Peddling the ’58 (and Beyond!)

By Adam Pettengell, in Governors

A day trip should always be in the cards. Don’t get me wrong; there is always something to do at the beach, but every now and then you should experience something new.
Okay, here is the scenario. It’s a beautiful morning and you’re sitting on your courtyard sipping coffee. Life is good at the beach but an adventure is on the horizon today. No need to worry, as an adventure is only a stone’s throw away at Governors. Today we’re going to cycle on over to the Cape May-Lewes ferry. And why not? It’s only a little over 3 miles away!
So jump on your bike! We leave the community and turn right on the Junction & Breakwater Trail. Travel along the trail parallel to Gills Neck Road. Then you need to cross the road at the crossing just after the Hawkseye community. Continue on the trail and pedal parallel to Breakwater and then bear right and draw parallel to Freeman Highway (US 9). You are then going to come off the trail at Monroe Street and join the Highway. If you don’t want to do that, (not that it’s super busy), then you can carry on the trail and go under the bridge, join Gills Neck Road, then turn right on East Savannah Road and go over the bridge. Ride to Lewes Beach but turn right at the Dairy Queen onto Cape Henlopen Drive. You’ll cycle past East of Maui and on the left will be the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Now if you prefer to join Freeman Highway, you do have to cycle over a bridge but you’ll keep cycling straight and then bear right onto Cape Henlopen Drive.
You have hit your destination and it was just over 3 miles! Now you can travel across to Cape May and cycle into town where more adventures await you!
The ferry terminal is also a great location to visit throughout the year for its festivals, concerts and Winter Wonderfest. PLUS it has an amazing outside bar called On the Rocks, which is a pretty neat summer night location. You’re going to go here more than you think and not always for a ferry! Rest assured, there is always something going on in Lewes.

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