Schell Scoop: The Sales Team’s Favorite Movies

By Savanna Shackleford, in All Communities

Now that you are spending a little bit more time inside due to the COVID-19 virus, it is the perfect opportunity to discover some new cinematic masterpieces. Whether it be Scorsese, Spielberg, Tarantino or The Coen Brothers, you’re sure to find something entertaining to watch in order to pass the time. Our amazing sales team loves movies just as much as you do, and they are here to tell you all about their favorites, the ones that made them laugh, the ones that made them cry, and the ones with the best memories. So, while you think to yourself “there’s no place like home,” and that right now “life is like a box of chocolates,” we say “may the force be with you” as you pick a movie to watch this week. And with this awesome selection by the Schell Brothers sales team, I keep saying “I’ll have what [they’re] having.”

Alli Perry (CSM at Coastal Club in Lewes, DE)

“One of my absolute favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean! I grew up traveling with my family to the Caribbean and obsessing over pirates and their way of life! I always joke that my mom was a Pirate in her past life. Anytime I need a good laugh or an escape from reality I just turn on the TV and sail away!”

Alli is currently working out of our model homes in Coastal Club. Be sure to check out the virtual tour of the Hatteras Model here, our Bristol Model here, and our Mayberry model here. Feel free to contact her with any questions to make an appointment.

Austin Oswinkle (CSM at Saddle Ridge in Lewes, DE)

“My favorite overall movie of all time is Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. It is an incredible story of triumph, and an enlightening experience into an incredible mindset. My mother and I watch this movie together once a month, and I think that is truly why it is so special to me. No matter your circumstance, situation, upbringing, social status, or whatever you can achieve anything you set your mind to. That is what this story truly embodies and is something that I’ve always believed. My favorite comedy of all time is Superbad. This movie came out when I was in high school and was one that I watched with every friend I ever had from the time I was a Freshman in High school until I was a super senior at my boarding school in New York. It was a film that for anyone in high school at that time could relate to immensely.”

Austin is currently working out of our model homes in Saddle Ridge. Be sure to check out the virtual tour of The Montauk model here, and The Whimbrel model here.

Adam Pettengell (CSM at Governors in Lewes, DE)

“The Greatest Showman – great music, great storyline. Whenever I hear a song from the movie I’m instantly infused with energy and a ‘want’ to do better. Maybe I try to dance and sing as well but no one knows that.”

Adam is currently working out of our model homes in Governors. Be sure to check out the virtual tour of The Bluebell model here, and The Jasmine model here.

Leigh Monette (CSM at Palmilla and Forest Hills in Magnolia Green and The Sanctuary in Richmond, VA)

“This is tough. I have too many favorites to list just ONE! Two of my favorites growing up were The Sandlot and A Christmas Story. Both were classics in my family and were watched on repeat. I think I could quote every line in both. But now I love a good romantic comedy – who doesn’t love a good movie that you can laugh and cry in!”

Leigh is currently working out of our model home in Magnolia Green. Be sure to check out the virtual tour of The Waterford model here.

Tyler Teed (CSM at The Peninsula in Millsboro, DE)

“Hook with Robin Williams is definitely a movie that we watch a couple of times a year around our house. I can remember watching it in the Midway Theater as a boy. I was 9 or 10 when It came out and I became a sword wielding, pirate fighting lost boy from that day on. Now I get to have the pleasure of watching my son enjoy the same movie and I get reminded that you can’t forget that there is a fun kid in all of us.”

Tyler is currently working out of our model homes in The Peninsula. Be sure to check out the virtual tour of The Lilac model here, The St. Croix model here, and The Shearwater model here.

Some of these films really are the “stuff that dreams are made of” and by viewing them, you can escape from reality for a little while. As with every week, “I’ll be back” with more tips and tricks, and more advice on how to “just keep swimming” amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

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