Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware

By Grace Reardon, in All Communities

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware

If you’re truly thinking about moving to Delaware and need some affirmation as to why you should drop everything and move here immediately, this is the blog post for you. Our team of “researchers and historians” have surveyed and compiled a list of 10 fun facts which will ultimately serve to convince you to stop debating, and start living your dream at the beach.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Delaware:

1. Delaware is known as The First State since it was the first colony, of the original 13, to ratify the Constitution. By living in Delaware, you are by association a winner—because, if you’re not first, you’re last.
2. Delaware has no sales tax! That means we are one of 5 states that has a TRUE Dollar Store, all other States are living a lie.
3. A State with longevity, Delaware was first settled by the Dutch in 1631. That makes us over 400 years old! We are much older than the cotton gin, which was the oldest thing I could find on the internet.
4. We are pretty tight with NASA.  Believe it or not, the NASA Space Suit worn by famous astronauts involved in the Apollo program was manufactured right here in Delaware! So inadvertently, Delaware has been to the moon more than any other state, and we think that is out of this world.
5. Delaware has had its share of screen time, being that Delaware hosted film sets for movies such as Fight Club, Dead Poets Society, Beloved, and Failure to Launch. But most importantly, we had our very own cameo in Wayne’s World, and it was “excellent”.
6. Delaware’s state colors are Colonial Blue and Buff. Colonial Blue reflects the colors of George Washington’s uniform, while the color Buff reminds us to go to the gym.
7. In total area Delaware ranks 49th in the nation, with a collective population less than 930,000. Because of this statistic, we are also known and celebrated for our notoriously short DMV lines.
8. WE HAVE DINOSAURS. Well, not really, but the Horse Shoe Crab, which heavily populates our beaches during May, can endure extreme temperatures and salinity, can go a year without eating, and have remained relatively unchanged since the days of the dinosaur. But don’t worry, they are harmless, you have a better chance of injuring yourself from stepping on a lego than on one of these precious little guys!
9. Our state beverage is Milk. So if you believe in strong bones and teeth, you really wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
10. Schell Brothers is located in Delaware. Need I say more?
So honestly, you really wouldn’t want to build a home in any other state—but hey, I might be a little biased. Stay tuned, next I’ll cover the Top 10 Reasons to move to Sussex County.