Behind the Scenes Perspective of the Pep Rally + Benefit Concert

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Guest post by Leafo Photo.

When Jeremy contacted us to talk about Schell Brothers sponsoring the build for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show, we couldn’t believe it! When he asked us to shoot the events surrounding the build, we were honored. And when we walked in to start shooting for the pep rally, we were AMAZED. It looked as though our entire community had volunteered to pitch in — what a fantastic turnout!!

Check out the behind the scenes photoset below.
The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Pep Rally was an absolutely phenomenal event. The entire building buzzed with excitement! Schell Brothers employees & volunteers rushed around making sure everything was in place before the doors opened, and the line to get in actually wrapped around the side of the building!
While drummers played & crowds cheered in the pep rally, I took a few moments to check out the behind-the-scenes action in the concert area. The auditorium was off-limits to the public before the concert, but I was able to sneak a peek as performers rehearsed.
You would never guess that the chaos backstage would evolve into something so beautiful once the show started. When those house lights turn down, the magic begins 🙂 Such a beautiful show!
We can’t wait to see & share all of the fantastic events this week during the build! Thanks again for inviting us to be part of such a wonderful community effort!

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