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By Adam Pettengell, in Uncategorized

As we gear up to open our second phase of single-family home sites at Governors we open up a new road and “welcome” another Governor of Delaware to our community.  Interest is already high for our much anticipated second phase, even without knowing the history of the names of the new roads.  So can you imagine how much more that interest will go up after they read this blog? Wow, it’s going to be crazy;)

Now, I should start by letting you know that we haven’t shared where Phase 2 was going to open up…okay, so maybe I told a few people…okay, maybe I told a lot. Hey, I told you that we have a lot of interest didn’t I?! Can I help it if I can’t keep a secret?!  The good news is that the new road is around 50 home sites so that gives you plenty of opportunity to get in on…Maull Road!

So I’ve got my fingers crossed and am hoping Governor Maull did some pretty amazing things in charge of our great state. Let’s check him out:

Joseph Maull was born in Pilottown Lewes so pretty close to Governors! He was actually a doctor before he moved into politics, so clearly he was someone who always wanted to help people. He was elected to the Delaware State Senate in 1838, 42 and 45. He was also President of the Senate.  When Governor Stockton died in office Maull, being President of the Senate, assumed Governor duties.  Unfortunately, Governor Joseph Maull passed away during his office as Governor after just two months! Interestingly, Joe was the 7th Governor to die in office but is listed as the 35th Governor of Delaware. Another interesting fact is that he is buried in Saint Peter’s Cemetery on 2nd street in Lewes.

Okay not an amazing story about Joe as Governor but nonetheless a ‘genuine,’ nice guy helping people all his life.  Alright Joe lets see if we can make your name great again!

Ready to join me on Maull Road and enjoy the real Lewes life?? 

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