Running like crazy!

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Wes and Carson at Mud Run
Life at the beach isn’t just about the beach. The year round activities and events keep you busy, trust me. From the SeaWitch Festival to Chocolate festivals, there is always something going on.
One of the big activities at the beach is running! When I first came to the beach it was a big shock to me as well. No, not surfing, or swimming but running – and not just for the exercise. Running / walking are big social events at the beach. You’ll find a race most weeks of the year.
Just recently we participated in the Quest Fitness Mud Run. Yes, crazy people run and overcome obstacles and lots of mud! Why do it? Well why not. Check that item off your bucket list. Have fun, and don’t just live but live well.
Top reasons to participate:

  1. Delaware is as flat as a pancake! NO hills 🙂 I call it the Amsterdam of America
  2. Awesome chance to meet new people with various levels of running ability and have fun at the same time
  3. There’s usually great food, and at some events, even beer (Dogfish Dash in particular)
  4. A chance to dress up and most of the time you get a t-shirt just for signing up
  5. Oh yeah and to stay active

Top races of the year (well from what I know:)

  1. Dogfish Dash
  2. Seawitch Fall
  3. Huffin for Pumpkin Pie
  4. Dewey Beach 10 Sisters Roas Series (any which end up at the Rudder deck 🙂
  5. Quest Fitness Mud Run

If you’re interested, check out Seashore Striders. They are a local company who arrange a large number of the races in the area and their website gives you a full run down, pardon the pun, of races throughout the year.

Oliver in the Mud Run Carmen Jordan at the Mud Run Wes and Carson in the Quest Fitness Mud Run


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