Extreme Support from Harvest Garden Pro

By Erin Lee, in Extreme Sponsors

The healthy soils and mulch products that Harvest Garden Pro contributed to the Sussex County Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build represent the ultimate in sustainable landscaping products. In addition to donating these sustainable materials, Harvest Garden Pro has generously responded to the call for monetary donations with their contribution of $50,000.00, placing them in “rare air” as our top cash sponsor.  That’s some extreme support!

“When I saw the opportunity, I wanted to jump in and get involved,” says Joe Kollock, co-president of Harvest Garden Pro. “I’m one of those Extreme Makeover crybabies.” You’re not alone, Joe. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition often reduces caring people to tears when we realize just how compassionate a community can be, and how powerful the show is.
“This project will have a positive impact at a grassroots level. We wanted to be a part of that effort. The fact that it’s a local project in our backyard also inspired us to contribute,” says Meredith Sorenson, marketing manager for Harvest Garden Pro. And, adds Meredith, “we appreciate Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s focus on family. Strong families help build resilient communities.”
Harvest Garden Pro sells top quality mulches, potting mixes and garden soils that are available at independently owned garden centers, as well as at Home Depot and Lowe’s. “We like to think it’s the best landscaping material in the country,” says Joe. Harvest Garden Pro’s products “offer homeowners and landscape designers the opportunity to enhance their environment with sustainable landscaping products,” says Meredith.

Learn more at http://www.gardenpro.us/

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