Our First Schell Style Winners

By Ivana Biela, in All Communities

Schell Style Winners
We asked our homeowners if they had Schell Style, and they responded enthusiastically! Thank you to everyone who submitted their beautiful homes.
And now, after all of the votes were counted on Facebook and our judges weighed in, we would like to present your first Schell Style winners Kevin and Daniel’s Cassidy from Senators. Kevin and Daniel won not only the People’s Choice Award by collecting the most likes and shares on Facebook, but their Cassidy was unanimously voted on by the judges to have the most Schell Style.
“Sophisticated yet casual. Nice and simple décor that says a professional lives here.” – Matty Adler, Echelon Custom Homes
 “The finishes and furnishings in this home make for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rich tones that are carried throughout each space complement its transitional and enduring charm.” – Cori Bane, Schell Brothers
“The house flows so well from room to room with such a sophisticated style yet keeps you feeling very relaxed and welcoming! Love the detail of painting the interior doors to really bring a warm richness to the home.” – Karen Ryan, Schell Brothers
We asked each of our homeowners to provide a description of what they love about their Schell home along with their submission. And from their response, you can see why Kevin and Daniel won the People’s Choice Award. “We’re proud of the home Schell Brothers has built for us and we would like to share it with others.” They have pride in the floor plan they chose, The Cassidy, and the community they chose to build in, Senators.
The Cassidy floor plan allows them to “provide a comfortable, care-free environment that allows us to entertain family, friends, and our new neighbors” and living in Senators keeps them located to downtown Lewes, giving them and their guests the ability to enjoy shopping and restaurants downtown. Gathering 158 likes and 59 shares on Facebook, Kevin and Daniel took the lead fast during voting. They put the call out across social media for friends and families to vote on their photo. When I asked them if they were going to put their winnings back into their house, they told me they were going to use it on a cocktail party for friends and family to celebrate winning and to show off their home.
Congratulations to Kevin and Daniel and everyone who submitted their homes to Schell Style. We look forward to the next contest and the next set of submissions from our homeowners looking to show off their Schell Style.

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Does Your Home Have Schell Style?

By Ivana Biela, in All Communities

Do You Have Schell Style?
Do you have Schell style? Do you love your home? Are you really proud of it and want to show it to the world? We have just the thing for you! Schell Brothers is proud to announce the Schell Style Contest for all Schell Brothers homeowners.*


You will have 2 weeks to submit 4 photos of your fabulous Schell Brothers home with a short description of what you love about your home and why it should win. The submission deadline is May 7th, 2014, which is when our design team will select the top 10 stylish finalists. Finalists will be professionally photographed and announced on the Schell Brothers Facebook page on May 16th, 2014, when voting begins.
The top 10 finalists will be entered to win one of two awards, the Designer’s Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award. The Designer’s Choice will be judged by our panel of designers from Schell Brothers, Echelon Custom Homes and Echelon Interiors. Special Awards for specific innovations may be presented at the panel’s discretion. The winner will be announced on Facebook and via email on May 23rd, 2014.
The People’s Choice Award, is for the people by the people, and is awarded to the finalist with the most “popular” home on Facebook. Each of the top 10 finalists’ homes will be posted to the Schell Brothers Facebook page, where they will be voted on for a week starting on May 16th. Each photo “Like” equates to one vote, and a photo “Share” will equal three votes. So spread the word. The more people know about the contest the better chance you have at winning the People’s Choice Award. The winner will be announced on May 23rd, 2014.


What’s in it for you? Other than fancy awards, gift certificates and our unabashed gratitude? Bragging rights, the top 10 finalists will be featured on the Schell Brothers’ website and Facebook page. The finalists will also receive professional photography of their home. And did we mention bragging rights?
Our Designer’s Choice Award, decided by our panel of designers, will be given to only one homeowner. The winning home will be featured on Schell Brothers website, blog, email and Facebook. And besides the admiration of your peers, the winner of the Designer’s Choice will also receive a trophy and a $500 Visa Gift Card.
Lastly, we have the People’s Choice Award, given out to the people by the people. Once we’ve tallied all of the votes, the winning home will be featured on the Schell Brothers website and blog. And after being crowned the people’s champion the winner will receive a trophy and a $200 Visa Gift Card.
The winning homes will receive a special article on the Schell Brothers blog, including judges notes and an interview with the Designer’s Choice Award winner.


Email us photographs of your home before the submission deadline of May 7th, 2014. Send us 4 photos of your home to ivana@schellbrothers.com, kitchen and exterior photos are required. iPhone and Android photos are acceptable.
Also included in the submission email should be your full name, the community you live in and the model of your home. And lastly provide a short paragraph, 2 to 3 sentences, on what you love about your Schell Brothers home and why your home should win.

So, do you think your home has Schell Style?

Email us at ivana@schellbrothers.com with your submissions and any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to your submission!
*Only Schell Brothers homeowners are eligible to apply. Schell Brothers reserves the right to display all professional photography on schellbrothers.com and the judges panel reserves the right to create new categories if warranted.