Local’s Corner: Home Insurance with Eric Blondin

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Local's Corner

I get asked by a lot of my homeowners about home insurance in Delaware.  Obviously, home insurance needs to be in place before you go to settlement as you pre-pay your insurance.  A lot of ‘my people’ are from out-of-state and their insurance agents will not insure their home at the beach.  Crazy but true.  Even at Coastal Club with basement home sites and higher elevation home sites with a lower water table, people have trouble.  THIS IS NOT A CONCERN.  Down at the beach we have multiple agents with national companies who can and will insure you for your primary or secondary home.

Back across the pond I never had an actual person whom I knew as my insurance agent.  It was kind of weird when I came across the pond and needed to get car insurance.  Back home, I would have just gone on the internet and shopped around. AND, although I went with a national company, I went with a local agent.  In my thinking, I’m still using local in that sense.  Does that make sense?

We’ve used Eric Blondin from State Farm for a number of years now.  Eric and his team are top notch.  Located on Route 1, Eric’s office is easy to find and his staff are top notch.  What I like about having a person I know is that Eric is always on the end of the phone when I need him.  He knows me.  I don’t have to give any background information or my last four digits of my social security.  I have his cell number and have called it a few times for his advice on matters regarding insurance.  On top of that, I know that I can count on Eric to come out and visit me if I needed a face-to-face or again just to chat about my options.  It’s that personal touch that allows me to very openly recommend Eric as a top insurance agent at the beach.

So true story. We just went on a short journey to Camelback in PA for a weekend.  I handle all the insurance, bills etc.  I’m much better at that stuff and the wife is better with homework and getting clothes out for the kids for the next day.  Got to work to your strengths 🙂 So I digress.  Anyway, we’re on the road, happy as clams, to be giving our children a skiing opportunity.  Not much skiing in England 🙂 Anyway, I digress again.  I’m checking the car details and ask where the insurance card is.  Obviously, the wife looks at me and says that’s your job! I was going to turn around and delay the trip but had trust in Eric and his team.  SO, even though it was a Saturday morning at 6am I emailed Eric and asked if he could email over a copy of the insurance just as a precaution.  Within the hour I had an email copy.  I didn’t need it during the journey BUT having it available certainly made the journey for me less stressful.  It’s great knowing I can trust Eric and his team, whatever the circumstances, to make my life easier.  You can’t put a price on that level of trust.  

So make this part of joining us at the beach easy, and get in touch with Eric and his team: 

18958 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Phone: 302-227-4663
Always remember:

Think local first + Buy local when you can = Being a local!

Local’s Corner is a series where Adam Pettengell recommends a local or independent business.

Cheers Adam

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