model because we love the open feel along with one-floor living.  We are scaling down a little from our current situation (losing a basement and formal dining room), which is good for us because we want/need to de-clutter!!!  Adding the loft gives us space for all our kids to stay if they are all visiting at the same time, and the unfinished storage will help for those things we just can’t get rid of yet!!!

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

What is there not to look forward to?!?  First, we met almost all our immediate neighbors at the Launch/Celebration party, and they are all wonderful people.  We can’t wait to develop friendships with them and all our other neighbors.  We are also thrilled to be able to walk or bike on the nearby trail, whether heading into Lewes, Cape Henlopen State Park, or Rehoboth Beach, to walk to the nearby breweries (and stumble home??), to check out all the local stores and restaurants, to relax on the beach, and to kayak on the canal, in the bay, or wherever else we can launch our kayak.  With our parents’ situations, we’re not sure how immediate we will make Governors our permanent home, but we are so excited to be making the move!

Know Your (Governors) Road

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How important is you road name? I’ll be honest I’ve seen a few road names in my time and I’ve heard a few stories about people’s previous road names (good and bad…and sometimes a little odd). Would a road name stop you buying a home though? Not at Governors! The roads at Governors are a bit special as they are named after our previous Governors of Delaware!

History lives in your road name at Governors and I think that’s a bit special, right? Not only can you tell people you live East of Route 1 and on Gills Neck Road, but you can also go on to say what your Governor did for the new state you are going to live in.  Pretty cool right?  Let’s check out the roads that are open in our initial town home and single family phases.



Causey Road is named after the one and only Governor Peter Foster Causey and will be home to the initial townhome phase at Governors.  Let’s take a look at Peter and see what we can learn:

Mr. Causey was elected Governor in 1855 and served four years in office. A member of the Whig party, during his tenure he dealt with the passage of an act that eliminated life tenure in office.  He left office on January 18, 1859, and later served as president of the Junction and Breakwater Railroad. Governor Peter F. Causey died on February 15, 1871, and is buried at the Old Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Milford, Delaware. He seems like a good chap.  Married with six kiddos (wowzer that’s a lot!). Causey is also very interesting as there is a Causey Mansion in Milford which is now a bed & breakfast. Stop by for a visit sometime;)

The most well-known historic home in Milford, Delaware also just so happens to be the Causey Mansion, which sits on a triangle of land at the intersection of South Walnut Street, Causey Avenue (formally known as Depot Street) and South East 2nd Street. The mansion’s yellow brick exterior has been a Milford landmark for centuries, ever since 1855, when Governor Peter F. Causey remodeled the home to how it looks today. The home is in the Greek Revival style with French accents, such as window caps and detailed grill-work in the small third-story windows.  Before being owned by Governor Causey, the mansion was home to another Delaware Governor, Daniel Rogers, who was originally from Virginia. One unique aspect of the Causey Mansion is a well-preserved slave quarters.  The outbuilding served as shelter for the house servants, with one lower room with a brick floor and a large fireplace. 

Next up, Halset Road! Haslet Road is named after Governor Joseph Haslet and is home to the first phase of single-family home sites in Governors.  Fun fact: it was SOLD OUT even before the Grand Opening of the community!  Pretty amazing right? Let’s take a look at Joe:

Governor Haslet was the first person to serve a second non-consecutive term as governor of Delaware. He was born in Kent County, near Milford, Delaware, in 1769. After his parent’s deaths, Haslet was left under the guardianship of Chief Justice William Killen. He received a private education, and at the age of 21 he moved to Cedar Creek Hundred in Sussex County, where he engaged in farming. On October 2, 1810, he was victorious and became Delaware’s Governor. During his tenure, the Farmers’ Bank of the State of Delaware was founded, the state militia was restructured, and a number of war resolutions were passed by the legislature. Haslet did not seek reelection due to the 1792 Delaware Constitution, which banned a governor from succeeding himself. He left office on January 18, 1814, and returned to his farming interests. On October 1, 1822, Haslet won reelection to the governor’s office, and on January 21, 1823, he was sworn into office again. During this term, Haslet granted several pardons and made numerous key commission appointments. Governor Joseph Haslet passed away while still in office, on June 20, 1823. He is buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Milford, Delaware. Governor Halset was a Democratic-Republican and was married with one kiddo. Interesting fact about Governor Haslet was that he was the only person to date to run for Governor 4 times (being successful twice)!

Now you know the roads you are going to live on.  Pretty neat right? Lewes is full of history that you are going to love, and so will Governors.  Even better, you can cycle to all of these historical places in Lewes!  Stay tuned as we release where our next phases will be and the history behind those road names as well!

Meet Your Neighbors: Janice & Troy

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We’re back! And we’re kicking off the week with another glimpse at the backbone of this community – our homeowners! This time we’ve caught up with Janice and Troy, who will be building a lovely Jasmine here at Governors. Welcome Janice and Troy!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

We have 3 children (2 boys and a girl) and 3 grandchildren (2 girls and a boy). We have an 11-year-old Morkie(Maltese/Yorkie) named Buddy.  We live in York Pennsylvania and it takes us about 3 hours and 15 minutes to drive to the community.

Troy is a manufacturing business owner and Janice is an Operating Room nurse.  We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary!

 How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

 We have been visiting the Rehoboth and Lewes area for decades staying in a local campground or renting a house.

 Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

 We like the idea of a community where we could meet new people. The location of Governors is great with the bike trails and close proximity to the beach.  The fact that it is closer to home compared to other places is definitely a plus.  Troy first saw it on Facebook!

 Why did you pick your floor plan this floor plan?

 This floor plan will accommodate our family when they visit. We also liked the main living area design.

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

 We are looking forward to exploring Lewes and all of the things it has to offer.  We can’t wait to get together with our new neighbors.  It was nice being able to meet so many of them in June.  Unfortunately we can’t live there full time until we retire. 


Ready to learn more about life at Governors? Head on over to our website, or give us a call!

Adam: 302-278-0903

Natalie: 302-278-0356

Meet Your Neighbors: Alli & Mike

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We’re back for round 2! Mike and Alli League are in the hot seat and they’re answering all of our questions so that you can get to know them. After all, they could be your future neighbors at Governors!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your current situation?

 Mike & Alli League, the cute Orchid on Lot #199.  It’s just us and our fun-loving pup, Mac. Alli is a veterinary technician at Savannah Animal Hospital and Mike is an instructional technology coach for the Indian River School District.    

How did you hear/know about Lewes and the beach?

Our love affair with Lewes began in the summer of 2001, the same summer we started dating.  Mike got an internship at the College of Marine Studies and spent 10 glorious weeks doing “research” at the beach, while staying in the UD dorm in Cape Henlopen State Park.  Alli got a summer job at the University of Delaware in Newark, and would spend weekends down in Lewes. Between the wonderful coastal lifestyle, the amazing landscape, and the incredibly nice people we were hooked.  In 2003, we made Southern Delaware our home, even getting married on Lewes Beach! The last 17 years have been about finding reasons to stay close to Lewes.

Why did you pick Governors as your new home community?

Governors checks so many boxes for us: close to the beach, the bike path, and Second Street.  When we thought carefully about our lifestyle and where we were spending our free time, it seemed the perfect fit.  We were also looking for a quality, efficient house, so we studied a lot of local builders carefully. (Alli has dragged Mike into more than his fair share of “under construction” homes.)  Alli’s parents built with Schell Brothers and we’ve watched them really enjoy their community (Independence). The low-maintenance lifestyle with great neighbors sealed the deal.

Why did you pick your floor plan at Governors?

We previously had the big house with the big lawn and all the maintenance that comes with it.  In Governors, we were looking for something a little smaller, with the space in the right places.  The Orchid is perfect for us with its awesome kitchen, master suite, and two-car garage. We don’t need a lot of extra bedrooms as both sets of our parents have followed us to Sussex County and retired in the area, so we’re converting one to a study.  Adding the screened porch and some extra room in the garage makes it just perfect for us.

What do you look forward to the most once you live in your new home in Governors?

There are too many things to name here.  Walk to the Farmers’ Market or take Mac for a walk and grab coffee downtown? Should we hit the bike path for a ride or head down to Cape Henlopen? Maybe we’ll read a book at the pool or spend a lazy afternoon on the screened porch.  Dinner out or share a meal (and a few beers) with some neighbors? Every day is a new adventure, and that’s what we’re looking forward to the most in Governors.


Stay tuned for more friendly faces in our next post in the series! 

Interested in learning more about our awesome community? Right this way—>

Or give me a call at 302-278-0903!