Taking reservations at Senators

By Dan Kauffman, in Senators

We are now taking reservations at Senators Lewes

We’ve been accepting reservations for two days and have received 27 so far (some of you reading this are in this group).  Based upon our conversations, it appears the vast majority of these reservation holders will be purchasing a home at Senators when we start taking contracts on September 15th.

Because of the abnormally high demand for this project, we will not be accepting contingent contracts in this community prior to October 6th and may not accept contingent contracts at all for the first phase (49 lots).  We are not trying to be unreasonable but rather trying to avoid disappointing contingent buyers because in all likelihood, a contingent buyer will end up losing their lot choice to a firm purchaser.  So, we are advising buyers who must sell their current home before buying a home at Senators to wait until they get a contract on their existing home before contracting on a home at Senators.
That being said, there is no risk in securing a simple one page reservation at Senators as the $5,000 reservation deposit is fully refundable for any reason.  So, if you think you may want to purchase a home at Senators, we encourage you to secure a reservation as soon as possible.  A reservation will hold your spot in line and allow you to purchase a home at Senators before we open sales to the general public on October 6th.  At the pace we are receiving reservations, we are expecting to sell out of Phase One lots very quickly and raise prices one or more times in the process.  Therefore, the best way to increase your chances of getting the best price and the best lot is to make a reservation.
For those of you who can’t visit the sales center at Breakwater, we can complete your reservation over the phone (302-645-1259) or via email and you will just have to mail us the $5,000 check.  We will stop taking reservations on September 14th so you must complete the registration form and deliver us your $5,000 check prior to September 15th in order to be a part of the first group of Senators homeowners.