What’s In a Color?

By Adam Pettengell, in The Villages at Herring Creek

It’s true to say that one of the biggest decisions you make after you’ve bought a new home at the beach with Schell Brothers is what color your new home will be. How do people make this decision?  Does it come down to the personality of the new homeowners? Do you want your home to settle into the community with the existing neighborhood or do you want to stand out from the rest? I’m fascinated about the decision-making behind this.

It all came about with one of my recent new homeowners in The Villages at Herring Creek. He’s a super chap and we had a chat about colors that would suit his home with the environment being the biggest factor for him. At the Villages at Herring Creek we’ve got every different environment you could possibly choose. Wooded homes, waterfront homes, water view with woods and wetlands, open homesites and a few other combinations.
Does a wooded site suit certain colors compared to a setting on the water?  It’s the first time I’d thought about it but it got me thinking about the huge decision new Schell Brothers family members have when they go to their selections appointment with our style-gurus Larry Gee and Karen Ryan.
Here’s what I do know; our Selections Center staff are the very best (apart from my good self of course 🙂 and give you homework to make sure you’ve toured our communities and looked at other happy homeowners’ choices in this department. They also share their knowledge and crazy-good style about what looks good. And, I’ve not seen one of our homes that doesn’t look awesome so you’re in the very best hands.
I would love to know what color you would choose and hopefully you’ll be making that decision real soon with us!
Would you choose: Regatta Blue? Lighthouse Red? Greystone? Cypress Green? Clay? Wheat Yellow? Aspen White? The list goes on. Does the color depend on which community you choose? Does it depend on a flip of a coin?
I’ll be the first to admit having had reservations about how home colors look on paper and then being amazed when they come together in real life. Hey, I love color; don’t get me wrong. Anybody who knows me or has seen any of my clothing will tell you that. My pinks shorts are well-known in Schell Brothers ranks! I would love to have all of them, but not all on one home!
If you’ve made this decision recently or in the past how did you finally decide what the dream exterior of your new home would be? If you’re making this decision soon, what will impact your choice?

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