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By Ali Gilliam, in All Communities

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Imagine if you could have a healthy home that promises a healthy living environment for you and your family. With the Environmental Protection Agency ranking indoor air quality as one of the greatest but least recognized risks to public health, the promise of a healthy home is one that we take very seriously.
Why Does My Home Need to be ‘Healthy’?
If you or a family member has respiratory health problems (think asthma or chronic coughs) then you probably already know that these conditions are made worse by poor indoor air quality. What’s more, poor air quality is estimated to cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of health problems each year, particularly among children and the elderly. Many existing homes (and even some new homes) contain materials that emit harmful chemical pollutants such as mold and bacteria.
What is SanctuAIR?
SanctuAIR is the technology we use at Schell Brothers to ensure a healthier living environment. By using features such as MERV 14 air filters, low VOC materials, fresh air ventilation, and advanced moisture and humidity management, we were able to create a home that you can proudly call your health sanctuary.
Did You Know?
Schell was honored with EPA’s 2015 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award, which recognizes elite home builders and Home Energy Raters participating in the Indoor airPLUS Program. Selected from more than 700 home builders that have joined the program since it started in 2009, we were one of just 8 builders across the nation to receive this award.
Quick Facts

  • A typical residential air filter is less than MERV 5 and removes only large particles from the air. Schell Brothers homes use MERV 14 filters, which remove almost all the harmful particles in the air. In fact, MERV 14 filters are rated high enough to be used in hospitals.
  • The blown-in insulation used in Schell Brothers homes is formaldehyde free, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and moisture resistant.
  • A third party conducts a blower door test on each of our homes to measure the effectiveness of our draft-stopping, allowing us to identify and correct any deficiencies.
  • A variable speed air handler is also much more effective at removing humidity from the air, which not only improves comfort, but reduces problems caused by moisture such as mold. Some systems can remove as much as 24 gallons of moisture per day from a home!
  • Our crawl spaces are actually healthy spaces, with no outside vents, are insulated, and conditioned by the HVAC system, resulting in a healthy environment.

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