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40 Years Later: A Buyer’s Perspective

By Michelle Capaldi, in The Avenue

Dan and Kathy Cochran, our first buyers at The Avenue, recently shared this special story with me, and I wanted to pass it along to you.

Dan’s Words:
“In 1972, a few months before we were to be married, we pooled our savings and put down $1,500 on what was to be our first of many homes together. Although it was being built for us, at $19,999, the selections available to us were few: color of carpet, color of appliances, and color of counter tops. Period. A few years later corporate life put us on the road, and in five more cities we bought new but already built homes in traditional suburban developments.
Now, exactly 40 years later, we are building our retirement home at The Avenue. The location is perfect for walking to the beach, library and restaurants; the home design is well conceived, affording us first floor living with generous second floor guest space; the high quality of construction gives us peace of mind; and, yes, we were able to make personal selections, finally making this OUR home. We are thrilled with The Avenue and the Schell Brothers team.”

A Bird’s Eye View of Sunset Harbour [video]

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Up, Up, and Away!  Check out Sunset Harbour from our cool “balloon cam”!

Watch the video on YouTube

Then vs. Now at Sunset Harbour

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Jay and I were amazed by the difference in last year’s site plan status compared with our current progress, and thought we’d share the results with you.

Click to view larger

In the past year, 10 homes have been sold, a brand new section was released, and we’re offering showcase specials this month! Wow, that’s a mouthful!
Check out our Showcase Homesites of the Month (marked in yellow): These special homesites feature premiums that have been significantly decreased – but ONLY for a limited time! If you’ve thought about buying a home in Sunset Harbour, but were waiting for an amazing value – here it is! Take advantage of these savings now!
Other buyers have realized THIS IS THE TIME to buy their dream home at Sunset Harbour, and taking advantage of these homesite incentives can make your dream come true faster, too.
Call or email us to get the scoop behind these special homesite premiums! Receive up to 30% off the premiums in addition to the March incentive!

Why Live, Work and Play at the Beach?

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

The Fredericks find fun at Sunset Harbour.

As members of the beach community, we’re reminded every day of the reasons we came to live, work, and play at Bethany Beach. It’s the sense of community, the boardwalk, the local shops, the friendly neighbors and, of course, the beach that truly makes this “home sweet home”.

We’re proud to say we’re locals, and aren’t afraid to admit that we are pretty spoiled having 3rd floor water view balconies, all within biking distance of the beach. So, rather than hearing it from the ‘scary sales people’, take a peek, and read these true, real life testimonials from Sunset Harbour homeowners:

“This is It”

“We’ve been coming to Bethany Beach for over 20 years, first attracted by the small town, family-friendly atmosphere that offered all of the amenities but none of the hustle and bustle touristy feel of other much larger beach towns like Ocean City. We looked long and hard to find a perfect place to build a new home in the area. I remember when we drove up to the model at Sunset Harbour – my wife and I exchanged that wordless look and smile that said “This is it”. Today we can choose to enjoy sunset water views, or launch our boat from our private dock and 15 minutes later we’re in the bay, or hop on our bikes for the 10 minute ride to the beach and ocean. Look up ‘best of all worlds’ in the dictionary, and it will read “Bethany Beach and Sunset Harbour.”
– Jeff & Jackie, Exton, PA

“The Building Process Couldn’t Be Easier”

“We are so excited about our decision to buy a home at Sunset Harbour.  Our kids grew up going to Bethany Beach every summer and even though they are in college now, the Bethany area is still a part of their lives.  With Sunset Harbour, we found a beautiful home in an area that we love, we have plenty of space for family and friends, and even better — we can walk out onto our boat.  The design of our Sunset Harbour home is perfect for us and the quality of the construction is the best we have seen anywhere.  Schell Brothers has been fantastic to work with. The building process couldn’t be easier.”
– Rob Knapp, Great Falls, Virginia

 “Top 5 List of Things to Do”

“What do we love about the Bethany Area? It’s only 3 hours from home, making it a good weekend escape although we usually work from the beach in the summer, spending a solid 6 weeks in Bethany.  Here is our “Top 5 list” of things to do:

  1. Drive up or down the coast to some of the small parking lots on the beach for a quiet beach experience. Better yet, get a surf fishing pole and permit and drive right on the beach for your private piece of paradise.
  2. Ride your bike for miles of flat, scenic trails.
  3. Send your teenagers to the boardwalk for some well-guarded fun in the sun with great people-watching.
  4. Stay in Bethany for a great meal at the growing number of fabulous restaurants. Stop at the Parkway for the best cocktails in town.
  5. Head to Ocean City for the Jolly Roger water park, go-carts or amusement rides. Head further down to the OC inlet for a classic boardwalk experience.”

– Sharon Knapp, Great Falls, VA

“A Fun Place”

“Our home is a fun place for us and that all began with the build process.  We were amazed at the excitement and dedication we saw from every member of the Schell team from start to finish.  We LOVE every moment at Sunset Harbour.”
– Joe and Tobey Frederick, Easton MD
We invite you to visit us soon and start your own story in this one of a kind setting.

There’s No “Off-Season” at Rehoboth Beach!

By Michelle Capaldi, in The Avenue

Rehoboth Avenue is not just a location for a summer retreat. You’re invited to enjoy all this beach area has to offer including year-round events, specials and an established, friendly community.

Check out this typical mid-winter schedule that could be yours when you make The Avenue your home.
Sunday, January 22nd:  $25 dinner for two at Dos Locos, 4-9 pm
Monday, January 23rd: ½ price burgers at the Summer House
Tuesday, January 24th: Great weather? Walk from your doorstep to the boards for some exercise!
Wednesday, January 25th: Steakhouse Night and ½ price bottles of wine at Eden
Thursday, January 26th: Read about the history of Rehoboth – bet you don’t know how “Dolle’s” got its name!
Friday, January 27th: Winter Jam – 7pm at the Rehoboth Convention Center
Saturday, January 28th: Lauren Glick performs at Cultured Pearl, 8-11 pm
Sunday, January 29th: The Breakwater Trail is calling your name
Monday, January 30th: Dos Locos $5 Mexican Lunch Special
Tuesday, January 31st: Steak Night at the Summer House
Wednesday, February 1st: A new month, a new start to the day – go fly a kite on the beach!
Thursday, February 2nd: Stay in and watch to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow!
Friday, February 3rd: $16 Alaskan King Crab Leg Special at Dos Locos
Saturday, February 4th: Henlopen City Oyster House for Happy Hour – a fun place to people watch
Sunday, February 5th: Super Bowl and 22nd annual Polar Bear Plunge!  Will you be one of thousands in the ocean today?
Monday, February 6th: Turn on your new fireplace and watch the highlights from yesterday’s game and the repeats of the great commercials!
Tuesday, February 7th: Mexican Night at Arenas
Wednesday, February 8th: The tax-free outlets are having sales – guilt-free shopping is right around the corner!
Thursday, February 9th: $10 Seafood Night at Dos Locos
Friday, February 10th: Wes Davis and Ray Holiday perform at Cultured Pearl, 8-11 pm
Saturday, February 11th: Merchant’s Attic and Public Garage Sale! 9:30 am – 1:30 pm, Convention Center

Let’s Get Real About the Holidays

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Let’s get real.  We all want to buy that one special holiday gift for our wife, husband, son, daughter, niece, nephew, friend, or dog thisyear.  But in today’s world, how many more iPods could this special someone possibly need?  And TV’s?  Laptops?  Clothes?  Jewelry?  (OK, ladies can always use more jewelry.)

But seriously, when is a present going to become original?  When will a light bulb go off in our minds, to say, “Hey, buying the updated DVD player for this special someone may not be good enough this year.  Maybe buying a new 2011 blender won’t exactly WOW her for the holidays.”
You want to WOW?   You want to have that ‘never-been-seen-before’ look on his or her face that tells you that you’ve hit the jackpot this year with your present?  Picture this:  He or she unwraps a small gift, and finds a key.  No, not a car key; that’s too simplistic for 2011.  But, a house key.  Yes, a key to a brand new waterfront beach home in Bethany Beach!
That’s right!  We want to make your holidays extra cheerful this year by giving you some additional money toward your new beach home!  Holiday incentives at Sunset Harbour will bring your family’s beach memories to life with a new home on the water at Bethany Beach.
Our holiday incentive always proves to be the best savings of the year, so don’t wait another minute.  The first two buyers will get a whopping $55,000 toward their home and then the incentive will decline to $45,000 for the third and fourth buyers.   Judging from past years, the holiday incentive won’t last long – only until those first few buyers cash in on their dream.  See more details & exclusions below.
Let’s think outside the box for just a minute and imagine these two scenarios:  Your special someone opening up a sweater – or allowing your special someone to imagine the endless summer nights and unforgettable family traditions, for years to come, by opening up a key to a home on the water at Sunset Harbour?   Happy Holidays everyone!”
Terms and Conditions:  Holiday incentive is valid on firm (non-contingent) sales only and must be written before December 23rd.  The offer is subject to change without notice; see sales team for details.

New Homes of 2015

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Refrigerators that talk, motorized floors,and programmable robots that take care of household chores: this was what we all imagined for the future of new home construction, right?

Well, the future is nearing, and, based on a recent Yahoo article, the home we all remember from the Jetsons cartoons may miss the mark.  In fact, if you’re like most consumers, you’d trade all those gizmos for a well-designed home with energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, and longevity.

Energy Efficiency Focus

After reading Yahoo’s article about a poll taken of builders on what the “New Homes of 2015” would look like, I couldn’t agree more with the energy efficiency focus. In the survey, builders said that, in the future, they would be “embarking on the energy science that goes into a house and why it’s important for our homeowners”.
It’s just fantastic that other builders are saying to themselves: “In 2015, we will become a more energy efficient builder” It made me think:  What about today?
Read More »

Visit the Beach in the Fall for a Fantastic Experience!

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

I looked out my window on this gorgeous fall afternoon and thought about many of you who vacationed here at the Delaware beaches for a week or two this summer.  By now, you’re back in the swing of “real life,” and probably miss the smell of the beach, the sound of the waves, the boardwalk fun… heck, even the seagulls!

Come back and visit us in the Fall!  The sand, the sun, and the memories are all still here at Bethany Beach!  The Fall season is the BEST time to visit your favorite beach destination!   The boardwalk, the after-dinner walks, the laughs, the smiles, and the memories at the beach are even better in the fall when you can truly live like one of the fortunate local residents.
Fall is also one of the most popular times to buy a new beach home from Schell Brothers because you can take advantage of amazing incentives and move into your personalized beach home before next summer arrives.  Why not make your favorite vacation destination a year-round home that you can enjoy in every season?  Imagine enjoying  heartwarming Thanksgiving dinners with the whole family in your beach home, ringing in the New Year on the boardwalk, and adding to the summer memories you’ve already made!
Sunset Harbour is soaking up the Fall sun at Bethany Beach and we invite you to join us!  Make an appointment to visit our community, tour the decorated model and view numerous homes that are under construction.  You may reach me by phone at 302-858-6939 or by email at   Or, feel free to contact Jay Hauck at 302-236-9778 or  We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Natural Beauty Surrounds Sunset Harbour

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Spectacular Views at Sunset Harbor
As a native to the State of Delaware, it wasn’t until this morning that I realized how fortunate we are to have such beautiful wildlife, state parks, & water canals surrounding our Schell Brothers Community at Sunset Harbour.  The Sunset Harbour team rose early this morning before heading into work, to tour the areas of Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Millville, & Fenwick in order to truly capture a description of what surrounds the Sunset Harbour community.
Sure, Sunset Harbour already offers boat slips, waterfront properties & water canals, but did you know the Bethany Tennis Club is just ½ mile down the road from Sunset Harbour?  Play one game with friends after a hot summer day, or early before breakfast to get your fitness on.
Quillen’s Point, at the end of Sunset Harbour’s road, is home to the Mason Dixon VFW, with spectacular views of the Indian River with plently of kayakers enjoying the day.
Just around the corner, about 2 miles from Sunset Harbour, is Fresh Pond State Park.  This beautifully designed State Park is not only perfect for walking/running trails, or nature-seeking, but it also can take you straight into North Bethany.  Holt’s Landing State Park is a few more miles away, and may be Ocean View’s best-kept secret, allowing for walking trails, spectacular water views, and of course, you’ll see the rare wildlife from time to time.
Next up for adventurers would be the ever-popular golf courses: Cripple Creek, Salt Pond, & Bear Trap, all only a few minutes from Sunset Harbour.  They’re a great treat on a beach vacation!
Venturing back ‘home’ at Sunset Harbour, we discussed the tasty local restaurants and delis in the area, that offer great year-round dining: Seafood, all-you-can-eat crabs, & upscale dining is easy to find in Fenwick & Ocean View.  No wonder the state of Delaware is called ‘the small wonder’… such beauty surrounds us & we are fortunate enough to be in the middle of it all!

Sunset Harbour on the Radio

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

Listen to Dan Gaffney’s interview with Chris Schell and Jay Hauck about Sunset Harbour on WGMD.
Sunset Harbour on WGMD