Meet Some Volunteers

By Erin Lee, in Extreme

Everyone has something to offer. I think that’s one of the most obvious themes of today’s activity at the build site. Some people have very strong personal motivations for volunteering, while others just want to be help out because they can. I’ve had a wonderful day meeting some of the many volunteers who are helping to make Dale Dunning’s dream a reality. Here are just a few of their stories.

Fran purposely selected the 2am-8am (yes, that’s A.M.) shift to volunteer her time and energy because she figured no one else would want (or be able) to take that time. “I’m unemployed right now, don’t have small kids at home…” said Fran. Fran purchased a condo from Schell Brothers a few years ago, and has great memories of the experience. “I like Schell, and I love the show, too. It’s just the perfect combo!”
I also met Marissa and Lisa, two teachers from Cape Henlopen High School. Both were excited to be able to have the time available to help out an area family. “We don’t have to be at school until next week,” they said.
While many companies donated money or materials, Tabitha’s company donated… her! “I was going to use vacation time to help out, but then they decided to just donate me, instead!” says Tabitha. Tabitha is volunteering with Schell’s marketing team this week.
Sergeant Fuscellaro of Delaware State Police said “She (Dale Dunning) deserves this. She does a lot for the community.” Sgt. Fuscellaro and his coworkers will each be working 4, 8-hour shifts to cover the police-needs of the build. “It’s nice to get to help a family in the area,” he said.
Joe Thompson III, and David Beiteman were standing in the volunteer staging area Monday evening when I talked with them. Both helped put up metal barricade fencing in the afternoon, helped move the Dunning family out of their current home, and helped rake crushed stone that was being added to the home’s foundation.  “I like to watch the show,” says David, who worked for a local homebuilder. “It’s very uplifting and positive,” says Joe, an area plumber.
There are so many people, all coming together with one purpose this week. That’s what’s so incredibly inspiring and powerful about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. When I stood back along Route 9, and looked in at the build site this afternoon, I was humbled by what I saw; hundreds of generous people selflessly volunteering whatever they could offer to the project. Every single person working  there, was there because they wanted to be part of something so wonderful. They wanted to lend whatever talents they have, whatever energy, motivation, or time they had, to helping the dream of a community hero come true.
I hope to meet many more of our amazing volunteers and share their stories this week!

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