Best Indoor House Plants for Your Schell Home!

By Savanna Shackleford, in All Communities

There are so many things you can do to take your Schell Home to the next level, add a courtyard, re-design your flex space, build a bookshelf, and perhaps best of all, add a few indoor house plants! But let’s be real – most people don’t know the first thing about plants and wouldn’t know where to begin!

Luckily, Schell Brothers has an in-house plant of the month club and have been working hard to become as close to experts as we can on all things house plants! With the help of Windsor’s Flowers, we auction off one plant every month to help make the office greener! We recommend finding plants that work based off of the conditions of your space, and we can help with that since, ya know, we are building your home!

Our company mantra is to choose happiness, and since it has been found that interacting with indoor plants increases happiness, we can only say yes to as many indoor plants as we can buy!

So what are YOU waiting for? Get to the store, hurry! Here are the best of the best choices for your Schell home:

Snake Plant/Basket Snake Plant

The snake plant, unlike the animal it is named after, is very tame! This plant was selected as one of our plants of the month, so we know a lot about it! Once a week stick an ice cube on its soil and let the water do its thing! These plants are so easy to take care of and add a pleasing and fun aesthetic to your home! You may want to consider sticking it in a shady corner of your office, since it is believed that snake plants love to grow next to electronics!

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is the PERFECT indoor tree to make your home space feel like a garden oasis! It thrives in low light, even watering, and is perfect for the corner of a living room or bedroom, hence the name parlor palm. Best of all, the parlor palm is safe for pets, which means your fur family will enjoy the palm just as much as you! It’s even considered to be good luck if kept alive and well.


The Calathea plant is a tricky one. A bit harder to care for, this plant needs bright light, so definitely perfect for your naturally lit great room or your loft area. Calathea plants like to have moist soil, but not too much. So as long as you keep the soil constantly wet it should be a happy plant! An added bonus is that these beautiful plants are also pet safe!

Spider Plant

The spider plant, although not one of our plant of the month picks, is perfect in a room with big windows (so not in an office with no windows!). Luckily, you are sticking with us, so your great room will never be without many windows and plenty of sunlight. This plant perfectly drapes over the edges of its basket, so it’s great for hanging. It is also easily propagated, so feel free to cut off a baby spider and re-plant it, soon you’ll be living in a jungle. The spider plant also must have received a tip from one of our Schellter Advantage science methods, SanctuAIR, since it is known for helping purify the air!

ZZ Plant

If you’re always on the go, visiting the nearby beaches and local restaurants, the ZZ Plant is perfect for you! It is drought tolerant and low maintenance, so if you forget to water it for a few days, it won’t mind. This plant would look great in a shady corner of your bedroom since it doesn’t need much sunlight. This plant was another perfect choice for our plant of the month club, we have one living in the second floor of our office building!


Our current plant of the month draft is the Dracaena, we haven’t picked a winner yet, but the winner will have a blast with this easy-going plant. It is perfect for someone who is always on the go. It is able to adapt to different light environments, so you can put this plant anywhere you want! The basement, bedroom, kitchen, wherever!

We be-leaf in your ability to pick the best indoor house plants for your Schell Home! We are rooting for you! Go to the store, find a plant that doesn’t succ, say aloe to them, bring them home, and then its party thyme!

Post some pictures of your indoor house plants and tag us on Facebook and Instagram, we’d love to see how you’ve greened up your space!