Looking For Happiness?

By Tim Green, in Branch Out

If you’ve spent any time researching or talking with people about Schell Brothers, you might be asking yourself, “what is all of this happiness talk about”. Let me start off by saying that it’s REAL – no really!

There is a vibe that permeates absolutely every corner of our company. It can be felt on our job sites if you have the pleasure of bumping into one of our Construction Managers. Give it a try… drive out to one of our sites and strike up a conversation with the guy behind the wheel of a Schell Bros pickup truck. You’ll find a charismatic, knowledgeable, and happy person eager to help you. He might even drop everything that he’s doing and give you a personal tour of a home under construction.
Or, stop by any one of our sales centers and hang out with a Community Sales Manager for a few minutes. I bet you’ll be met with a smile so big you’ll want to stay the afternoon because you just made a new friend and want to share some stories.
Better yet, head over to our main office and ask to take a walk through the halls. You’ll be surprised to find an entire building full of home designers, marketing professionals, accounting staff, and administrative personnel so pumped to be working together. Laugher will ring loud, smiles will be from ear to ear, and the positive vibe you’ll feel will be overwhelming to the point that you’ll want to pull up a chair and join in on the fun. Heck, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of us dancing in our offices or down the hallways.
You see, we aren’t focused on selling you an awesome home (well maybe), rather we want to sell you some good old fashion Happiness and it all starts with the human component of our company. Each employee at Schell is cut from the same fabric to ensure the magical culture of this company is alive and well. It’s a simple and undeniable fact, Happy people want to share their beautiful gift with other people. Stop in and let us share some happiness with you.
So, in closing, let me share a brief story with you that may validate this message about Happiness. I visited the Department of Motor Vehicles earlier this week to have some title work done on my truck. It was early in the morning so I knew that the gentleman who was helping me had a long day ahead of him. So, I started chatting him up a bit in hopes of making his day pass a little quicker. Within a few minutes, he said to me “man, you Schell Brothers people are the happiest group I’ve ever seen”. He followed that comment up by explaining that he has recently served several Schell employees and that every one of them were the nicest, happiest and most grateful people to serve. Let me tell you, I walked out of that building so stinking proud of my company, the people we employ, and the goodness that we are delivering to our homeowners each and every day. You just can’t make this stuff up…:)
This video pretty much sums up the culture of happiness here at Schell Brothers.

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