Just Another Day in Paradise

By Deloris Cauley, in Independence

In case you missed my last blog, let me sum it up for you. I moved from the big city in Washington, DC to what I call “Paradise”, meaning the beaches of Delaware.  A year later, I’m Beltway-free and loving life at the beach.

I’ve spent the past year acclimating myself to the area and have discovered that I don’t miss anything I left behind.  The bottom line is that I have found the most incredible restaurants, the best tax-free shopping,  unique farmers’ markets with the freshest of produce, a familiar brewery within a few minutes of my house, fairs and festivals every weekend, kayaking, sunset beach walking, state parks, fishing, golfing, lavender farms, quaint towns, movies on the lawn, surf fishing,  and much, much more.  Having all this while I’m still working, I can’t imagine what I will find when I retire here!

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