Why Live, Work and Play at the Beach?

By Michelle Capaldi, in Sunset Harbour

The Fredericks find fun at Sunset Harbour.

As members of the beach community, we’re reminded every day of the reasons we came to live, work, and play at Bethany Beach. It’s the sense of community, the boardwalk, the local shops, the friendly neighbors and, of course, the beach that truly makes this “home sweet home”.

We’re proud to say we’re locals, and aren’t afraid to admit that we are pretty spoiled having 3rd floor water view balconies, all within biking distance of the beach. So, rather than hearing it from the ‘scary sales people’, take a peek, and read these true, real life testimonials from Sunset Harbour homeowners:

“This is It”

“We’ve been coming to Bethany Beach for over 20 years, first attracted by the small town, family-friendly atmosphere that offered all of the amenities but none of the hustle and bustle touristy feel of other much larger beach towns like Ocean City. We looked long and hard to find a perfect place to build a new home in the area. I remember when we drove up to the model at Sunset Harbour – my wife and I exchanged that wordless look and smile that said “This is it”. Today we can choose to enjoy sunset water views, or launch our boat from our private dock and 15 minutes later we’re in the bay, or hop on our bikes for the 10 minute ride to the beach and ocean. Look up ‘best of all worlds’ in the dictionary, and it will read “Bethany Beach and Sunset Harbour.”
– Jeff & Jackie, Exton, PA

“The Building Process Couldn’t Be Easier”

“We are so excited about our decision to buy a home at Sunset Harbour.  Our kids grew up going to Bethany Beach every summer and even though they are in college now, the Bethany area is still a part of their lives.  With Sunset Harbour, we found a beautiful home in an area that we love, we have plenty of space for family and friends, and even better — we can walk out onto our boat.  The design of our Sunset Harbour home is perfect for us and the quality of the construction is the best we have seen anywhere.  Schell Brothers has been fantastic to work with. The building process couldn’t be easier.”
– Rob Knapp, Great Falls, Virginia

 “Top 5 List of Things to Do”

“What do we love about the Bethany Area? It’s only 3 hours from home, making it a good weekend escape although we usually work from the beach in the summer, spending a solid 6 weeks in Bethany.  Here is our “Top 5 list” of things to do:

  1. Drive up or down the coast to some of the small parking lots on the beach for a quiet beach experience. Better yet, get a surf fishing pole and permit and drive right on the beach for your private piece of paradise.
  2. Ride your bike for miles of flat, scenic trails.
  3. Send your teenagers to the boardwalk for some well-guarded fun in the sun with great people-watching.
  4. Stay in Bethany for a great meal at the growing number of fabulous restaurants. Stop at the Parkway for the best cocktails in town.
  5. Head to Ocean City for the Jolly Roger water park, go-carts or amusement rides. Head further down to the OC inlet for a classic boardwalk experience.”

– Sharon Knapp, Great Falls, VA

“A Fun Place”

“Our home is a fun place for us and that all began with the build process.  We were amazed at the excitement and dedication we saw from every member of the Schell team from start to finish.  We LOVE every moment at Sunset Harbour.”
– Joe and Tobey Frederick, Easton MD
We invite you to visit us soon and start your own story in this one of a kind setting.

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