Following the American Dream through Rehoboth Beach

By Donalie Nugues, in All Communities

Hello, my name is Donalie and I am from France. Like many people in my country, I found myself dreaming the “American Dream”, the same one from the movies. In my dream I live in the United States and work for an important company in the city, where people are always on the run, and work in a big building, and wear black suits.

I have experience building green homes with my father in France, so my very good friend Ashley Kirk, who happens to be Chris Schell’s assistant, suggested the possibility of a summer internship with Schell Brothers. In my dream, I live and work in New York City, of course, so candidly, I was not that excited to come to Rehoboth Beach at first. Ashley told me that Schell Brothers is “the BEST COMPANY EVER!” So I thought to myself, it would be much cooler if I could live with my friend, work for a good company, and travel to many places. This sounds great, so why not! And here I am.
I’ll be blogging about my experiences here as I explore Rehoboth Beach and the rest of the area.
After an unforgettable Memorial Day Weekend, which included getting a tan at Rehoboth Beach, shopping downtown, eating the biggest breakfast of my life at Cracker Barrel, going to the Starboard in Dewey, spending the day poolside at a Tiki Bar at Seacrets in Ocean City, combined with my jet lag, you could say I needed to recoup for my first day of work. I was also nervous because I wanted everything to go perfect on my first day and I had no idea what to wear, if the people would like me, would they be nice, and would I speak English the best that I could.
I tried to be as cool as possible when Ashley introduced me to my co-workers. Everybody seemed very nice and professional. What Ashley told me is true… I do not have to worry! When I met Tim Tice, a designer for Echelon Custom Homes, I laughed because he was wearing flip-flops and suit pants. It was so funny because in France nobody can wear these kinds of shoes at work, and nobody would ever think to do that!
After meeting over a hundred people, whose names I can only hope to remember, Ashley took me to a few communities to visit the model homes. I knew that Schell Brothers builds homes, but I wasn’t expecting this! Wow, Sunset Harbour in Bethany Beach is so beautiful and I felt good right away! I wanted to stay in the model home forever to relax and enjoy the sunset. When you walk in, you can feel the happiness coming through and the peace. I was day-dreaming about how cool it would be to invite some friends over, listen to good music, eat great food and just have a good time.
After visiting Sunset Harbour, we drove to Schell Brothers’ newest community, Ellis Point. Once again… Awesome. People who live there have a private beach and it’s just gorgeous. I loved it. In that moment, I realized how happy I am because the TRUE American Dream is here and now I am the luckiest person. Stay tuned.

Tim Tice wearing flip flops with suit pants

Awesome water views at Sunset Harbour

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