The Schell Scoop: Our Dream Vacations

By Nicole Irvin, in All Communities

Despite the cold days of March, our minds have been wandering to sunshine and those quintessential warm spring days that make us downright happy. This is the time of year that many people hop on a plane for a tropical getaway to make it through the last couple weeks of winter.

Well, we’re not jetting off to any tropical locales here at Schell Brothers; in fact, we’re hard at work getting ready for a busy spring/summer season! But we can still dream, right? I asked a few members on our team to tell me about their dream vacations. Their answers will have you wanting to throw a few more pennies in that travel piggy bank!

Caitlin, Graphic Designer

“My dream vacation is going to become a reality in April! My husband and I are taking a late honeymoon to Greece. We’ll get to see the ruins, go sailing and hiking, and try all kinds of food. But as long as we’re dreaming big, I would also love to go to Bora Bora some day and stay in one of those amazing bungalows and explore the island.”

Ann-Margaret, Administrative Assistant

“For my dream vacation, I would pack up a VW Vanagon and head west with my boys.  No timeline or set agenda; just the three of us meandering our way across the USA, hitting up roadside attractions state by state and visiting friends and family along the way. I think it’s really important for my boys to experience all our beautiful country has to offer.  Toss in a couple nights’ stay in a teepee, treehouse, tiny house or yurt and most definitely a night or two at the Ritz for mom. LOL – I never said I was committed to sleeping in the VW!”

Steve, Innovation Team

“My dream vacation, and one that I try to embark on at least yearly, is hiking in the Virginia mountains of Skyline Drive. The serenity of nature, the steep ascents, the brilliant vistas and the vastness of it all calms and moves me. It’s the perfect mix of woodsy peace with physical challenge, especially in the spring.”

Grace, Community Sales Manager

“My dream vacation is to visit the seven natural wonders of the world in a whirlwind adventure! When I first saw the Pixar movie “Up,” I cried like everyone else. However, what really spoke to me was my connection to the character Ellie. I have always had the heart of an adventurer ever since I was a little girl. I find the world a truly beautiful phenomenon and I love learning everything I can about the place we are lucky enough to call home. As Ellie once said, adventure is out there!”

Tyler, Warranty Service

“My dream vacation would be to take my girlfriend, Maddie, and myself to Bora Bora. It’s a beautiful island and romantic private paradise all in one. Bora Bora offers the standard island atmosphere along with exotic sea adventures.”