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Why Generation X is Opting for First Floor Master Bedrooms

By Tricia Smith, in All Communities

first floor master bedroom

When you think of living in a first floor master floor plan, what comes to mind? Do you imagine being older? Not able to traverse the stairs anymore? Is it a consideration for the future when life on one level will be easier?

Well, times they are a changing! A first floor master bedroom is quickly becoming the obvious choice for Generation X, including those with a growing family. Historically, families have chosen upper level bedrooms or ‘master-up’ floor plans in order to be close to their kids, which stands to reason when you think about those late night “slumber parties” with your young children, or making that early morning stumble down the hall. While this may make sense for families with very young children, once parents have graduated to that next level of (slightly) more freedom, they’re going all in on first floor masters! 

first floor master bedroom

With a master bedroom on the first floor, living-spaces becomes a little more defined. For adults, this translates into added privacy in their bedroom and master bath.  For children, the space upstairs becomes more flexible, allowing for private bathrooms, playrooms, or even home offices, creating a win/win for the family!

Another appeal of the first floor master layout plays right into today’s trend towards incorporating outdoor living into everyday spaces.  With the kitchen at your fingertips, it’s so easy to grab your morning coffee, sneak back into bed to enjoy it, or step right outside your bedroom onto your patio to catch the morning’s sunrise. Having access from your bedroom to the outdoor living space makes enjoying the beauty right outside your door seamless!  

Additionally, realtors often note that having a first floor master bedroom is a no-brainer for resale.  Given the aging baby boomer population, how can you argue that a first floor bedroom won’t soon be a must-have for a wide range of lifestyles?  When it comes right down to it, a first floor master bedroom makes perfect sense for what you need right now, as well as what you’ll need in the future, allowing you to “grow” in place!

If you’re contemplating your next home’s floor plan, give it some thought!  It might be just exactly what you need – now and later!

For a look at our master down (and master up) floor plans, simply click here

*Pictured are actual Schell homes with designs by Echelon Interiors!

How Schell Does Basements

By Tricia Smith, in Uncategorized

We admit, we may be slightly biased, but there’s no denying that a Schell Brothers’ finished basement is a signature statement-maker for a home!
Since we offer the ability to build a basement on any homesite here in Richmond, we often hear the question, “which is preferable, a walk-out basement, or one that’s in-ground?” and we love to work with each customer to figure out what’s best for them.  Most often, the homesite dictates whether the basement will “walk out” into the backyard, so we’ll also tell you more about why that’s so appealing…
When the basement level opens into the backyard, this allows for the space to have full-sized windows and a door with easy access right into the backyard!   Gone are the days when basements were dark and gloomy…and filled with cobwebs.  Today’s basements have ample natural light shining through, and make the perfect playroom for kids’ toys, or entertainment space for adults-playrooms, parties, and storage galore.
It’s your basement, your way!  Here are 5 features you can choose for your Schell basement:
Belly up! With cabinets, a mini fridge, backsplashes, and barstools…there are some very fun ways to decorate your basement bar.
Home theater
We’ve got this covered, from seating to sound absorbent panels, to the TV set up, what better way to relax and watch a movie in your own home?
Wine Room
Wine aficionado in the house? We just added this cool room to our selectable basement room finishes, and can’t wait to show it off!
Bedroom Suite
Need a bedroom on a separate level from the rest of the family? The basement can make the perfect bedroom retreat for those needing additional privacy.
Walk-out or Walk-up?
We can help you decide which is best!  Either way, you’ll have access to your yard.
One thing we hear from customers when they price a basement home with us, is how they appreciate that our prices are different for each home’s plan and finished space.  There is not a “one size fits all” for pricing the finished basement, and this equates to making the finished basement space a reality for many families. What might have been a “maybe,” is now a justifiable “must have!”
We’d love to show you “how Schell does basements” in person… come and take a look for yourself!