Sales Launch Plans for Senators Lewes

By Dan Kauffman, in Senators

We have never launched a community with this much demand in the history of our company.

Because of the unprecedented demand for Senators Lewes and the limited # of 1st phase lots and incentives, many web registrants have expressed concern about not getting their lot choice or receiving the limited sales launch incentives. We would normally follow a simple process of first come first serve for lot choice but the pent up demand for this community necessitates a different method. Here’s how the launch process will work:

  1. On September 1st, 2012 we will begin taking reservations. We will require a $5,000 deposit and a one-page reservation document. The reservation will secure your spot in line for lot choice and contract # (which may affect what incentives you are offered). Your reservation # will be determined by when we received your web inquiry in relation to all other web inquiries who decided to secure a reservation. The reservation deposit is fully refundable should you decide against a purchase.
  2. On September 15th we will start accepting Purchase Agreements for all reservation holders. We will hold appointments for purchase beginning at 9AM on the 15th- appointment times will be set based on Reservation #. Please contact me directly for our requirements for purchase but essentially we will require a 10% initial deposit (based on the purchase price).
  3. On October 6th we will host a sales launch event.

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