Planning for Your Retirement Dream Home

By Ali Gilliam, in All Communities

As difficult as it can be to think too far into the future about your big retirement move (or to even begin to think about the daunting task of packing!), the reality is pre-planning is the first, and perhaps the most important, step on the path to your retirement dream home. Like all good plans, the first step involves thorough research. From geography to financing to proximity to quality healthcare, there’s a lot of consider before making any major decisions.
Asking yourself what matters most
Is it being close to family? Having warm weather year-round? Maintaining your active social life? Escaping the big city life? These are just a few considerations to keep in mind before making any major decisions on your next big move. The lure of year-round sunshine and warm weather in Florida or Arizona may lose its luster once you realize how difficult it is to see your children and grandchildren as frequently as you would like. You may think you want seclusion and privacy, but at the end of the day, a community with a vibrant social scene might actually be the perfect fit for you. Make a list of your ‘must-haves’ and ‘can’t live withouts’, followed by a list of the items you are willing to sacrifice when push comes to shove. What’s your budget? Is it important to be near a major hospital? How far do you want to be from your kids? Prioritize what matters and find a region and a community that coincides with those priorities.
Exploring ALL of your options
You may think you know exactly where you want to retire, but have you considered all of your options? We often hear from homeowners that they weren’t intimately familiar with Delaware at the start of their home search, but after doing their research on the retirement-friendly state, they soon found it was the perfect fit. Beyond geography, it’s also important to weigh the pros and cons of specific communities. Is it important to have a pool, fitness center, or clubhouse in your community? Would you prefer age-restricted? How about an on-site activities coordinator with a full social calendar? Picture your ideal lifestyle and find a community that pairs perfectly with that vision.
Tomorrow could be today
We all get caught up in the “I’ll think about it later” mentality; after all, there’s always tomorrow right? The downside to waiting too long is missing out on the incredible array of activities that await you in your new community. Acting now could mean getting one step closer to low maintenance living and a vibrant social scene. Not ready to fully commit? How about purchasing a second home to enjoy seasonally with family and friends before making a bigger move? A second home also allows you to get the feel for the area before living there full-time (plus the added benefit of a second home at the beach!).
Whether you are ready to downsize and retire tomorrow, considering a second home for your retirement future, or in the very (very!) early stages of retirement planning, weighing your options for the future and planning accordingly will have a lasting impact. Your dream retirement home is out there, take the first steps now in planning for your retirement dream home!
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