Time to become a local!

By Adam Pettengell, in The Avenue

The List is back for another year and I wanted to share this good news with you again. For those people who already know about ‘the list’ this post serves as a timely reminder to print it off and keep it safe. For those people whom are new to ‘The list’ this blog is the jackpot!

It’s going to save you money, increase your awareness of restaurants in the local area, increase your waistline BUT is sure to create happy memories with your family and friends.
The List is a collection of all the restaurants, when they’re open in the off-season, and what specials they’ve got going on for food and drink, and it’s updated every two weeks! It became available for download today. The List is the great idea of Hadley McGregor whose website, Locals Only, tells what’s going on and when. It’s a gold mine of information. Rehoboth and Lewes are all-year-round locations. In the off-season restaurant hours often change, which is shared on the website, but each restaurant also does specials and there are unbelievable deals to be found.

Places to try:

Last year I mentioned the Blue Moon, and well that’s still top of my list. Tasting Tuesday is a 5 star night out all the way. A must, a definite, get it off your bucket list now!
Also on My List are:
Cultured Pearl Special on Mondays! It’s a great deal BUT beware its very busy.
Port in Dewey – I heard great stuff about this place. Just past Ruddertowne on the left. Tuesday night special looks good PLUS chicken & dumpling on Sunday!
a(muse) – Mr. Cameron’s All-American $5 & $10 Menu (Tuesday to Sunday).
This is just a small example of how The List can save you money, increase your happiness and quickly get you on the good side of your better half! Well worth it and just one of the things that makes living in Sussex County extra special. So what’s on your list?
If you’re a new homeowner, soon to be new homeowner, established homeowner, visitor, or simply a lover of food, then on October 26th you’ll be printing off the full version of The List and keeping it close by for when you want to go support the local businesses and enjoy a great meal at the same time.


The List – Locals Only Restaurant Specials 10-30-2012 PDF provided by the Locals Only Blog

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