Lucy Loves Lewes Landing

By Jordan Gorsch, in The Reserves at Lewes Landing

Are you a dog lover? They always bring a smile to my face. Here at Lewes Landing, we have quite a few homeowners who have pets.

It’s perfect; we have ½ acre home sites so your best friend has plenty of space to run and play. We had homeowners (Chris & Nancy) come in this week and introduce me to Lucy – their NEW 9-week-old golden retriever puppy! I must say, I AM IN LOVE! We have “the loop” here in the community that is just over ½ mile and is popular for walks, jogging and riding bicycles. This is such a fun place to live with the best neighbors! Even if you don’t have a dog, you’ll love the privacy, space to entertain and garden! Stop in and tour our great community!
By the way, have you ever visited the beach during the Sea Witch Festival? It’s so much fun and they have the “best costumed dog parade” which is hilarious! The costume parade is on October 29th at 11am – check it out!

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