Local’s Corner: Parkmobile at the Beach

By Adam Pettengell, in Coastal Club

I remember those days…the days of scrambling to find quarters in your car so I could park at the beach.  Do you remember??  I could’ve been on 2nd Street in Lewes or approaching Rehoboth Ave and my blood pressure would start going up as the knowledge that I hadn’t saved enough quarters in the off-season started creeping in. Arrrrrrgh!  You get out of the car and then blindly walk around trying to break a note into quarters.  My friends, I am glad to report that those days are gone thanks to Parkmobile.

At the beach, in both Lewes and Rehoboth, you will now find that Parkmobile is your new best friend.  This handy app allows you to pay for parking on your phone – not a single quarter needed!  Now, I should note that you have the option to pay via credit card in Rehoboth if you don’t have the app BUT I’m all for the app.  It’s faster, easier, and so much more convenient.

So how does it work? The process is really quite simple.  First things first, sign up for Parkmobile. Next, you’ll need to add the app to your cell.  Finally, when you park all you need is your parking zone number (and sometimes your parking space number).  The hardest decision is how long you want to park for, but on most parking spots you can extend your time if needed.

The beauty is you can also add multiple cars to your app.   It can even locate your car (which believe me, can be a real lifesaver!). Another bonus – if you go get distracted with the amazing amount of stimuli at the beach then your app will send you text messages to remind you that your parking is running out.  No need to set your clock or be constantly looking for a clock at every shop, bar, or restaurant.  Fifteen minutes before the end of your session you’ll be promptly reminded.  Pretty cool right? It really does make you stop and think about how we were able to survive before technology evolved and pulled us out of the despair of quarter scrounging.

Of course, during the winter months, paid parking is far from our minds as many of the meters enjoy hibernation until summer, but nonetheless Memorial Day Weekend will be here soon enough and with it will come the peace of mind Parkmobile.

Check out the video below and then download the app.  It’s a game changer for life at the beach!



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