Eagles at Bayside

By Carrie Hellens, in Bayside

Bayside in Fenwick Island
We are very fortunate to have eagles here in Bayside at Fenwick Island. From my desk in the model the other day, I looked up and just couldn’t contain my excitement as I watched one of our eagles take off from the ground right before me.
Since their nest is visible from our model home here in Bayside, we get to observe a lot of their activity. The beauty of these birds delight not only me but our homeowners as well. Watching these magnificent birds made me rather curious to learn a little more about them. As I researched, I found some interesting facts. What I discovered about our feathered friends made me appreciate them even more so I wanted to share what I learned with you.
An eagle’s typical life span can be up to 20 to 25 years, however 70% to 80% of them die before they reach the age of 5. A lot of their young tragically fall from their nest before they learn to fly. Unlike most other birds, males and females look relatively the same and have little to no variation in color. The females are typically a few pounds larger weighing in at around 14 pounds. Their wing span is 6 feet to 7.5 feet wide. They can fly up to 30 MPH and dive for prey up to 100 mph. They can see up to 3 miles away. Now we know where the phrase “eagle eye” comes from!!
Next time you see an eagle, you can surprise your friends and families with some of these fun facts. Or you can just take in the beauty of these magnificent creatures.

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