Homeowner Hotseat: Ken & Marco Korba

By Savanna Shackleford, in All Communities

In addition to our amazing and loyal homeowners here in Coastal Delaware, we have a booming homeowner family down in Richmond, Virginia. Getting to chat with Ken and Marco Korba over in The Highlands was such a privilege. They shared with me their love of plants, cookies, and of course, their grandchildren. They live in a beautiful Shearwater and were one of the first people to build in this solely Schell Brothers community. I asked them about their experience so far, and what they love most about Schell Brothers, this is what they had to say:

What is your favorite room in your Schell home?

M: My favorite area is this great room with the kitchen behind me and the way it all flows back into the sunroom. Through any of those areas we get to see all of these wonderful windows and the tremendous light that comes in. Last night we had a full moon that was shining right straight in through the window, and it was magic, it was gorgeous.

K: How can you pick a favorite room in a Schell home?

Why did you choose to build in this community?

M: When we started getting ready to retire, I wanted a bigger piece of property. The 1+ acre lots had a big draw for me. I wanted trees; they were very important to me. We chose Richmond because it’s a calmer way of life then DC where we were. There’s so much to offer here! Everything down here is so accessible.

How was your experience with Schell Brothers?

K: Oh. Absolutely fabulous. Cory our construction manager is just top notch. One of the reasons we chose to go with Schell is because the thing I was most impressed about was one, their construction practices, two, the attention to detail, and three, just the design and architecture of these homes. They aren’t cookie cutter, even though Schell could be considered a production builder, it feels much more like a custom home. Their commitment to the customer has just been phenomenal, before, during, and after construction.

M: Communication in this company is just incredible. People are on it. If you have a question, they are just right there, they really hear you, they really listen to you, and they make things happen!

K: They really truly go above and beyond. I’m not just saying that, they really truly are concerned about making their customers happy. They’ve become like family to us, they are like friends, honest to God they really are!

M: One feature we have found very useful is the whole heartbeat system –

K: Yea, the electronic work order system. That’s really fabulous for after you’ve settled and you moved in and you found something which you invariably will even in a Schell Home, the response time is within 24 hours and there is usually someone out here scheduling it the same day, if not the very next day. Within a few days, the problem is taken care of, I mean, that’s just phenomenal after care.

Check out their full interview here and be sure to visit our website and take a virtual tour of the floorplan the Korbas chose, the Shearwater. We love talking with our homeowners and hearing about their amazing experiences. Keep checking back for future Homeowner Hotseats so you can learn more about what we offer and how much we love our customers!