Lunch and Learn during Indy Health Week

By Guest, in Independence
Guest post by happy Independence homeowner Bob Scannell.

Indy Lunch and Learn with Good Earth Market and Organic Farm

Just came back from a Lunch and Learn at the Indy clubhouse for a complete organic lunch–and I was both surprised and pleased! Organic food is very good and, needless to say, very healthy for you. For as much as we all eat as a community here, it was a welcomed change and a delight for the palate.

Good Earth Market and Organic Farm provided the food and gave an interesting presentation on the 9 different food groups. Good Earth’s mantra is”eat well and you will feel well.” That’s exactly how all seventeen people who attended felt after they left! I never knew that spinach, lentils, flax seed, edamame, and quinoa could taste so good!
This was a great activity for our Indy Health Week and should do a lot to keep our 55+ residents a little more healthy for many years to come. Hats off to Good Earth Market!

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