Eagle View Trail at Coastal Club in Lewes, DE [video]

By Adam Pettengell, in Coastal Club

Eagle View Trail at Coastal Club in Lewes, DE
Sussex County may be the Amsterdam of America, flat as a pancake, but not at Coastal Club.
WE HAVE TERRAIN! WE HAVE INCLINES AND DECLINES! WE HAVE MOUNTAINS! Well, maybe hills to be more accurate. Our amazing 3.1-mile Eagle View Trail going around the perimeter of Coastal Club has all of these things and is surrounded by woods and Gosling Creek.

Our private trail is similar to those found in Cape Henlopen State Park, but it’s right in your backyard.

To show off the beauty of the trail, we have been taking people out in our golf cart and our jeeps. We’re usually out five to seven times a day showing off this gem of an amenity, which you will not find in any other community. I’m out driving so much I call it my first office. And why wouldn’t I!
Wildlife is abundant out on the trail as you’ll notice in the video. I’ve actually become a turtle, beaver, deer, and blue heron expert. You name it (other than bear and boar), we have it. I always say to people lucky enough to join Coastal Club that you have no excuse to walk the dog or yourself.
The mountain bike will not gather dust and neither should your camera! The trail is a great place to improve your camera skills, around every corner is another picture waiting to be framed and hung in your home.
Check out the video of the trail, and then come on out and see it for yourself. I’ll take you for a ride along the trail that’s better than any ride you’ll find at Funland!

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