Concord Truss

By Erin Lee, in Extreme Sponsors

State of the art trussing technology is instrumental in designing and manufacturing today’s gabled roof designs, sturdy walls and flooring.

To meet modern day creative design challenges, the progressive and innovative thinkers at Concord Truss design and build trusses at their 45,000 square foot facility in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. It has achieved the reputation of being one of the largest, most efficient plants of its kind in the United States.
Concord Truss’ focus on quality products, service, and integrity has made them the go-to source for trussing in the mid-Atlantic area. When asked about how they got involved in the Sussex County Extreme Makeover project, company spokesman Darin Phalines said “Chris (Schell) asked us if we wanted to help out, and we’re not going to say “no” to Schell Brothers! We’ve always had a good relationship with them- we like how they respond to us.”
The scope of the Sussex County build is enormous. “Today has been about everything,” says Darin. “The floors, the walls and the roof- it’s a big package deal.” A non-Extreme Makeover trussing project as large as this would take weeks, instead of hours, to complete.”The challenge of the day was how fast it went up, and how quick it had to come together,” says Darin.
Thank you, Concord Truss for generously provided the trussing used in our Sussex County Extreme Makeover Home Edition build.
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