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Want the Best Value? Try a Model Leaseback

By Josh Hay, in All Communities

Finally, Spring is here! Not much longer now and we’ll be enjoying some sunshine and an orange crush while sitting on the beach. Spring also brings flocks of people looking for their new home at the beach. After six years of working with buyers, I’ve noticed a common element that many, if not all, share […]

The Best Investment at the Beach?

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Chris Schell has always told the company the best investment for your money is in real estate.  At the moment with prices on the increase and rates rising lots of people are agreeing with him and trying to get a jump on the market. HOWEVER, there is another item in Delaware which is is a pretty good bet […]

Now is the best time in our lifetime to buy a new home!

By Chris Schell, in All Communities

I totally agree with this article about why now is such a great time to buy a new home..  When markets are down is when you want to buy.  Unfortunately, it is natural human behavior to feel comfortable buying when prices have been up for awhile and is scary to buy when prices have been […]