How to (Actually) Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Nicole Irvin, in All Communities

We’re a week into the new year, and you’re probably killing yourself attempting to exercise every day, eat super healthy, save money, and try new things, right? You can take solace in the fact that we’re all in the same boat this time of year, as we try to come off the sugar high of the holidays and get some order back in our lives. Many of us, at least here on the Schell team, have similar goals for the year ahead. So why not break down the most popular and tackle them together?
Exercise more.
This may be the most common New Year’s resolution out there, as we aim to get fit for warmer months ahead. (Hurry up spring; we’re waiting for ya!) But if you start off 2019 thinking that you’ll exercise every day, or some unlikely number of times per week, you may end up disappointing yourself and getting discouraged. Instead, come up with a reasonable schedule of when work-outs will fit into your life. If hitting the gym two times each week is what fits into your busy schedule, but you stick to it and actually go those two times, then you have fulfilled your starting goal. You’ll feel like a boss for doing what you said and can increase your fitness goal from there!
Eat healthy.
All things in moderation, right? Just like with exercise, if you go to the extreme and say that you will eat no sugar or carbs, you’ll likely be going crazy by January 15. Find a healthy eating plan that fits your lifestyle. Starting off slow, like cutting your sugar intake at first, rather than making drastic changes to your eating all at once is way more likely to help you be successful in this goal. Eating, and being healthy overall for that matter, should be a sustainable part of your life, and not just a fleeting resolution!
Those of us who live here in coastal Delaware are lucky to be in close proximity to so many awesome weekend getaway spots. Whether you have three days to get out of town or just one, take advantage of the time you have to keep this fun resolution. And use the colder months to plan and save for travels that are farther away. This strategy will get you to that place you’ve really been dreaming of, without breaking the bank and allowing you to see some beautiful spots closer to home.
Practice gratitude.
Here at Schell Brothers, we strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude. We’ve found that being thankful for what we have and each other, and actually showing it, keeps us a pretty happy bunch. But we know that some days can be tough, right? Maybe you’re having a stressful day at work and coming down with that winter cold everyone is getting. There is always something to be grateful for though – even if it’s just that delicious cup of coffee that’s keeping you warm! Keeping a gratitude journal is an easy way to get yourself in the mindset of practicing gratitude in your daily life. Start by writing down three things you’re thankful for each day. You can even keep a mobile version in your phone if you’re always on the go!
No matter what your resolutions are for 2019, reflecting on why you made each of them in the first place will give you motivation to keep going through the year. Getting your goals down on paper and having a realistic plan to achieve each is also key. We know you can do it; and we’re right there with you! Cheers to making this year the best one yet.

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