The Rising Trend in Multigenerational Housing

By Ali Gilliam, in All Communities

multigenerational housing
A question we encounter from time to time in regards to some of our larger floor plans is “who needs all of that house?” or “aren’t retirees downsizing?” or, “who wants a house that big?” The simple answer of course is that everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to their new home, but one factor that many people don’t take into account is the need for a larger house to accommodate family members that may be living with you in the future. That’s right, we’re talking about the growing trend in multigenerational housing.
Empty Nesters Are Finding The Nest To Be Not So Empty
The kids may be rounding out their high school years and heading off to college, but the truth of the matter is, more and more kids are finding themselves in a position where it’s best if they move home for a few years post-college in order to save money for their own home, pay off student loans, or even just to figure out what’s next. As a result, many empty nesters are hesitant to downsize, opting instead to relocate to a maintenance-free home that can still accommodate their visiting (for however long that may be) children.
You’re On Your Own…Or Are You?
Your kids are grown, married, completely moved out, and toting around children of their own, so your home is now entirely your home…right? Well, not entirely. Most likely you’ve found that your kids and grandkids visit often, and that you need more space than you anticipated. Having dual master suites, basements, extra bedrooms, courtyards, and loft spaces allow your visiting family to spread out and enjoy themselves in your new home, while allowing you to keep a little of that privacy and sanity you’ve been looking forward to;)
All In The Family
With longer life expectancies, more and more people are finding themselves opening their homes to their folks later in life. In this instance, apartments, townhouses or 2-bedroom homes may not provide the space your family needs to live comfortably. Instead, ample square footage, low-maintenance living, and ultra energy efficient homes that are built to last become more and more appealing, as do communities that offer ample amenities and activities for you all to enjoy without having to venture too far from home.
Take stock of your life, both what it looks like currently, and also what it could look like in the future. Decide how much square footage you’ll really need, with kids, grandkids, parents, and even your pets in mind. You just might find that more square footage is exactly what your life dictates.
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