Team Schell Spotlight: Kelsey Murphy

By Rob Hoeller, in Team Schell

Team Schell Spotlight: Kelsey Murphey
Welcome to our second Team Schell Spotlight! This time we’re featuring Kelsey Murphy – our Assistant Settlement Coordinator.
Kelsey joined the sales team in June 2013 as a Sales Associate, but quickly grew into her current role on the settlement team. Kelsey is a creative addition to Team Schell who brings a vibe of positivity and happiness into the workplace. Here is my sit-down with Kelsey.
How did you first hear about Schell Brothers?
I first heard about Schell Brothers from just living around here, being a local. They had a good reputation, and I saw the billboards everywhere. I also knew about it from a lot of the lifeguards who ended up working here.
Describe your job using adjectives that start with the letter “G.”
You’re cheating, you got an easy one!
(Laughs) Well that’s all I can think about anyway. What else starts with G? I think I’ll go with growth; I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I’ll end with glorious!
What do you like the most about working at Schell Brothers?
There are so many things. I like how positive everyone is; it wasn’t like that where I used to work, so it’s really cool to come in to work and have people who love being here. I love working with Tony* all day, every day! He makes it awesome.
*Tony Forrest is our Settlement Coordinator; look out for a future spotlight on him!
What’s your favorite song that Tony sings out loud while he’s working?
I really like when his cell phone goes off, and he starts singing along to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga.
Kelsey and Tony
Of all the events that Schell Brothers has throughout the year, which would you say is your favorite?
I’ll have to say two because the Design Studio opening was really fun, but that only happens once. But I’m looking forward to Company Beach Day again because I didn’t really know a lot of people when I went last year. I had just started, but now that I’m friends with so many people, it should be more fun this time around.
What has been your favorite day on the job so far?
I think one of my first days with Tony. We were going over something that I had learned the week before. We kept finishing each other’s sentences, and it made me feel really good that Tony and I are on the same page. Just knowing that we had that connection was cool. We have good chemistry.
So if there were a movie to be made, you two would be good starring roles?
We would! That would be hilarious.
What are you looking forward to most as Schell Brothers grows?
Going in to new markets will be interesting. Taking all the work that we’re doing right now, perfecting all of our processes and transferring them into a new market is going to be really cool. It will be cool to see if we got it right and to see where it takes us next.
Kelsey sings with her "band" the Branches at the 2014 Schellies.
Tell me a secret about yourself that your co-workers don’t know. Just between us, okay?
Hmm… I skipped the first grade, but that’s kind of a lame secret. Oh, I have one. I get really nervous performing in front of people, especially people I know, which is bad since I get asked to all the time.
Speaking of performances, you’re like the American Idol star of the whole company. When is your World Tour? Where are you going?
You know, I’m kind of in-between projects so I don’t have anything going on. If anyone wants to nominate me for anything, they can go right ahead. I have nothing really going on in the near future, which is kind of nice. Takes the pressure off a little. But I’m up for whatever may come my way.
What is one piece of advice that you have for someone just joining the Schell Brothers team?
Be open to whatever is put on your plate. You don’t get hired to do one thing here; it might start that way, but being open to whatever changes and opportunities arise will help you as the company grows. That’s the biggest thing.
I want to thank Kelsey for being willing to open up to us. We really appreciate her contribution to the team, and I know that Team Schell wouldn’t be the same without her. As always, If you want to be a part of Schell Brothers, I would encourage you to follow us on the Team Schell Facebook Page and check out our Careers Page to see what opportunities we have; we would love to hear from you!

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