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Hi I'm Sara. Send me a message and I'll contact you right away.

Hi I'm Sara. Let me help answer your questions. Let me help answer your questions.

I'm your online community consultant and I'm here for you. Just send a message through this magic form and I'll contact you right away.


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Due to COVID-19 our sales models are open by appointment only.

Sales models open by appointment only for prospective buyers.

To ensure the safety of our customers and team members, we are limiting the number of people allowed in the model at the same time. We are going to wear our masks, we need you to also. Take your temperature before arrival.

Real Estate Agent Partners, please call our team to schedule your personalized visits.

Sara Besche

Hi there, I’m Sara Besche.

Let me know if you have any questions about our communities or floor plans.

I'm here to help! I can answer questions about communities and floor plans. I can also schedule a virtual appointment for you.

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Our sales models are open by appointment. Learn more
“Mark (The Lion) Moore has an absolute heart of gold. You can see that he is a mentor to a lot of the younger construction guys, and is always inclusive of people from other teams. He will ALWAYS say hello with a big smile, but the best part about Mark is his capacity to deeply care for people.”
Mark Moore
Mark Moore
“Claudette seems sweet (which she truly is,) but she is also a FIRECRACKER! She is a super sharp and funny woman that a lot of people admire. She is an incredible representation of our culture, and I'm so glad that she works with us.”
Claudette Corson
“Doug is the financial glue that keeps this company together. He does all this with an amazingly quiet and understated demeanor which is amazing considering his workload and responsibilities! I am impressed daily by Doug's ability to efficiently and calmly handle every situation. ”
Doug Reynolds
“Dan always has a positive attitude which is contagious. Also he is always energetic! Although I think the most positive thing that I have seen is how Dan will go around before company meetings and shake everyone’s hand and greet them. He makes all of the new employees feel good by seeking them out and welcoming them. For me this was a big deal when I was new. It was nice that he made me feel like I was part of the team.”
Dan Matta
“Susan is incredibly sweet and talented. Nobody knows how much effort it takes to fully furnish and decorate a model home and she does it effortlessly.”
Susan Herring
Susan Herring
“Wayne is such a positive influence around the company. I love and appreciate his motivating emails after people make sales, or even on others' birthdays. He reminds me what this job and company is all about.”
Wayne Smith
“I admire Rhianna's positive and fun attitude during her selections appointments with buyers. She makes the whole day such a special event while portraying a genuine positive image of Schell Brothers. She made me want to work here! :) ”
Rhianna Abel
“Josh has a way about him that cannot be taught! He can put people at ease and in the first moment you meet him, you know he is a kind and genuine person. He has a contagious smile and is just an all around good guy. He makes new people feel welcome, from co-workers to homeowners. In fact, when someone is chill and kind like Josh, we refer to it as "The Josh Hay Effect". There is no one quite like Josh!”
Josh Hay
“Cindy is a superstar. She has every answer, never makes you feel like you are bothering her for information, and is amazingly efficient. To top it off, she does it all with a smile on her face. I absolutely love her.”
Cindy Scott
“Your personal pride in your work is obvious…and never taken for granted. The quality you attain is an integral part of our success. Your personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything you do. Thank you for being you.”
Johnny Cristalidi
Johnny Cristalidi
“Andrew always has the customers' best interests in mind. He takes time to carefully set up and explain the solar system to new homeowners. He truly spreads happiness throughout our communities with the customers who choose solar.”
Andrew Abel
“Karen is awesome to work with - super organized and very dependable. She deals with a multitude of clients and model projects at the same time and somehow manages to keep on top of change orders, client requests, paperwork, etc. She's a true superstar in our company!”
Karen Ryan
“Jaime is awesome to work with! Her high energy and wicked sense of humor has us laughing all week long! She is high energy and is often seen dancing and belting out her favorite tunes around the office - sometimes off key but that just makes us laugh even more! She is a hard working mom who puts in a ton of hours working hard at the office while balancing her family life - she is a superwoman and we love her to death! ”
Jaime Senard
Jaime Senard
“Without a doubt, the most selfless, helpful person we have. He is always just an email or call away. He is always willing to help, and if he is not able to at that very second, he sets something up that works for us both. Greatest attitude, knowledge, and willingness. Love that guy! ”
Doug Spooner
“You can't say enough about Mike. He is bald, he is beautiful, and damn it, people love him. I don't know many people that can handle the workload he does while still having people rave about how great he is. He never makes excuses, and he always delivers on what is promised and has that perfect even-keel demeanor - he might even be a robot;) He fosters relationships with his homeowners that last well beyond the build. I view him as a leader among the construction guys and I know he will do great things as part of our team. ”
Mike Honeysett
Mike Honeysett
“TK is Mr. Reliable. Everybody knows how our customers adore him. And sure, it has a lot to do with him building a tremendous rapport with them, but what they don't know is how TK earns their respect. He is the first on the job site every day and the last to leave. I have never seen him take a sick day.”
Tom Krause
“Kathy is so hard working and does everything so humbly. She never seeks out thanks, is always willing to help anyone who needs it. She goes above and beyond the expectations of a co-worker, and I appreciate her for that. ”
Kathy Ciganik